Writing the perfect cover letter is a critical stage in the application of an employment opportunity. As a student, you should master this form of persuasive writing so that when you hit the road seeking employment, you can do so with all the essential tools to fortify your CV. It has to offer extra details concerning your skills and past experience in order to allow your potential boss to get a clear picture of your abilities and intentions once you get assimilated into the company they are leading. This post will share reasons for and ways in which this short letter can either betray or propel your job prospects. We shall look at the importance of including the right content in it, common blunders to avoid, and some insights to sharpen your writing skills. Drafting a cover letter can be a make or break your search for a job; therefore, you should be cautious to comprehend its content well, avoid unnecessary blunders, and apply some inspiring tips to boost your writing.

Components to include when writing a cover letter

When writing the perfect cover letter, balance between your good intent to secure a rewarding job and the content of the letter. The content is what constitutes the letter for your prospective boss to read. On the other hand, the intent is what constitutes your desires and driving ambition, and your prospective boss should not read that. So, pay particular attention to what you include in your letter lest you sabotage your efforts. Therefore, let the cover letter clearly show vacancy you’re applying for, your reasons you are applying, the way you heard learnt about the vacancy, and your reasons for thinking yourself as the best person to do that job. Additionally, tell the prospective boss what you have to offer their organization should they hire you. In addition, you should convince your potential boss that you’re the asset they are looking for to add value to their enterprise, not another addition to their payroll! Lastly, let your letter show your optimism of being hired by thanking your prospective boss in advance for their kind consideration.


  • Prove to your prospective employer that you are an asset and not a mere job hunter
  • Demonstrate your skills and experiences
  • Give explanation for applying to the vacancy
  • Remember to tell your boss-in-the waiting how you heard about the chance

Insightful tips for writing a cover letter

Unless you have opted to hire CV and cover letter writing service providers, then you should embrace these writing tips to maintain your hopes of getting employment. The first tip to give you a superior head start is understanding the kind of cover letter you are drafting. This way, you will clearly understand the best way to write the cover letter and the details to incorporate in it. A good example when you are drafting a prospective letter asking about possible vacancies, you will include different content from a cover letter written in response to an advertised or existing position. Moreover, the tone of drafting these two kinds of cover letters will vary. Tip number two to enable your cover letter to continue upholding your employment prospects is mastering how to end it. Ensure that you close it on a very hopeful and courteous note. For instance, you ought to end with a grateful note for consideration even if they don’t hire you. By doing this, you prove your gratitude, a character trait all employers like to see in employees! Additionally, finishing on an optimistic note shows your positive attitude because no employer wants a negative and pessimistic employee.


  • Understand the type of cover letter you’re drafting so you can give it an appropriate tone and fill it with the most appropriate content
  • You should master the best tricks of concluding your cover letter on an optimistic and grateful note

Blunders to avoid in cover letter writing

If you have not opted to hire a professional cover letter writing service provider, your cover letter could still give your dreams a shot in the leg unless you avoid some blunders that most people make. Remember, a perfect cover letter is indicative of your ability to write effectively in an official and corporate setting. In other words, your cover letter is one of the best ways of showing your boss-in-the-waiting that you have excellent writing skills. Irrespective of what you tell them in your CV, they will believe what they see in the cover letter! For this reason, you need to avoid these blunders at all cost:

A highlight of blunders to shun

  • Regurgitating your CV and allowing your cover letter to replace instead of complementing it
  • Focusing on how the employer may assist you end your joblessness instead of focusing on how you can keep their business moving forward
  • Failing to clearly show your potential and skills
  • Apologizing for the skills and experiences you don’t have
  • Failing to give a trusted friend or family member the opportunity to read the letter before sending it only to end up sending it with errors they could have detected
  • Turning your cover letter into another boring encyclopedia on job application instead of keeping it short and interesting
  • Trying to whip the emotions of your prospective boss to sympathize with your joblessness as if they were your friend or uncle

Drafting a cover letter is a decisive stage in your job hunting mission hence you ought to populate it with the right information, make it error-free, and inspire yourself with proven writing insights. In this post, we have covered all this in detail hence you now have the power in your hands to succeed. But if you still say, “I want a professional to write a cover letter for me” or “someone help me write a cover letter for my resume,” you just talked to the right people. Our company is committed to offering quality and affordable essay writing services. Contact us today.