Writing is an unavoidable activity in each university. Some people have a good skill of text composition, others have to do it under pressure, but the situation doesn’t change. Of course, every student dreams to have only excellent marks, but this aim seems unobtainable to many young people. Thus, if you want to know what points are important to make a good job, this article is just for you.

How to Compose a Perfect Text?

If you want to become a straight-A student, you should pay your attention to several points before handing your written assignments. They are as follows:

  1. Planning. You should plan your time in such a way so that to be able to cope with everything: creation of draft, work with necessary literature sources (if any), writing of the text itself, revision. It means that you should start working on the task immediately after it was assigned to you, not by fits and starts.
  2. Inspiration. If you have a chance to choose the topic by yourself, try to choose something close to you. If not, and the topic is assigned by your professor, there you go. In this case, you may just push yourself to do it.
  3. Structuring. An excellent work must have a certain structure. Usually, all texts have the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Talking about the essay, you may devote one paragraph to the beginning, three passages for your line of argumentation – one paragraph for one argument – and the last passage to conclude the work. Such five-paragraph structure is considered a so-called gold standard of writing.
  4. Formulation of your own position. Every written task is an excellent opportunity to express your own thoughts and feelings. To do it, you should have a strong position concerning the issue or the problem to which your task is devoted. Such point is essential, especially for argumentative and persuasive essays because it is impossible to select good arguments to prove your idea or to persuade somebody to do something if you don’t have a firm point of view.
  5. Thesis statement creation. It can be said that this point is a consequence of the previous one. A thesis statement is a key sentence in which your standpoint is expressed. The best place for it is at the end of the introductory part. Immediately after it, you may come over to the body paragraphs, which will be like the bricks on the foundation.
  6. Draft. A good paper is impossible without drafts. You can have several drafts if you want, in which you will try possible variants of writing while finding the best one.
  7. Proofreading. A text with grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes will never bring you the highest mark. Thus, revising and proofreading should become an integral part of your work.

Using these simple tips and recommendations, you will be able to compose the essay that will bring you an excellent mark. Certainly, these recommendations are also effective for other types of text, thus, use them every time when you need to pass a written assignment.