How to Write an A+ Essay on Women’s Rights

An essay on women’s rights does not always seem a challenging task. Still, many students forget that simply listing female rights is not enough for a quality essay — a proper paper on this relevant and acute subject deserves a bit more time and effort. Finding this time and energy is not always easy, especially if social studies is not your major. After all, an A+ essay on women’s rights presupposes a lot of research, as a student is expected to list data, stats, and historical background of the issue — often, not only in the US but globally. And, of course, one will need to come up with reasonable, justified arguments and support them with factual evidence. All of this info should be presented coherently, preferably impartially — and given the topic’s specifics, it’s often harder than it looks.

How to get started with an A+ essay on women’s rights

Most students believe that writing the essay itself is the most challenging part. In practice, though, prep work is even more important, and, if done right, it can help come up with a truly impressive paper on any subject. In case of women’s rights essay, the trick is to narrow down the topic (that is, choose one particular aspect of this subject to focus on), come up with a compelling thesis statement, and choose credible arguments that would prove your thesis right. Here are some things to remember at this stage:

  •  A topic should be relevant and original;
  •  A thesis should not be a universal fact — it should be an arguable statement;
  •  One is expected to consider your required paper length when narrowing the topic down. Ideally, your angle should neither be too broad, nor too narrow;
  •  It’s easier to choose a topic angle you’re more or less familiar with;
  •  One should consider the audience’s interests as well.

Searching for inspiration online and onsite

Sometimes, it’s not that easy to choose just one aspect of this complex notion. While the Internet may offer tons of ideas on women’s rights essay topics, students still have to remember that the angle they choose should not be biased or overly emotional. So, when looking for inspiration online, it’s wiser to stick to credible online journals and unbiased reports.

Your local library can also be a good source of inspiration. Even though many students ignore this option as a time-consuming one, it may still offer a lot of fresh and unique ideas — some of which you’ll never come across online.

Step by step guide on writing a women’s rights essay

All in all, writing an essay on women’s rights follows the same logic as writing pretty much any other academic assignment. Here are the main steps you will have to complete:

  •  Narrow down the topic to just one aspect
  •  Create a strong, arguable thesis statement
  •  Find supporting evidence from reputable academic sources
  •  Draft an outline to help you stay on track as you write
  •  Come up with the main arguments that will support your point of view
  •  Provide rational evidence to support your arguments
  •  Using this outline, write the first draft of your essay
  •  Come back to the first draft to make any modifications or add more info
  •  Edit the final version for grammar, spelling, style, and logic
  •  Make sure your reference page mentions every source used in the research
  •  Ask one of your peers to proofread the paper and make any suggestions on its contents (mind the advice, but don’t feel like you have to depend on it)

Following all of these tips and taking time to carefully research the subject will surely help you come up with a winning women’s rights essay. If however, you prefer practical examples over theoretical ones, take a look at the following essay sample (but, of course, remember that your final paper has to be quite different, and it also has to follow your academic requirements).

Women’s rights essay sample

For decades, most European women have struggled through gender inequality. They have been refused the most basic rights, like owning property, acting as guardians to their children, and choosing preferred occupations. Even though today it seems like the struggle is over, it is not exactly true. Women still continue their feminist fight that started in the 18th century with a suffrage movement.

The first suffragists’ movement started in France and was, essentially, demand for the same voting rights as men. Over a couple of years, suffragism has spread all over the rest of Europe, and today, we can see that this movement was fruitful.

However, even though today women can legally vote, the campaign for the voting rights was only the first step in this long and tedious fight. The feminists’ next step was to demand equal job opportunities, and even though today women can hold the same jobs as men, many of them are still underpaid.

Sexual and racial discrimination in the workplace was another milestone for 20th-century feminists. Once again, even though technically women can occupy the same positions as men, women applicants find it harder to get a job. Or, what is even more important, women experience a greater degree of prejudice in the workplace, still having to prove their worth.

With such a state of events, it becomes clear that the notion of feminism still has to be highlighted in the media. People should be aware of the actual stats on salaries, job applications, and career promotions. Without such education, the fight for equal rights can go on for centuries — with little progress.

Creating an A+ essay on women’s rights

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