Writing on Social Topics For A School Essay

Essay writing usually can cover all sorts of topics from all sorts of places mostly at the discretion of your teacher. Lately there have been some hot social happenings which may be the topic of an essay in your next homework. Find out why and how to ace it.

Are Social Topics Even Necessary?

Depending on the course you are studying at school, the topic for your school essay could really be anything from yesterday’s news to the daily happenings at school. The truth of the matter is, high school and the university is supposed to be a training ground for adulthood and so the emphases placed on the happenings of today sometimes take a center stage in choosing essay topics. Most professors are interested in understanding where many young minds are with regards to social issues and their understanding of the world at large. Unfortunately, not many students are interested in reading the news or even watching it. Who could blame them? The television these days is full of bad news that hardly speaks any positivity about where the world is heading to. It is either one long piece about climate change which seems to be getting worse by the minute, or the unfortunate stories of war coming from war torn zones. If one is lucky, there might even be a few human rights violation topics here and there all contributing to form the perfect potpourri of misery and discomfort. Unfortunately, these are the very topics that when written about and perfectly analysed, a person can easily get good grades.

Bringing the social happenings into the world of academia and using the mindset of the people to judge their essay writing skills is a way to train people to think in-depth about what is going on in their surroundings. Of course, to be able to think of that, you have to pay attention. Most professors therefore make it a point to link whatever topic they may be giving to their students to normal happenings of this world, especially the world today. They do this to take students’ minds and eyes out of the clouds and even out of their mobile phones and into the real world brainstorming ideas which may be of benefit to the world at large. If the essay is well written and the points are valid, nothing stops the professor from using that essay the next time they teach a class on social issues.

The best way to write an article on social issues

Most probably, you might be asked to choose a topic by yourself from any of the myriad of things happening during the year. When that happens, you have got to be happy because this serves as the perfect platform for you to air your views and present them in the most academic way possible. You are not getting marked for your views. You are getting marked for your presentation, grammar and order. You can therefore freely air your views without being judged for it.

There are some steps you need to understate if you want to put together the best essay for your professor.

  •  Choose a topic, but opt for a very wise decision

Your topic can either make or unmake your essay. It will be in your best interest to choose a topic that you have a passion for to avoid your essay being another news piece. Apart from having a passion for your topic of choice, it should also be a topic that allows you the leeway to research enough into it. The best essays are written when there is an abundance of knowledge serving as the baseline for the essay to be written. Most people choose argumentative essays knowing that their topic is controversial and so the writer’s would not be easily bored. You simply need to put all these things into consideration before you select a topic. By all means check with your professor beforehand to know if the topic chosen is relevant to the times.

  •  Research, research, research

This cannot be reiterated enough. Research is the most fundamental part of your essay writing. The research you do dictates whether your essay would lack substance or be a piece of writing that everyone is itching to read.

Take your time to dig out academically correct sources on the subject matter. Try as much as possible to get objective data and not data that has already been skewed and sullied by the media or else your writing may turn out to seem like another media propaganda. Find unbiased sources to base your essay on and if possible, do an in-depth study on the subject matter so that your essay can be presented with utmost level of professionalism.

  •  Build your opinion, get examples

When writing an essay on social issues, it is always right that you look out for relevant examples on the subject matter to buttress your point in the essay. You may need to read the news more often or sit in the front of the television to get ideas on how to spin your story. Remember that your examples need to present an impersonal front as much as possible. While you need to write a passion filled compelling piece, having too much emotion that takes out of the professionalism of the writing makes it easier for you to make blunders that are uncalled for.

  •  Be concise and precise

Since this essay is one on social issues and not a fiction paper, you need to be as truthful as possible when relaying facts and figures. You also need to be as concise enough to use the right terminology to pass on your thoughts and ideas. Always opt for words that strongly relay your point rather than a bunch of words that give the impression that you are unsure if what you are saying or you are beating about the bush. It would help for you to do an extra layer of planning for you to correctly lay out your points in the order in which you want them to flow. The body of your essay will be filled with paragraphs, sometimes each presenting either a different point or another angle to the same point. Planning out your work makes it easier to allow the ideas to flow. That way, each of your points get dealt with sufficiently in the essay. Choose to use simple language as opposed to using flamboyant or non specific language.

  •  Opt for a creative approach

No body is interested in reading another boring news piece on the same old social issues plaguing humankind on a daily. This is the reason why when writing on a social topic creativity has to be at your very fingertips. You have to find creative ways by which you can pass your points across without being downright insensitive about the issue or the persons involved. Some people opt for satirical ways of covering the story while others write simple but tactical essays that do not in anyway disrespect any of the parties being written about.

Creativity can only come when you are properly exposed to other pieces of writing. Now would be a great time to familiarize yourself with all sorts of different writing styles from various authors. Choose authors who have covered topics similar to the one you wish to cover. Take some notes on how they presented their ideas, especially to audiences who shared dissenting views on the topics at hand. Based on these authors’ approaches, you can coin your own approach and come up with an intelligently written paper that people would love to read.

  •  Check your writing

Finally when all of your drafts have been put together, you may begin writing. Once the skeleton has been laid, complete with research and all that is necessary taken care off, it may take much less time than you anticipated writing the essay. If you began your process early enough, you would be left with enough time to go over your work. Academic essay writing really frowns on grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. You need to get those checked out. Take the extra time to proofread your work and ensure that the piece you are presenting is error free. That way, the professor can focus properly on what you are saying rather than the several errors he has to correct before getting to understand the paper you have written before him. Give your work to others to proofread for you if you are unsure if your proofreading skills. Get the feedback also from others about whether your ideas have been sufficiently laid down in the writing. This in total will help you bring in good work to be marked.

Writing on social issues may seem like not a difficult paper to write however, if you do not do adequate research, your paper may lack that extra element to build a strong case. If this happens, at the end of the day, you are left with an essay that is not compelling at all. Take note of the tips offered and implement them the next time you write an essay on a social topic. Do this and watch your grades soar like a hot air balloon.

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