Writing a custom college application essay is one of the ways of knocking at the door of your dream college. But if your knocking is inappropriate, the person how is supposed to facilitate your entry may opt to lock you out. That is why you need to draft your application essay as an appropriate and courteous knock on the college’s door.

This post will discuss some of the mistakes you need to avoid so that your application essay will receive a favorable response. At the end of this post, you should come to a level of presenting the admissions committee with a flawless essay that will facilitate your admission into that college to advance your studies and career.

Failing to answer the question

Failing to answer the essay question correctly is a suicidal blunder that will jeopardize your admission quest. The reason is that even if you included the best moments of your life or the best details about yourself, you will still miss the admission as long as you wrote the wrong thing. The big issue here is not just writing a nice essay, but one that answers the prompt. If you fail to read your prompt carefully and respond as per its demands and scope, you will lock yourself out of the college.

Making too many points

To perfect your skills on how to write an essay for an application, you need to keep off trying to write too many points in a single application essay. To make your essay more forceful, you should give it a single and properly thought-out message instead of filling it with too many incomplete points.

Aping someone else

If you want to master how to write an essay for college application, you need to avoid the temptation of trying to present someone else in your essay. Remember, the committee looking to know you more and better, and hence, when you try to portray yourself as someone else, you are just setting yourself up for rejection. You need to understand that the university is not looking for perfect and “accomplished superheroes who have done and seen it all.” On the contrary, the college is seeking simple and honest people who are ready to advance their studies and careers. They are there to help you to develop, and hence, you need to present the real you to them.

Writing now and thinking later

Thinking before you write is one of the tips for writing college application essays that will help you to avoid this common mistake many students make. If you want your application essay to have an impact on your readers, you need to give it more thought before drafting. Don’t assume because you know all the details of your life you will just begin pouring everything on paper and expect to receive a favorable response. You should take time and think through which of these details will enrich your paper. Also, you need to carefully think about the best way of presenting these interesting facts about yourself. Remember, it is not just the content of what you write that matters; the way you present that content also matters.

Failing to write to the desired length

If you want to master how to write the perfect college application essay, you need to avoid this common blunder. The reason is that many students go beyond the desired length because they want to “grab the opportunity to market themselves.” In the process of doing so, they end up with a lengthy essay full of unnecessary details. To save yourself the consequences of this mistake, confine your essay to a maximum of 250 words. Make your essay concise and leave out all redundant words, clichés, and flowery language.

Be interesting but…

Paying attention to your college application essay online and tone will ensure that you do not fall into this blunder. It is okay to make your essay interesting and humorous. However, you should ensure you do not turn it into another comic strip. If you sound too comic or sarcastic, you will miss the real point and distract your readers hence setting your application up for rejection.

Positioning yourself as a materialistic self-seeker

When writing your application essay, you should know there is a very thin line between showing your ambition and sounding materialistic and self-seeking. Many students try to populate their essays with what they expect to gain when the university admits them. You need to understand that if you sound materialistic without showing how you will use the admission opportunity you are seeking, you will most likely lose the vacancy. Therefore, you need to present your ambitions as a tool for helping other people and not an end in itself.

Writing to impress rather than express

Another mistake you need to avoid in your essay is writing to impress the committee. Don’t assume that bombarding the committee members with bombastic words will impress them and give them an advantage. The truth is that the committee gave the opportunity to express yourself and not to invite them to another grammar competition to see who knows the “biggest” word in town. If you take this path, just be sure that many have walked it before and they have received the same response—disapproval. So, to keep yourself safe, you need to write to express yourself and not to impress anyone.

Pouring your ego in the essay

No matter how big your ego is, you need to be wise and careful enough not to spill it into your essay. When you take advantage of this opportunity to market yourself, you should ensure that you do not do it in a manner that will portray you as another self-seeking or attention-seeking braggart on the loose. Don’t try to portray yourself as the “best candidate” as if you are writing a sales copy where everyone is free to portray themselves as the “only” or the “best” candidate. You need to remain decent and moderate in your approach and appreciate the fact that the college has given you the opportunity to come this far in your desire to secure an admission. Therefore, do not try to put down other applicants and get yourself “on top of the game.”

Failing to remain organized

In your quest to master how to write a good college application essay about yourself, you should ensure that you avoid this mistake. You should keep off all forms of disorganization if you want to receive a favorable response. If you write a rambling essay without “tail and head,” just get yourself ready to receive a rejection of your application paper.

Failing to proofread and edit the essay

Besides the failure to understand what to write about in a college application essay, many students fall into this trap and scuttle their chances of getting an admission in their desired colleges. Just as you take time to edit and proofread your other classroom assignments, you should also do the same for your admission essay. Making careless grammar and spelling errors will make it difficult for the committee members to read and understand your essay. Additionally, it will drastically erode your chances of securing an admission even if you included the right details they wanted.

Failing to research the college

Another blunder that will reduce your chances of securing an admission is failing to take time and research the institution you are applying to join. If you fail to research the school well, you will fall into the trap of writing a generic application essay. This way, you show the committee that you are either too lazy or you do not care enough to show interest in the same institution you want to be a part of.

Starting on a lame note

If you don’t know how to start a college application essay, then you are setting yourself up for frustration. Many students trivialize the importance of starting their essays on a strong footing and end up with a regret response. If your essay does not grab the attention of your readers, you should be sure that you will not get a favorable response at the end of the day. You should make it interesting for your readers to read it until the end because if they don’t, they will not have a strong ground to gauge your suitability.

Rushing through the essay

The last blunder you need to avoid when writing the essay is being a last-minute student. Failing to take enough time to plan, write, and edit your paper will lead to a shoddy and sloppy essay. You will definitely end up with numerous grammar, spelling, and editorial errors you could have detected had you taken enough time to do your work.

Closing remarks

Here you are with all the blunders you need to avoid when writing your application essay. But if you are saying “I need someone to write my college application essay,” you can contact our experts here for prompt and affordable college application essay writing service.