Simple Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

You’ll compose faster plus more easily when you hand-pick a theme that fascinates you and also one which you possess some knowledge about. Choose a simple argumentative theme from the following listing. Most scholars get confused with the definition of an argumentative essay. Composing this kind of paper does not imply engaging in combat with an adversary and convincing them to have confidence in your viewpoint. Argumentative papers offer you the chance to express the facts and your opinions about a specific subject or theme. The readers are the ones who ought to be awarded the power to come up with the ultimate verdict on that specific issue. The key aim of an argumentative paper is to exhibit your awareness on a specific issue and the ability to advance and complete an idea while maintaining the reader´s focus. Moreover, this type of paper offers an unfathomable comprehension into a particular issue and also emphasizes some critical ideas.

Advantages of Composing an Argumentative Essay

While in school, an argumentative essay isn’t just assigned to you just because your instructor deems it fit. After you graduate, you will understand that each assignment given in school served its own purpose. The objective is to assist scholars to improve some skills by working on a given task. The skills which you get to develop with argumentative papers include:
  • Critical thinking – While you examine the proof and point of views, you steadily acquire and enhance critical thinking abilities. These skills enable you to comprehend possible weaknesses in your arguments and evaluate any idea in an impartial way.
  • Anticipating objections – With argumentative papers, it doesn´t concern proving that you are right. It calls for addressing differing viewpoints. The composing procedure involves outlining other views and answering questions that a reader might have. This enables you to grasp the ways of expecting oppositions to comprehend both sides of the subject. You will bank on this ability in both your career and individual life.
  • Research skills – Carrying out detailed investigation leads to the production of excellent results. You will require proper study skills throughout your stay in school, and also when getting employed.
  • Reason and oratory – Argumentative thesis assist you to grasp the essential rules of logic like learning to dodge emotional requests, composing perfect accounts instead of generalizations. Rhetorical prowess will be improved by highlighting the significance of the matter and possible outcomes.
  • Writing skills – We are all aware of the saying that goes, “Practice makes perfect.” The more you compose the sharper your composing abilities become.

The Framework of an Argumentative Essay

The steps of composing an argumentative paper can be made simple by following a well-organized outline. Your argumentative essay ought to adhere to the following outline:
  • Introduction – This is the initial contact between the student and your thesis. This is an chance to come up with a strong initial impression, leaving the learner keen to grasp how your argument is developing. The opening section entails:
  • Hook – It is made up of one or two sentences. It captures the student´s focus. It can be an enquiry, quote, data, etc.
  • Background – Valuable previous insights concerning the issue of interest
  • Thesis statement – It states the problem you are going to address or part of the problem you’re going to support.
  • Coming up with the problem – Are you for or against a particular idea, or policy? Elucidate why you are right; develop an appealing reasoning that arouses discussion in scholar´s thoughts. The number of sections is not stipulated; it hinges on the assertions you make:
  • Claim 1: proof – every paragraph ought to begin with a claim that adds to your argument and evidence to back it.
  • Claim 2: proof
  • Claim 3: proof
  • Demystifying differing views: You want the scholar to know you are correct and the ideal way to see this happening is to provide differing assertions in the process. After coming up with your claims, devote a body section or two to differing opinions:
  • Differing viewpoint 1: refutation – state public assertions that oppose yours and provide proof to show why they’re differing.
  • Differing viewpoint 2: refutation
  • Conclusion: It reaffirms the primary claim and recaps the vital ones. It defines what can occur if a notion is not accepted and suggests possible answers for a particular issue.

Guidelines for Composing an Argumentative Essay

Now that you have an idea about the outline to utilize when composing your essay , it is vital to be aware of various guidelines which make the writing process easier.
  • Select claims wisely – It’s important to have statements concerning your argument that are of good quality. If you cannot find proof to back a claim, do not incorporate it into your essay. Do not forget that your objective is to sway the reader that your viewpoint is the correct one and you require claims that are backed up by evidence to do that.
  • Research the topic – This is mandatory, even if you have some knowledge on the subject matter. Carry out detailed study to acquire additional data.
  • Superiority of evidence counts also – Websites such as blogs, Wikipedia, etc. are not really useful. This kind of essay requires you to make use of reliable sources such as books, journals, etc.
  • Compose everything that comes to your mind – compose everything that comes to your mind concerning the subject. Do not mull over grammar, typos, etc. When you have finished, go through everything, and get rid of things that you cannot use. Then use the rest to compose your paper.
  • Include references – to support the assertions you require proof, but do not forget to incorporate the references. When utilizing another author’s views to supplement yours, you ought to recognize them always.
  • Be brief – Avoid exploiting arbitrary terms to attain the required term count limit. Strive to ensure briefness in addition to ensuring that each term adds to the meaning of a declaration, section, and the thesis in general.
  • Be creative – Theses ought to incite debates and are mostly contentious. You need to explore your creativity. Approach the subject unconventionally.
Here’s a listing of simple argumentative subjects to select from:

Simple Argumentative Essay Topics

Easy Paper Subjects Concerning Health

  1. The Correlation Between Workout, Nutrition, And Weight
  2. Why Citizens Of America Are Increasingly Becoming Overweight
  3. Does Weight Control Simply Involve “Calories In, Calories Out?”
  4. How Kids Can Uphold Good Physical Shape:
  5. Ways In Which Individuals Can Shed Weight And Maintain It.
  6. What Do Individuals Who Are Naturally Thin Do To Remain That Way?
  7. Is An Increase In Weight Brought About By Heredities, Surroundings Or Another Factor?
  8. Low Starch Diets Like Adkins And Intermittent Fasts: Do They Really Work?
  9. Can Planned-Meals Assist Individuals To Manage Their Weight?
  10. Why Do Doctors Consider Counting Calories As The Best Method Of Watching Diet??
  11. The Ideal Diet For A Young Adult?
  12. Is Sugar Harmful Or Beneficial To Your Health??
  13. Vegetarian Nutrition: Can They Be Considered Healthy?
  14. Can Controlling The Amount Of Soft Drinks Help Keep Healthy?
  15. Reasons Why Many Individuals Opt To Adopt Diets Free From Gluten.
  16. The Measures A School Can Take To Keep Students Healthy?
  17. Candy And Soda Vending Machines: Are They A Good Idea In Schools?
  18. Sporadic Fasting Helps Become More Fit: True Or False?
  19. Triggers Of Anorexia Plus Its Prevention Methods
  20. Reasons For Young Women Being Prone To Anorexia?
  21. Morbid Obesity: Its Effects On An Individual’s Health
  22. Surgery Is An Ideal Method For Losing Weight: How True Is This Statement?
  23. Is Consuming Fat Bad For Health? Can Reducing Fat In Diet Be The Best Option?
  24. The Ideal Method Of Covering The Cost Of Healthcare For Obese Persons: Should There Be A Better Medical Cover For Overweight Individuals?
  25. Substituting Sugar With Another Item Can Be Useful For Dieting.

Easy Argumentative Subjects on Family and Relationships

  1. Do Long Distance Relations Really Work?
  2. Doing Chores In A Household: Whose Obligation Is It?
  3. Teen Matrimonies: Are They Really A Great Notion?
  4. Can Children Recover From Divorce?
  5. The Ideal Means Of Preventing Divorce Cases?
  6. Should Mothers Remain At Home To Take Care Of Their Kids?
  7. Should Teens Who Become Expectant Keep Their Kids?
  8. How To Escape Out Of The “Friend Zone.”
  9. How Can One Know If They Are In An Abusive Relationship? Why Do Some Individuals Persevere In Abusive Relationships?
  10. Is It Good Or Bad To Be The Only Child??
  11. Should Families Do Sports As A Unit So As To Foster Support And Encouragement?
  12. Should Pets Be Considered As Part Of The Family?
  13. The Influence Of Video Games On Family Life
  14. It Is Better To Have A Large Family Than A Small One. Do You Support This Statement?
  15. Do Helicopter Parents Help Or Harm Their Kids?
  16. The Influence Of Interracial Adoption On A Family.
  17. Is It Better To Become A Parent When One Is Old Or Young?
  18. Can The Order Of Birth Have An Effect On Older Children?
  19. The Importance Of Descendants To Kids Currently.
  20. What Makes A Marriage To Be Happy And Long-Lasting?
  21. Does The Anticipation That A Romantic Movie Creates Make Or Break Relationships?
  22. Prior To Engagement, What Period Of Time Should People Date?
  23. The Manner In Which You Ought To Or Not To Utilize Social Media When Dating.
  24. Have Mobile Phones Plus Social Media Strengthened Family Bonds?

Extended Essay Topics on Recycling Plus The Environment

  1. Hunting: Is It Harmless Or Harmful To The Environment?
  2. What Are The Risks Brought About By Fracking.
  3. The Steps That Can Be Taken To Provide Clean Drinking Water To Individuals All Over The World
  4. Wild Rhino Horns Ought To Be Detached To Avert Poaching
  5. Can Eco-Tourism Assist In Protecting Habitats Of Wild Animals?
  6. Should Exploration Of Oil In The Gulf Of Mexico Be Encouraged Or Discouraged?
  7. Does The Concept Of Reusing Truly Assist The Environment?
  8. To Boost The Utilization Of Eco-Friendly Bags, Stores Ought To Charge For Plastic Bags.
  9. To Inspire Reusing, Nations Ought To Adopt An Extra Charge On Soft Drinks´ Cans And Bottles?
  10. Students Ought To Be Encouraged To Bring With Them Refillable Cans To School And Avoid Disposable Food And Drink Containers.
  11. Being A Vegan: Does It Have An Impact On The Environment??
  12. What More Can Your Town Do To Promote Reusing Waste?
  13. Does The Concept Of Fracking Cause Any Harm To Drinking Water?
  14. How We Can Transform Our Carbon Footprint.
  15. Is It Better To Use LED Lighting?
  16. How Composting Assists In Conserving The Environment.
  17. How Deforestation Occurs: Can It Be Averted?
  18. What’s The Chief Cause Of Littering? What Could Encourage Individuals To Neaten After Themselves?
  19. Improvements Which Can Be Made In Predicting Earthquakes: Measures Of Mitigating Earthquake Disasters?
  20. Reasons For Recommending The Segregation Of Waste Produced At Home?
  21. The Risks Of Residing In Cities That Are Highly Polluted Like Beijing.
  22. Is Nuclear Energy Safe Or Hazardous?
  23. Should Those Who Destroy Rainforests Be Punished?
  24. Where Can Solar, Wind And Other Forms Of Energy Be Utilized Effectively? What’s The Ideal Method Of Encouraging Substitute Energy Usage?
  25. Measures Which Can Be Taken To Get Rid Of Nuclear Waste?
  26. Ideal Method Of Handling Our Trash Is Through Landfill Use. Discuss.

Easy Paper Topics on Technology

  1. The Concept Of Nanotechnology: How Has It Made Lives Better?
  2. Can Mobile Phones Lead To Risk Of Cancer?
  3. Should Schools Adopt Video Game Use As A Learning Method?
  4. Does Mobile Phone Promote Or Cut Off Communication And Interaction Of People?
  5. Do Violent Video Games Lead To The Adoption Of Violent Behaviors In Individuals?
  6. How Does Nanotechnology Influence Dentistry Or Medicine?
  7. Social Media Plus Sending Texts: Have They Enhanced Or Destroyed The Lives Of Youngsters?
  8. How Nanotechnology Aids In Improving Mobile Phones, Computers, And Data Storage.
  9. Reasons Why Kids Excel At Comprehending Fresh Technology Than Parents.
  10. Decrees Which Ought To Be Enacted Regarding The Usage Of Mobile Phones While Driving
  11. Will Books Become Obsolete?
  12. Can Scholars Learn Better By Utilizing Digital Workbooks Instead Of Paper Plus Books?
  13. Dissimilarity Involving Reading Using A Tablet And Using An Actual Book?
  14. Individuals Should Put On A Microchip Containing Their Personal Information In Order To Prevent Theft Of Identity And Credit Cards.
  15. Which Is Better Between PC And MAC?
  16. Will Mobile Phones Get Replaced By Smartwatches?
  17. Discuss The Next Big Thing In Technology.
  18. Should Parents Have The Capacity To Pick Their Children’s’ Genetics?
  19. How 3-D Copiers Can Be Utilized Efficiently
  20. Can Individuals Be Assisted To Extend Their Life Expectancy Through Technology? Does An Equilibrium Between Number And Value Of Life Exist?

Easy Argumentative Essay Themes on Athletics

  1. Can Teenagers Be Kept Out Of Creating Chaos By Participating In Sports?
  2. Can Cheating In Sports Be Controlled?
  3. Give An Account Of The Most Risky Sport To Participate In.
  4. Competition Ascertains Our Competence.
  5. Cheerleading: Does It Fit In Sports?
  6. Which Type Of Sport Is A Preserve For The Wealthy?
  7. Do Legal Substitutes For Steroids Exist?
  8. Swimming Is The Only Sport That Engages All Muscles.
  9. Are Kids Transforming In A Positive Way When They Engage In Games?
  10. Is Michael Jordan Still A Superstar?
  11. Sports Should Be Mandatory In Schools.
  12. Boxing: Is It A Dehumanizing Sport?

Classical, Simple Argumentative Essay Areas

  1. The Practice Of Using Animals For Harsh Trials And Study Reasons Ought To Be Prohibited.
  2. Are Electric Cars An Answer To Universal Contamination?
  3. The Concept Of Globalization: Advantage And Drawbacks.
  4. Tsunami: The Destructive Wave.
  5. The Stunning Amazon Jungle.
  6. Which Type(s) Of Species Should Be Encompassed In The Red Book (Liber Novus)?
  7. How Scholars Can Contribute To The Collective Movement For The Safety Of Nature.
  8. The Risks Faced By America Regarding The Changing Climatic Conditions.
  9. Was Roosevelt Correct When It Involves Building The Panama Canal?
  10. Are You Pro King-Kong Or Pro Forces Who Interrupt His World By Using Ferocious Ways To Analyze It?

Awesome Argumentative Essay Subjects for College

  1. Should There Be A Worldwide Ban On Energy Drinks?
  2. Alcoholic Beverages Shouldn’t Be Sold Past 11 P.M.
  3. The Use Of Liquor Ought To Be Regulated.
  4. Court Proceedings Ought To Be Shown On Television.
  5. Should Smoking In Open Areas Be Forbidden?
  6. Should The Manufacture And Sale Of Tobacco Be Prohibited?
  7. Should All Countries In The World Start Issuing The Death Sentence?
  8. Industrialization Was All Over Europe In The 19th Era.
  9. Which Is The Most Appropriate Age For One To Vote? Should The Age Limit Be Amended?
  10. Is There Such A Thing As Fair Justice?
  11. The Exact Age When People Can Begin Taking Alcohol And Smoking.
  12. Reasons That Render Left-Handed Guitarists More Talented.
  13. Do Test Scores Accurately Measure The Competency Of An Individual?
  14. Did Shakespeare Really Exist?
  15. Alterations Which Can Be Made On The Existing Taxation System?


Select one of the subjects amongst those given to compose a catchy argumentative paper. Remember, knowing techniques of composing a worthy argumentative thesis will enhance your argumentative intelligence. Critical thinking and having the ability to advocate your standpoint convincingly are crucial skills to possess.