What is a Response/Reaction Essay

The response or reaction paper is normally written to students when the tutors need to know what the students think about certain content. The teachers also use this kind of assignment to weigh how students are able to express their thoughts clearly. The cause or effect essays can also be the same as the response or reaction essay. This is because both kinds of essays require thinking about the opinion that is mentioned.

All ideas in the response or reaction essay must be organized ensuring they flow well and in an understandable manner. The students often move from mentioning a statement or an overall idea to a point where they think then conclude using a strong conclusion. There exist instances where the students are asked to react not just to the content but also other things which are put together under a similar subject or idea. Students are expected to determine the end goal of every content and mutual characteristics when they are there. Each one must be put in a large past setting since it is either a reply on the time when it got formed or the acknowledging of the available teachings and social norms.

A response or reaction essay must trigger thoughts-generating issues and questions. The students must write their own understanding of the idea presented by the essay. This kind of essay actually entails a lot because apart from reading, students must think thoroughly and analyze their intellectual abilities including their general understanding. Each argument must be reasonable and it must have supporting evidence and examples.

It is recommended to check a number of the already written reaction essays before starting your assignment. Going through several samples will give you a clue about everything that is required to happen in such essays. Also, before you start creating your own response essay, check how the summary of such paper is written online. You will get samples which can show you ways of coming up with points and words for your essay. Besides that, the samples will also help you know how to organize your essay.

The format of a response or reaction essay

  1.  Students must be prepared to understand their 1st impression when reading the content. Next, they should outline the subject and the major idea of the content. They should note the main questions and issues that it initiates.
  2.  The next step is to define the topic and provide reasons why some details are included. The writer must also mention their meaning and their function and he/she must say what the heroes mean and what are their main functions in forming the required atmosphere. Besides all that, the writer must explain why the issues that come about are important in the context of the people’s culture and his/her own culture.
  3.  The third step in writing a response essay is determining the powerful points and the weakness of the content. After determining, the writer must write about how he/she feels about them. The students must also mention whether he/she agrees or disagrees with the opinion of the author. Apart from that, the students must also mention his/her counterarguments and reflect his/her experience of going through the content.
  4.  The step that follows is creating an outline for the summary reaction essay. Here the students are required to summarize the main points and the thesis statement which was written in the beginning of the essay must be restated too. Students are advised to check response essay examples to see how to come up with powerful endings for their essays.

Things to consider when preparing a reaction essay

  •  Students must apply basic writing standards. They include correct sentences, coherence, understandable ideas and unity.
  •  Students must ensure that every main paragraph shows and develops one major point. For instance, the student can begin with an overview of the text that he/she is reacting to. He/she can then write 3 more paragraphs that contain 3 different responses to the text being reacted to. Lastly, the student can write the conclusion.
  •  Students must defend the general ideas they bring up using good reasons. Whether you agree or disagree with the text you are reacting to, supporting proof is very important.
  •  Students must organize their essay well. They must adhere to the structure that the tutor specifies. But normally, the reaction essay contains a summary, reaction paragraphs, and an ending. The students should also ensure to introduce transitions that will make the relationship of their points clear.
  •  Once you are done with writing, ensure to proofread and correct any grammatical, word usage or spelling mistakes.
  •  It is important to also cite quoted content from the text you used to write. Ensure you use the right citation format which your instructor specified.
  •  Students can use quotations at the summary section and even at the response sections of their essay. However, they should avoid depending on them so much. They should only be used when emphasizing a major idea.
  •  Publishing content may be included parenthetically or at the lower section of a page at the footnote. Find out from your teacher what publishing content is important and where it can be put.

Usual mistakes when creating a reaction or response paper

The most common mistake seen in almost all types of students when asked to prepare a reaction essay is delaying. Writing this kind of essay needs so much time and students must read attentively and do an analysis. A good amount of time must be dedicated to this kind of essay in order to complete it successfully.

Also, adding personal information is very bad when composing a response paper. This is not an autobiography whereby students are expected to talk about personal encounters and how they dealt with certain situations.

Also, students must avoid reiterating one idea. The only exception is in the summary section where students are required to restate ideas. Also, students should never retell the entire text. What the student is supposed to do is analyze the content he/she is given. In general, the reaction essay is expected to be informative and concise.

Another mistake seen in most students when writing this assignment is writing bad comments without supporting evidence. Whether you present positive or negative comments in your paper, ensure you possess some proof or examples to support your opinion. Make the audience understand why you reacted the way you did in your essay. Reading many response essay samples can help students know other kinds of mistakes that they must avoid.

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