Writing Essays about Leadership

This kind of essay may appear to be difficult but this is not the case. The key idea is to have a clear conception of what leadership is before starting on the essay. One could define a leader as one who can determine other people’s behaviors in the pursuit of a certain objective(s). This implies then that an ideal essay will need to deal with the critical questions outlined below:

  •  What are the main characteristics of leadership and what are the key qualifiers that distinguish leaders?
  •  Are there different ways and methods of leadership? Can they be compared and contrasted?
  •  What patterns are exhibited by the people around you who are identified with leadership?
  •  Are there biographies and biographical data about a model leader?
  •  How does the writer compare with other leaders, and what important lessons can be transferred to the writer’s practice?

This list is certainly not exhaustive but is sufficient for good quality writing. What remains now are the mechanics of writing the essay and a reiteration that it’s advisable to let a proofreader help with the final version of your work.

Familiarize Yourself with What Leadership Entails

How do other writers and thinkers understand leadership? Different people will present different angles and perspectives. Leaders may present a wide range of behaviors and attitudes that may need to be appreciated. Personal perspectives and queries are a good resource to use when interacting with existing realities and investigations.

Such an investigation entails open source research on the internet, libraries and social networks.

The investigation and search then require that the information gathered to be put together. A good way to do this is by generating a hypothesis that is tested against the collected data. If one also tests against the chosen hypotheses, then it is probable that one has enough material to write a gripping and enlightening essay.

 Describe Information Gathered in Your Own Words

It’s now possible to come with a unique explication of what leadership is and even give opinions on salient features like:

  •  Do normal leadership behaviors inspire you to model yourself around them?
  •  How does communication affect leadership performance?
  •  Are there other professionals associated with effective leadership?
  •  Are there directions of development that are essential to a leader? For example, are promotions essential to improving leadership quality?

 Derive and Articulate Your Leadership Capabilities

State which leadership qualities you have and how they are put to practice. One shouldn’t overlook relevant experiences that may have been derived from simple and day to day life activities like voluntary work or family organization.

Such articulation needs to be accompanied by appropriate evidence to add to show a reason for credibility.

 Show How Leaders are Creative and Unique in taking Perspectives

Recalling this distinguishing feature helps one to unearth instances and case studies of these often overlooked aspects of leadership.

Children show leadership when they come with initiatives like caring for or contributing towards a peer’s need for solutions to a problem. Teens and young adults may create social events for specific audiences; adults may come up with policies or policy formulations.

Through a wide array of data on leadership, one is able to focus on previously neglected features that can be highlighted to good effect.

 Drafting the Essay

After such a collation of fact, one is now ready to do a draft. Like in other essays, the structure of this kind has the same essential structure. One starts with an introduction bearing a statement of the basic argument, the main presentation, and a summary of the argument.

Doing the Introduction

The trick is to start with a captivating expression that will show the reader the need for a complete reading.

One could start with a personal anecdote, for example, or a conclusion made out of a case study or case studies. What is essential is that the beginning provides a reason for the reader that spending time on the essay isn’t a waste of time and resources.

Stating the Main Argument

This is the thesis. It’s a statement about the product of your investigation and is something that can be done in a sentence.

Explication of the Thesis

A good formal argument needs around 4 paragraphs each building on the other. This implies that each paragraph forms a premise hence creating a flowing and neat argument.

One needs to remember about how the different premises/paragraphs transition into each other. Here, the data collected during the investigation comes handy when appropriate transitions are sought for the main presentation.


Once the premises and the main body have been presented, the writer needs to state a conclusion of the entire discourse. The salient points are reiterated and restated and any loose ends cut for the sake of the main thesis.

After the Draft

The draft implies that all thoughts have been consolidated to a fair degree. But the work isn’t yet ready for submission. This draft has many issues that may need to be checked for. Spelling and grammar, cogency of argument, and style need to be refined. Some of these mistakes or anomalies can be taken care using software applications like essay editors.

While this final process may seem irrelevant, it’s worth noting that work with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and unrefined style only serve to prevent the target audience from engaging with the essay effectively. This is a big loss since one loses the kinds of response that would advance the discourse and consequently lead to a kind of stagnation.

So it’s best for one to engage professionals and service providers that will help remove the blemishes. Judicious use of software applications helps to ease the job. For example one can connect with other writers or one can do some of the proofreading by themselves. Such diligence is likely to end up with great rewards for the individual not just in terms of high-grade scores, but will also provide the writer with critical skills that are handy in ensuring personal growth and excellence.


Follow our guide, and you’re sure to come up with a great leadership essay. If you still find it challenging to write an exceptional essay, contact us for help – we have professional writers ready to tackle your essay!

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