Today, we witness an outstanding growth of the popularity of custom academic writing services. This tendency cannot go unnoticed by market researchers, so they draw up some statistics. Based on their research, some of them claim that the number of students willing to buy essay online doubles each year. Naturally, if there are so many people willing to buy essay, the demand gets answered by supply, as simple as that.

However, it is wrong and superficial to assume that custom writing or ghostwriting is a new phenomenon that has arisen due to the development of information technologies. Celebrities and high-rank business people make no secret of the fact that they often use professional help with their writing. This includes, but is not limited to writing speeches, piecing together official and semiofficial biographies, answering their letters. Speaking of correspondence, kings and queens have been known to assign special people to answer the great piles of letters that are not that important but still need to be answered.

people enlist third-party help with writing not because they are lazy or unskilled (even if they may be just that). They do it because (1) they want to have the job done properly, and (2) they have a number of better uses for their precious time and energy.

Is it still immoral to buy essay today?

are different in the academic circles, though. Here, the most conservative approach is still practiced: a student is expected to complete all the written assignments in their entirely him- or herself at all times, and to buy an essay is totally out of the question.

able to convey one’s thoughts in written form in a logical and well-structured manner has grown to be understood as the essential skill to be trained in college regardless of the field of studies. The main drawback of such approach is that the amount of written assignments given to students grows exponentially, often exceeding the number of hours in a day. This especially shows at top universities like Stanford or the Ivy League. An important detail is that at a top university, a student has more responsibility because the bar is set higher.

often, a student is facing a choice: either to spend a very limited amount of time and effort on doing all those assignments him- or herself and achieve satisfactory results at best or to concentrate on some subject to the fullest and buy essay papers of acceptable quality on other subjects. One can say that under such pressure, the question of morality eliminates itself.

Who wants to buy essay online today?

Contrary to the aforementioned belief popular among conservative-minded academia, that only a lazy and dumb student would order essay, students of all the diverse categories do in fact seek to buy cheap essay every now and then.

number of foreign students at universities grows with every year. A good percentage of foreign students is a good statistics for a university. Yet, these students are nothing more than statistics to the school administration. They use the proud banner of equality as an excuse not to do anything specific for ESL students, and they just get all the same assignments as their native English-speaking fellows. Bright as they may be, what choice do the poor ESLs have but to order essay online?

important factor is the growing tuition rate. It may be reasonable by some accounts, but not by the affordable budget for most students and their families. Many students have to discover the excitement of part-time jobs as early as in their freshman year, if not sooner. Meanwhile, a day has only so many hours, and there is just not enough to cope with all those writing assignments oneself. On the other hand, the custom writing market always welcomes customers, and there are opportunities to order essay online at a quite reasonable fee.

are merely the most obvious examples of situations where to buy custom essay is the ultimate, if not the only option. If one takes some time to brainstorm, one can easily think of myriad other instances where to buy college essay is quite reasonable.

Who offers essay for sale?

So, from whom can you buy essay cheap? Basically, anybody who is qualified and willing to do some academic writing for a quick buck. A particularly interesting group here is the studentship themselves. We have mentioned that many of them have reasons to doubt the justice of the tuition fees, yet there is little to nothing they can do about it. So, if a student has a knack for academic writing, it only makes sense to make it into his or her part-time job to offer essay for sale. So, if we resort to considering this phenomenon cheating, we can say that there are cheating students on both sides.

would be far-fetched to assume that all essay writing services only work with writers from the US, the UK, etc. Some do claim so, other don’t… This brings us to another group of writers worth mentioning – the former ESL students who returned to their home countries with a vast experience in academic writing. Research shows that a full-time custom writer can earn up to $75k per year. This is not such a bad income for the US. Imagine how good it is for, say, the Philippines.

Who’s to blame for the flourishing of “order essay online” services?

Returning to the moral-ethical aspect of the phenomenon, we can safely conclude that the lazy cheating students do exist, but they are by far not the only group of students ready to purchase college essay. In fact, the brightest and most industrious students have to resort to professional writing help sometimes. The educational system itself and the approach to building curricula encourage this market. So, if a highbrow education scholar is convinced that it is wrong and unfair to purchase essay online, they might as well be recommended to deal with the root cause rather than fighting the symptoms.