Topic Suggestions for Persuasive Speeches

The majority of students dread essay writing, that's because there's a lot involved which requires lots of practice and time. Time may seem to be in abundance but with other assignments involved it's constrained. Our website offers scholars a helping hand to enable them not only complete their homework on time but also learn in the process and ultimately score good grades. Essay writing can be challenging, and persuasive speeches are even harder. Every aspect of the essay from the title to the conclusion has to be on point for one to have a quality paper. Our focus is on finding the perfect topic for your article. It doesn’t really matter whether you have excellent writing skills or have your way with words such that you can easily present your arguments and convince your readers. Without the right topic, it will all be in vain.

The number one reason why the majority of students turn to essay writing services for persuasive speeches is simply because they got stuck finding a subject to write on. Well, although it can be difficult finding a topic, we will guide you on how to settle on one with much ease. A good topic ought to address the following:

  •  Does it excite you? If it's boring for you, then it will definitely be the same for your audience. Writing on a topic you are excited about makes the whole essay writing process easy and more fun
  •  You can find the information on. Don't dig yourself into a hole by writing on a topic that doesn't have sufficient information. That implies, finding a subject you can research with ease
  •  It should be interesting. It’s not enough that a topic excites you; it must also arouse the curiosity of your audience. It can be a trendy topic addressing issues facing society, controversial but not to the extremes.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Identifying a Topic

Scholars need to recognize that for one to create a quality persuasive essay speech they have to own it. That implies being conversant with the subject matter. To establish which topics work for you, answer the following questions:

  1.  What issues can you relate to better?
  2.  What subject matter will you fancy researching and which you can easily find information on?
  3.  Which speech suggestions that have your attention or capture your focus?
  4.  Which issues elicit emotions in you, whether happy, sad, inspired and so on?
  5.  Which subject matter do you have a deep understanding of or are familiar with?

Having addressed all the questions, the next step is to choose a topic and the list below can be of assistance. Note that the topics address various issues in society, and are classified into different subjects such as – Animals, Lifestyle, Automotive, Health, Politics, Economics, Governance, Business, Family, Sports, Science, Education, Technology, Society, Teenagers, College students, Amateur writers, Environment, Media, and Relationships among others.

Persuasive Speech Topics Suggestions on Politics and Governance

  •  Is The Provision Of Shelter By The Government To The Homeless Feasible?
  •  How Do You Propose We Bring Improvement To The Country’s Justice System?
  •  Is Censorship Feasible? In What Cases?
  •  Can Drug Use Be Moderated?
  •  What’s The Impact Of Legalizing Assault Weapons?
  •  Why Does The Government Need To Make Military Service Mandatory?
  •  Some Countries Have Already Legalized Assisted Suicide, Why Should The Same Be Adopted Across The Globe?
  •  Why Must We Support Or Reject Gay Unions?
  •  Why Should Marijuana Be Decriminalized?
  •  Why Should You And I Vote?
  •  What Are The Legal Implications Of Politicians Accepting Funds Corporate Entities?
  •  There’s A Lot To Learn From Studying The Life Of Bernie Sanders. What Notes Can You Take From It?
  •  African Presidents Don’t Respect The Law Especially When It Comes To Term Limits. Why Should They Be Forced To Do So?
  •  The First African-American President Of the USA Would Benefit His Country In Africa More: Discuss
  •  Can Africa Catch Up To The Western Civilization In Terms Of Development On All Levels?
  •  How Are We Impacted By The Tendency To Become Multicultural
  •  Is It Justified For Big Countries To Meddle In The Affairs Of Smaller Nations?
  •  Pros And Cons Of Democracy In The Latin Nations
  •  Should Guns Be Legalized For The Ordinary Citizen?
  •  Should Citizens Pay Taxes Equally Regardless Of Their Class?
  •  Which One Will Have A Positive Impact, When The Government Focuses On Increasing Revenue Or Minimizing Spending?
  •  What Is The Right Amount Of Time For Supreme Court Judges To Serve?
  •  Of What Value Is The Strictness Implemented On Campaign Spending?
  •  What Are The Challenges Currently Facing Our Voting System?
  •  Should Our Interpretation Of The Constitution Change Base On Current Events?
  •  In The UK There Are Specific Requirements That One Must Fulfill To Vote. Are These Requirements Fair?

Persuasive Speech Topics on Health and Lifestyle

  •  Should Sexual Education Be Started Early?
  •  What Impact Does Exercise Have On One’s Overall Well-Being?
  •  Animal Testing: What Are The Alternatives
  •  What Steps Can The Government Take To Improve The Country’s Nutrition?
  •  Should All Food Contents Be Regulated?
  •  How Is Sleep Critical To Our Health?
  •  How Do Soda Drinks Impact Our Health?
  •  All Work And No Play Makes Us Dull. Why Do We Need A Vacation At Least Once A Year?
  •  Prevention Of Early Pregnancies: What Are The Leading Ideas?
  •  What’s The Best Way To Stay Healthy? Is It Universal For All People?
  •  What Are The Effects Of Pornography On The Mind Of A Growing Child?
  •  Is Giving Contraceptives To Girls Under The Age Of 16 Appropriate?
  •  What Roles Do Pets On Our Mental Health And Depression?
  •  Should Marijuana Be Legalized Because Of The Positive Impact It Has On Our Health?
  •  Why Should Cigarettes Be Banned?

Technology and Science Topic Suggestions

  •  What Future Impacts Do You Foresee Technology Having On The Future?
  •  Are Search Engines Such As Google Killing Libraries?
  •  Why Is It Necessary To Censor The Internet?
  •  Why Is Limiting Screen Time Critical For Both Children And Adults Alike?
  •  Are Electronics Making Us Lazy?
  •  Internet Gambling Is Taking The World By Storm. What Regulatory Measures Should Be Put In Place?
  •  Internet Fraud Is A Serious Issue; Why Do We Need To Raise Awareness?
  •  What Can Be Done To Increase Computer Literacy?
  •  How Can Internet Piracy Best Be Punished?
  •  Is Technology Negatively Influencing Our Creativity?
  •  Why Is Space The Next Frontier?
  •  How Are Technological Advancements Impacting Our Lifestyle?
  •  Where Is The Balance Between Science And Religion?
  •  How Accurate Is This Statement "Mars Was Once Like Earth"?
  •  Should Microsoft Products Be Made Free?
  •  Why Is The Internet Essential For Us?
  •  How Would You Compare Quantitative To Qualitative Data?
  •  Why Is The Conversion Of Theories To Strategies That Are Effective Important?

Topics Ideas on Animals

  •  Between Adopting And Buying Pets Which One Should Be Encouraged?
  •  Why Is It Necessary That Animals Stay In Their Habitat?
  •  What Are The Dangers Of Domesticating Wild Animals?
  •  What Are The Benefits Of Keeping Pets?
  •  Is Killing Dogs With Rabies Appropriate?
  •  How Can Endangered Animals Be Protected?
  •  Horses Are Among The Strongest Animals, What Makes Them So Expensive?
  •  Why Should Children Be Given Pets?
  •  Should Pets Such As Dogs And Cats Be Given Food With Vegetables?
  •  Why Are Certain Dog Breeds Vicious Animals?
  •  Which Animals Are The Most Disciplined Pets?
  •  Is It Okay To Sterilize Pets Or Other Domesticated Animals?
  •  Why Is It Possible To Have A Snake As A Pet?
  •  Which Animals Are At High Risk Of Death?
  •  Is Banning Factory And Legalizing Battery Farming Necessary?
  •  Why Is A Dog Man’s Best Friend?
  •  What Are The Benefits Of Having Pets?

Education Persuasive Speech Suggestions

  •  Is The High Amount Of Tuition Fees In Colleges And Universities Justified?
  •  What Can Be Done To Improve The Quality Of Education?
  •  What Can Be Done To Improve Access To Free Education Worldwide?
  •  How Can The High Levels Of Illiteracy Be Beaten Across The Globe?
  •  Do Boys And Girls Have Equal Access To Education?
  •  Should Parents Be Encouraged To Homeschool Their Children?
  •  Should Colleges Be Forced Into Providing Jobs For Their Graduate Students?
  •  Why Is Psychological Screening Necessary For Students Before Being Enrolled In Colleges?
  •  Are Phones Playing A Vital Role In Education?
  •  Why Should Online Studying Be Encouraged?
  •  Why Should Online Textbooks Be Adopted As Opposed To Traditional Textbooks?
  •  Should Male And Female Students Study Separately?
  •  What Steps Can Be Taken To Protect Students From Both Cyber And Ordinary Bullies?

Persuasive Speech Topics on Society, Family, Teenagers, and Relationships

  •  What Role Do Parents Play In Molding Their Children?
  •  Is Daycare Really Necessary?
  •  What Can The Government Do To Combat The Growing Number Of Single Parents?
  •  What Steps Can Be Taken To Increase Domestic Abuse Awareness?
  •  How Can Parents Regulate The Time Children Spend Playing Video Games?
  •  Can Children Be Allowed To Try Alcohol While At Home?
  •  How Can Parents Regulate Their Children’s Access To The Internet?
  •  When Is It Right To Step In A Child’s Abuse Case?
  •  What Is The Right Age To Allow Your Child To Use The Internet?
  •  What Impact Does Beauty Contests Have On Society?
  •  Why Is It Necessary To Have Population Control?
  •  Why Should Everyone Be Entitled To Their Privacy Celebrities Included?
  •  Compare And Contrast The Quality Of Life Today And 50 Years Ago. Which Is Better?
  •  How Does Bullying Affect Individuals? Can It Lead To Suicide?
  •  Is Paying Our Teenagers For Doing Chores The Right Thing To Do?
  •  Why Is It Critical To Have Sex Education For Our Teenagers?
  •  Who Cheats More In Relationships, Men Or Women?
  •  What Are The Traits Necessary For Having A Long-Lasting Relationship?

Business, Automotive and Economics

  •  What Are The Dangers Of Driving While Texting Or Answering A Phone Call?
  •  What Are Among The Leading Distractions When Driving?
  •  Should Individuals Undergo A Series Of Tests Before Being Issued With A Driver’s License?
  •  Can Teenagers Be Given The Freedom To Drive?
  •  Are Sports Cars A Danger?
  •  Which Cars Are The Best?
  •  What Can Be Done To Eliminate Police Car Chases On The Roads?
  •  Pros And Cons Of Having An Online Company?
  •  What Does Advertising Entail?
  •  Benefits Of Daylight Saving On The American Economy?
  •  How Do Multinational Corporations Affect Global And Country Economies?
  •  What Can Be Done To Increase The Minimum Wage Bill Across The Globe?
  •  Why Should People Be Encouraged To Buy Local Goods?
  •  How Do Businesses Create Better Women And Men In Society?

College Students and Amateur Writers Topic Suggestions

  •  Should College Tuition Be Made Free?
  •  A Skills Test Should Be Introduced For Lecturer’s To Take Every Couple Of Years
  •  What Steps Can Learning Institutions Take To Minimize And Punish Cyberbullying?
  •  Should Community Service Activities Be Made A Mandatory Requirement For Graduating?
  •  What Is The Impact Of Technological Advancements On Education?
  •  What Is The Importance Of Sports To Students?
  •  Do Art And Music Play A Vital Role In Education?
  •  Is Drug Trafficking A Severe Issue In Learning Institutions?
  •  Should Students Prioritize Healthy Eating Over Fast-Foods?
  •  Are Aliens Real?
  •  Is It Necessary To Have A Daily Schedule?
  •  Are Alcoholics Social Individuals?
  •  Is It Possible For World Hunger And Poverty To End?
  •  Is Sex Talk Critical For College Students?

Environment and Society Topic Ideas

  •  How Does Recycling Help Save The Environment?
  •  What Are The Effects Of Global Warming?
  •  What Is The Effect Of Social Classes On Society In General?
  •  How Can We Beat Global Poverty?
  •  How Does Leadership Influence Societal Development?
  •  How Can Corporations Help Protect The Environment?
  •  How Can Everyone Participate In Environmental Protection?
  •  How Is Society Contributing To Moral Decay And Growing Evils?
  •  To Leave A Healthy Lifestyle Is A Personal Decision
  •  Will Hybrid Cars Be The Change We Want For Environmental Protection?


The persuasive topic speech examples provided are among the many that scholars can explore. Essay writing is easy with a bit of practice; however, when it comes to persuasive writing, they are slightly complicated. It takes more than having grammar skills. You have to convince the audience to agree to your line of thinking.

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