Writing a 1000 Worded Essay

Your essay assignment has come and it’s a thousand words. You are already freaking out because the number is tricky. You can easily have so little content that you would write fewer words or you can have so much that you would go over. Read on to get some tips on how to be spot on.

Your Thousand Worded Essay Assignment. Where to begin from

Essay writing is such an integral part of schooling that most students cannot run away from. The funny part is that a great number of the shorter essays are about a thousand words, while the theses and others can go on for several pages. For students who do not like writing from the very beginning, writing a thousand words is already so much of a chore that the idea is really depressing. Many of them begin wondering and then run to google and begin asking questions about the length of pages they would have to write to complete a thousand words. The bottom line is that the prospect is not an endearing one.

This outline was prepared in hope that your story about the anxiety of a thousand words would be a short lived one. You could get to know the number of pages necessary and the amount of time it could take for you to finish the essay. At the end of the day, there is the hope that you come out with a completely well written paper complete with good references and enough time to rest.

Best Guideline to Ace that 1000 worded Essay

Like with any monumental piece of work, there is a guideline for this. People can just prepare themselves to take on the amount of work they have in front of them and hope to ace their essays. Every journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Why should the journey of a thousand words begin with anything less?

The preparation and planning for the writing far outweighs the writing itself. Laying the foundation in various ways helps the whole process go smoothly.

Here are a few of the tips you should follow in order to deliver that ground breaking thousand worded essay.

  •  Topic

First off, how much or how little you write is greatly dependent on the topic you pic. If you were lucky to be given the chance to pick out your own topic, you have a greater headway than those who were given their topic. Picking out your topic comes with its own level of stress. The options are many, but based on who you are, your field of study, your interests and the amount of sources available to you, the options would decrease significantly.

One tip for writing a good thousand worded essay is to be as emotionally detached as possible from the topic. People who write emotionally tend to need far more space and words to complete their writing, and a thousand words are just not enough. By the time you realize you may just be getting to your second point and your thousand words are up.

  •  Put down a plan

When writing, for you to manage to have all your information, also with the right amount of detail that you need, fit within your thousand word bracket, you need a plan. Generally, every good essay needs a plan but when you are planning for space and ideas, your plan should be a little but more detailed. Place your main points down and think about how many words you will use per point. As you come up with the skeleton, you would be able to gauge which point needs a deeper explanation and which point doesn’t. Based on this judgement, you can freely allocate maximum number of words to each point not forgetting your introduction and your conclusion.

  •  Get a good essay structure

Your essay structure should be the typical ‘introduction’, ‘Body’ and ‘conclusion’ structure. When you have that structure in place, you can freely put in our words without the fear of going out of place. Take the time to properly plan your introduction. The introduction lays the foundation and glosses over the topic leaving just enough room for a full explanation in the following paragraphs. Your introduction should be interesting and intriguing enough to make readers want to keep reading.

The body of the essay is of course the longest part of the essay. You need to correctly explain your points using the number of words available to you per your plan. Try as much as possible to stick to the topic and do not digress. Shy away from any extra words or feelings that may force you to either keep explaining a single point or beat above the bush. Most times, people realize that as they write, they tend to repeat the same sentences several times in different words and forms. Guide against this.

The concluding part of the essay should correctly sum up everything spoken about in the previous parts. It should be as short as the introduction, if not shorter. No new ideas or material should be introduced at this part of the essay. It should be a nice cap or a befitting close to the essay either offering your final take or giving a final verdict to the writing.

  •  Inspiration vrs plagiarism

In order for you to have enough good content to correctly use a thousand words, you should rely on inspiration rather than plagiarism. Having great ideas on your own gives you the reigns to properly delve into each point at your complete discretion. The way you would go about the writing would be within your hands and so you would be able to correctly use your creative writing skills to bring each idea home. When you lack inspiration and you plagiarize, you find yourself backed up to a wall many times because the sentence structure and the wording of the essay would not be yours. Therefore you would have almost no say in the fluidity of your writing.

  •  Do not rush in your essay writing

A thousand words could be a little or a lot based on who you are and what you have written in the past. However, what people don’t know is, the shorter the essay, the more tactical you should be with your wording in order to get out all the information, well written before the thousand words run out. Planning your work is one thing but you also need to be tactical about the amount of time you give to the writing. Three hours seems fair enough for you to write an essay without rushing over the main points. One thing you wouldn’t like in the slightest is an essay having the full thousand words but with no substance.

Hopefully this guide will bring you closer to achieving your thousand worded essay dream. Always Remember, get inspiration, plan, then execute. This makes for a better essay written than just winging it. Do not forget to follow set outlines and read over your writing before you hand it in. After all, all of your sweat should result in a perfectly worded essay devoid of mistakes, ready for that top score!

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