At Least 50 Synthesis Essay Topics to Nurture Your Writing Skills

Are you wondering where you can get some simple synthesis essay topics? Well, after extensive research, our team of writers has gathered some of the easiest, thoroughly engaging themes to take your paper to the next level. Do you know what a synthesis paper is? Well, this something you’ll have to ask yourself before you start writing the essay. The term synthesis means gathering data from different sources and making fresh content out of them. It’s one of those academic projects which lecturers give to their students to test their skills as well as knowledge on a given subject. Now, there are a multitude of sources in existence today, and while you’re free to pick from any, we recommend that you stick to the most credible and relevant primary or secondary resources. Remember that the main objective of your essay is to grab your reader’s attention irrespective of what the field or topic of research is. That being said, here are more than 50 Synthesis essay topics, designed to inspire your writing.

Amazing Synthesis Essay Examples for Beginners

We understand that a good number of students are new to college writing. There’s no reason for you to worry if you’re one of them as we have collected some easy topics for your synthesis paper. They include:
  1. The Effects Of The Second World War On The Eastern Parts Of Europe
  2. How Have Social Media Websites Influenced The Lives Of College Students?
  3. The Impact Of Texting On The Grammar Of High School Students
  4. The Outcomes Of The Patriarchy Universal System
  5. A Complete Insight Into The Exciting World Of E-Commerce
  6. Tracking The Growth And Effects Of Introducing Sex Education In Schools On Teens
  7. The Transformation Of The Standards Of Beauty Around The Globe
  8. The Effects American Culture Has On European Music
  9. Understanding The Close Relationship Between Agriculture And Deforestation
  10. The Expansionism Policy On Certain Countries In Asia

Justice and Law Synthesis Paper Topics

Topics touching on legal matters require a great deal of research as you try to gather accurate resources to support your ideas. Therefore, they are some of the most difficult subjects for students. Here are some simple ideas for you to use:
  1. Impact Of Government Tax Regulations On The Judiciary
  2. Most Socially Corporate Responsible Countries In The World Today
  3. Effects Of The Various Anti-Trust Provisions And Policies
  4. Impact Of Increased Government Trade Policies On Corporations
  5. Difference In The Islamic Business Law Policies
  6. Effective Methods On How Our Local Authorities Can Decrease Crime
  7. Simple Techniques Of Dealing With All Juvenile Delinquents
  8. Describe The Term ‘Heaven Justice.’
  9. What Can We Learn From ‘Crime And Punishment’ By Dostoyevsky
  10. What Do You Think Can Be Done To Change The Mind Of Religious Fanatics?

Political and Cultural Synthesis Essay Ideas

Here is an area with probably some of the ‘hottest’ trending topics and many of which would make your essay captivating and unique. Sadly though, gathering the right resources for them will require you to read tons of newspaper journals and watch news bulletins. But you don’t have to go through a tough time doing so with these ideas for your synthesis paper:
  1. What Should The Government Do To Improve Judicial Independence In The Country?
  2. How Has The United States Solved The Problem Of Immigration?
  3. Effects Of The United States’ Culture Of Politics On The Electorate
  4. How Can We Create A More Efficient And Transparent Electoral Process?
  5. Reasons Why Politics Is The Main Cause Of Increased Cases Of Terrorism In The World
  6. Causes And Effects Of Political Instability In Certain West African Countries
  7. Tactics That You Did Not Know Were Being Used By Terrorists
  8. Explain The Major Successes Of The United Nations In Maintaining Piece In The World
  9. Reasons Which Show That Chinese Ties With African Countries Are More Political Than Economically Oriented
  10. Why Did Republics Take Over From Monarchies?

Captivating Synthesis Paper Themes on Business

Any synthesis paper on business and management is sure to demand a great deal of research from you. The good thing is that this is an area which is filled with incredible themes for your synthesis paper. You could start with the following ideas:
  1. How To Create A Well-Organized Business Plan
  2. Methods Which Companies Are Using To Improve Their Social As Well Civil Responsibilities
  3. How Did American Corporations Recover From The Economic Effects Of 9/11
  4. What is the Role of Large Business Firms In The Development Of A Country?
  5. Strategies For Managing Conflict In Our Business Environments
  6. Things Which The United States Government Could Have Done To Prevent The State From Sinking Into The Economic Depression
  7. Which Are Some Of The Wealthiest Tech Companies In The World And How Are They Shaping The World Of Business?
  8. Simple Things That You Should Do To Become One Of The Highest Earning C.E.Os In The World
  9. Reasons Why You Need To Get A Life Assurance Policy
  10. Why Is Advertising Important For Any Marketing Business?

Gender Studies Topics for Your Synthesis Essay

Finding exciting synthesis paper topics is quite easy. After all, it’s one of the easiest fields of research. It also has a rich variety of themes, and it’s up to you to pick out the one which suits you best. Here are some impressive ideas:
  1. How Has Society Changed Its View On Women After The ‘Women Liberation Movement?’
  2. The Role Of The Chinese Women In Promoting Their Culture
  3. Understanding The Allure Of Korean Women
  4. Interesting Reasons Why The Salem Witch Hunts Were Actually Called For
  5. How Has The Feminist Movement Changed The Male Ego?
  6. Which Role Do The Taliban Women Play In The War Effort?
  7. Reasons Why We Need To Stop All Practices Of Female Genital Mutilation
  8. Does Increase In Crime Show That The Society Has Forgotten About The Vulnerable Boy-Child?
  9. Are Women Fairly Represented In All Political Avenues, Groups, And Platforms?
  10. Key Factors Which Show Why Women Are The Most Affected By Cases Of Terror And Crime!

Informative Synthesis Essay Topics in Sports

There are quite a number of things happening in the world of sports. While we can’t argue that some of them have positively shaped the industry, others have caused a lot of worry and concern. A good synthesis paper should educate the readers on the good and evils of the sporting industry. Below are some intriguing topics that will guide you:
  1. How Is Drug And Substance Abuse Destroying The Lives Of Professional Athletes
  2. Following The Matches Leading To The Superbowl Final, Should The NFL Change Certain Rules To Make The Game Fair For All?
  3. Reasons Why Pele Is Regarded As The Most Phenomenal Athlete Of The Century
  4. What Should The Government Do To Protect Its Athletes From Malicious International Agents?
  5. The Effects Of Too Much Exercise With No Rest In Both Male And Female Athletes
  6. The Results Of Taking Steroids To Increase Your Body’s Mass
  7. How Can Teachers And Parents Make Sports Safer And Educative For Kids?
  8. Key Things Which Show The Evolution Of European Football
  9. How Has The Rivalry Between Messi And Ronaldo Revolutionized The World Of Football?
  10. Reasons Why Most Sporting Personalities Are Being Caught In Cases Of Tax Evasion

Some Ideas for Your Synthesis Paper on Theatre and Music

This is maybe the most exciting and suitable areas of research. It’s also a fantastic place for getting catchy synthesis topics as it allows you to connect with both the current and past events and occurrences. Here are just some of the things that you’re free to talk about:
  1. Key Reasons Which Show That Music Has Made The World A Better Place
  2. Classical Music And Why It’s Considered The Best For Relaxation
  3. Explain The History And Growth Of The Hip Hop Culture In The United States
  4. Factors Which Show That The Music Of The Last Century Has Changed From That Of Today
  5. How Did The Beetles Transform The World Of Music
  6. Is Music All About Dance Or Have We Forgotten The Lyrical Aspect When Producing Songs
  7. Effects Of Children Listening To Violent Music
  8. The Consequences Of Listening To Loud Music
  9. What Should Local Musical Producers Do To Improve The Growth Of Local Talent In The Country?
  10. Tracing The Growth And Popularity Of Rap Music

Tips for Writing an Amazing Synthesis Essay

Like we’ve previously highlighted, synthesis papers are normally written meticulously. For further assistance, use these extra guidelines to take your essay to the next level.
  • Clarity is Important! Your synthesis paper should not be as clear to read as possible. Readers hate it when they read an essay that seems to waft ideas around in no particular manner. So, ensure that all the elements in your paper correlate. It’s only once you do can your audience take your paper seriously.
  • How Do You Come Up With a Synthesis Thesis Statement? This is one of the most definitive sentences in your essay as it tells the readers what the paper is all about. You can write it in different forms, from a question provoking your reader’s feelings or a catchy sentence convincing them to continue reading the document. The key thing here is to be creative!
  • Learn How to Draw Different Parallels A powerful synthesis paper should have strong and original parallels. Why? Well, the most important thing is that it creates a conclusion which is catchy enough to spark additional interest from your readers.
  • Remember to Edit and Proofread Your Paper Almost all essays require extensive proofreading before they are finally submitted. However, it’s not just checking your paper for errors in grammar – go through your content to remove any ambiguity and conflict within it. Your paper should first impress you before it goes into the hands of readers.


While a synthesis essay is meant to test the skills as well as knowledge of the writer, it’s also a method of educating the public on critical things happening in and around them. So, feel free to try out any of our synthesis essay topics above and remember that even though they’re not the easiest of tasks, they are still papers which you’ll enjoy tackling. All the best!