Writing an Interview Paper

When it comes to the job market and taking interviews, several people are at wits end because of the statistics. Very few people get picked for jobs after interviews. Why write an interview paper? Here’s why.

Interviews, Work and Essay Writing

Applying for a job is as nerve racking as it is tiring. Most people are asked to produce all sorts of documents and then that does not even guarantee that they would be hired. Some people apply for several jobs and do not make it to the interview stage. Others, well they do get to interview stage, yet are weeded out at the last minute for reasons unbeknownst to them. If this is your story, you are probably wondering why you should learn how to write an interview paper. Why? You may ask. This is because understanding these things is a great way to get your employers impressed with the communication skills you possess, particularly, when you argue out reasons why you should be the person for the job. In such writing, you can broach topics like how skilled you are, What you have that can be of use, and how much you would like to be paid. This sort of paper also makes the way for you to discuss various issues like the company’s motive, what it stands for, balancing work and life, and other great topics of discussion. In school, writing an interview paper may be an assignment for your professor to know how you intend to pitch for jobs in the future. If you are able to get your one foot in the door using your great writing skills, it is possible that the rest of the requirements for you to be hired will be overlooked. Interview papers are not only written for job opportunities or in case of assignments. They are also written by applicants into good universities who are hoping to be picked for placement, and even the course they intend to study. There are also interview papers that sort of advertise you to a person you would like to interview. If that is the case, you would want to have enough data on the person as well as make yourself appealing to the person so they accept to be interviewed by you.

Writing an Interview Paper

There are certain points that you have to take note of if you are writing an interview paper. These points are of the utmost importance if you want to be picked from among a group of aspiring young individuals like yourself. One of the first things you must have on lock down is a great topic. Get the topic based on either experience of a person with good interview skills or do some in-depth research into the field you are looking at. Having good content filled with rich ideas that will give your target no option than to hire you. For instance if you are preparing a paper to help you get closer to interviewing a popular person, your research and dedication to the matter is usually what will be looked out for. Choose a topic that is inline with your interest. Contrary to popular beliefs, not anyone can interview everyone. The interviewer has to portray an interest in the field that goes beyond the surface, and also a deep knowledge based on excessive research. No one wants to be interviewed by people who have no clue what is being talked about. Once your topic is chosen, narrow down your topic into a particular subject that is of interest to you and begin to research all possible sources of information. Once that is done, research and find out relevant questions that you can ask your subject-the person you hope to interview. Set a realistic date and time for the interview and then go have the interview. Get your information and get to writing.

Types of interview essay

Due to the diverse nature of interview essays and what they can be used for, there are a few types of interview essays you can write and each one has a unique direction it can take.
  1. A Narrative These essays are written after an interview is conducted. It is basically to report on the interview and bring out lessons from the subject that was interviewed. In order to get prepared for such an essay, you should be prepared for the interview. Your preparation for the interview including good research can determine the kind of content you bring out for readers, because your subject will feel well prepared for and so will open up more. That way, your content will be richer. During the interview, do well to take as many notes as possible of record so that you can do a transcription. Once that is done and it’s time for the writing, there are two routes you can take:
  • Narrative style essay- This requires you to change the format from a question and answer form into a descriptive essay. You can then change the dialogue from third person to first person.
  • Question and answer format- This is sort of a transcription of your interview, and the essay can be written as several questions and answers.
To get a great narrative essay you need a great hook. Something that will get your readers’ attention and keep them interested. Your introduction should do the job. The body of your interview needs not be too long. Have it structured and easy to read. Finish off with a great conclusion that leaves a good taste in the mouth about the interview, the subject and the topic of discussion.
  1. Career interview This kind of paper is to make a job applicant shine in the eyes of a prospective hirer. This interview is best written in a descriptive essay form. You can talk about the person, their likes and what makes them stand out. Topics around which your writing should hover are centered on why your applicant should be chosen for the job. You can talk about what skills they have to offer, their level of expertise, and their world view. These kinds of questions are ones that are most likely asked during interviews so covering all those bases makes your applicant the best choice. Students who are applying into universities also write these kinds of interview papers. Here, your goals and aspirations in life, personal values and interests are perfect areas you should focus on. The main goal of writing such an essay is to greatly impress the hiring team of the university.
  2. Personal interview essay This kind of essay is based on an interview with a person in most likely a calm and quiet area. Here, the subject talks about himself and his life and the writer then reports it in a way that reveals all that the subject is. Such an interview does not carry any of the writers ideas or thoughts. It is simply the writer presenting the subject to the world based on the subjects own words and experiences. Use words that showcase your support of the person and your belief in the person. The subject being an inspiration to people should be the end goal of your interview essay.
  3. Leadership Interview In this case, the topic has been chosen. The writer needs to find a good example of leadership and present that person to the world. The questions in the interview would revolve around why the subject is successful in their place of leadership, the types of leadership and which the subject operates using, and the golden nuggets to bring a leader. Interviewing such people is usually daunting so you should prepare adequately and have your questions ready. Do not deviate from the topic of the interview, maintain the outline and work well within the time given. Your essay should then have an insight into leadership as an introduction and how your subject is a good example of leadership. Writing an interview essay is basically about showcasing a person to the world for whatever reason. The person may be you or a random person on the streets. The idea is to make the subject likable and good in the eyes of the audience . Research is necessary to conduct such an interview. Hopefully, with this guide, your next interview essay will be one of a kind.