Do you have to write an essay but don’t know what topic to pick up? Here you can find ten most interesting topics to provide them with a proper argumentation.

Best Ideas for Your Essay

Sometimes a professor or teacher relies the task of topic selection on his or her students, and this may lead them to a failure. If some people know what they want and what they can describe better, others are embarrassed not only with a writing assignment but with picking some subject as well. That is why the following list of topics for different types of essays from argumentative to cause and effect works will be very useful for those in need.

  1. The death and immortality of a soul.
  2. Moral statuses or how to behave in the age of high-technology breakthrough.
  3. The problem of people in need in the modern literature.
  4. The chaos theory: Its fundamental principles.
  5. Slavery and its impact on the modern humanity.
  6. Is the notion of freedom equal to responsibility?
  7. How to steal money without breaking any regulations and rules of law: Common business strategies.
  8. Generosity vs. Greed.
  9. My motherland.
  10. The problem of globalization.

We have listed ten most appropriate subjects for you below, all you have to do is to pick the one you like the most and begin to analyze supporting information to a chosen idea. However, there are still students who don’t know how to compose a paper properly. All in all, a good topic is only the midway to a successful piece of writing.

An Essay Writing Algorithm

Don’t panic anymore, as we have some tips for you to follow to get a proper paperwork.

  • First, you need to select one of the previous topics for your future work. Choose one that is more interesting for you, familiar to you, or easy to support with arguments that you have already known.
  • Find out the main idea of your subject. You may rephrase a sentence in your own words for this purpose.
  • Make a list of pros and cons connected with the chosen theme in order to be sure you have selected the one most fitting you.
  • Then, it is time to collect your argumentation to your statements. You can pick not only primary sources but some examples from your life and your own opinion as well to illustrate your train of thoughts better.
  • Think about language means that you will use in your paper. Remember to compose your essay in a formal style with proper words and grammar.
  • Put your arguments together with some objections in a certain order. It will help you to describe facts successively.
  • Think about your hook sentence. It must be catchy and strong enough to get somebody interested in your research.
  • Compose a proper thesis statement that will show the purpose of your work clearly.
  • Describe your arguments and some objections to them in detail to give a broad picture of what you want to demonstrate in your work.
  • Conclude everything briefly and persuasively.