Writers’ Block: Overcoming It

Have you ever, in your career as a writer, faced that devil’s roadblock known as writer‘s block? If you had you might want to try some of these blockbreakers that will definitely make you feel better and keep your creative juices flowing.

What is Writer’s Block?

Surely, in your career as a writer, copywriter, blogger, social media influencer you must have experienced a block at one point in time. The thing about the experience is that it cannot exactly be described or put in a box. It’s just that emptiness and absence of ideas, causing writing to become very difficult and slothful. That is what writer’s block is. The first description for this condition came about when Edmund Bergler described it. Over time, many things have happened in the world, but this so called bane of a creative writer’s existence has stayed over the years and sometimes it flows into so many aspect of the writer’s life. It is really a frustrating feeling, the cessation of the writer’s creativity, leaving him with almost no inspiration to write.

This unfortunate condition has happened to the best of writers and it has led them to take drastic measures in order to break the spell. Some travel to new places to attempt writing there, others take their time to revisit some of the places that once gave them inspiration. The main point is that if you rely on your writing to put food on your table then this condition is indeed a very unwelcome one and should be chased away at all costs.

Causes Of Writer’s Block

The causes of this condition varies and they even differ from person to person. The root cause of the feeling is individual for each writer. It is said that the writer’s block can stem from a fear of failure or the need to be perfect. Any of these feelings can halt a writer in his tracks. Also, writers who have had traumatic incidents happen to them tend to end up suffering from writer’s block as a post traumatic reaction.

Some people too link writer’s block to a psychological occurrence which could have been triggered as a result of any thing that could have occurred in the writer’s life. The factors could either be internal: feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness or fear, or external: pressure from the outside world to write. It may not even be so deep. It may be a simple lack of inspiration, or since some writers write because of their experiences, it may be the cessation of said experience.

Some writers fail to know how to continue their writing when they fall sick. They may even lose track of the path they were taking in their writing. In truth, the causes are many and anybody could be a victim. It is not an illness, it is only the cessation of a writer’s creativity at a certain point in time. If the writer was not supposed to produce any work within that period, the writer can take his time and work through whatever may be causing the block. If the writer is in the middle of serious work, and the block occurs, they must at all cost work through it to get rid of it, like a karate fighter breaking through a block with a kick.

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

There are several ways you can possibly get over this unsavory period in life. The unfortunate news, however is, this block can last anything from days to years, which has sometimes caused the immediate cessation of the writer’s career. This is what has led to the panic where writer’s block is concerned.

Some authors have come up with a routines they do to help them break through this unfortunate feeling.

Here are a few.

1. Just keep writing

Some writers literally write through the block. It is like pushing a car which has failed to start. If you push it long or hard enough, it will begin to start. This takes some spartan level discipline to keep writing even though you really do not want to, or have what to write.

Sticking to writing is a good way to possibly exercise the brain and let the brain restart creating however slowly. You may want to take a little break from your important work and write something else instead. Write poems, stories, one lined sentences, words, anything that can possibly help you remind your brain of what it is like to think and write. It works out for some people.

2. Take a break

Sometimes experiencing writer’s block is a way for your body to tell you that its time to take a break. You might want to go out, meet with friends and have an interesting time. Maybe time spent away from the seriousness of your writing will be of benefit to you. Some people take that opportunity to simply go out or travel to relax themselves. The brain loves rest and a good rest can sometimes jog it back into action. Again it not everybody go gets through the block this way, but it is worth the try.

3. Change the recipient of the writing in your mind

Some writers feel very anxious when thinking of ways to please their readers or fan base. The feeling alone can cause a block to develop. Writer’s should therefore try to imagine that they are writing to close friends or family members. Some people may pretend they are writing to a dear loved one of whom they are not shy. Pretending you are writing to someone who cares about you is a good way to overcome the block. The removal of the stress attached to trying to please fans or readers can certainly get your creative juices reactivated.

There are many ways to overcome this horrendous feeling. These are just a few ways that several writers have disclosed when asked about their experiences with writer’s block. If it dies happen, do take your time and try, maybe to do any of the things mentioned above. Maybe one of them could be that key to unlock your creativity.

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