Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

This paper’s primary aim is to provide a reader elucidations concerning one viewpoint of a contention. This essay is akin to a persuasive paper; nonetheless, unlike persuasive papers, argumentative ones ought not to define a writer’s personal beliefs.

This paper tends to necessitate extra investigation plus lucidity than the persuasive essay; however, learners from middle school will relish the chance to debate persuasively to the audience.

Moreover, as they carry out their investigation, collect proof, plus formulate their contentions, they’ll be learning several crucial composing plus crucial thinking abilities.

Outstanding Argumentative Subjects

There’re many subject matters which a learner can approach with this undertaking. You're supposed to pick a subject matter which you find fascinating.

After choosing it, you have to answer the question plus validate your answer.

The topics below can assist you to comprehend what constitutes a good argument plus how to examine the "evidence.”

As you look at the various topics, you’ll get to view how various sources can be biased, plus the manner in which one can interpret these sources to back an aspect of a contention.

Below is a list of argumentative subjects that middle schoolers may choose to write their argumentative papers:

  1.  Must Uniforms Be Made Compulsory In Educational Institutions?
  2.  Teenagers Plus Pre-Teens Should Not Be Permitted In Malls In The Absence Of An Adult
  3.  Schooling In Summer: Is It Ideal For Kids?
  4.  Learners Ought To Be Provided With Less Assignments
  5.  Bullies: Should Extra Conclusive Punitive Measures Be Given To Them?
  6.  Do You Support The Notion That Sports Ought To Be An Obligatory Subject?
  7.  What Will You Change About Lunch Choice At Your School?
  8.  Selling Of Fast Foods In Schools: Should This Continue?
  9.  Do Kids Spend A Lot Of Time Watching TV?
  10.  Wearing A Seatbelt While Journeying Ought To Be Made Obligatory
  11.  Students Active In Sports: Should The Subject Of Sports Still Be Mandatory For Them?
  12.  Should Children Watch What They Eat To Shun Forthcoming Well-Being Complications?
  13.  It Would Be Ideal If Your Educational Institution Launched A Newsprint?
  14.  Kids Shouldn’t Be Given More Pocket Money?
  15.  Kids Ought To Do House Chores?
  16.  To Improve Provision Of Education, Should Kids Attend School The Whole Year Plus Be Granted Extra Vacations?
  17.  What Makes A Television Commercial A Hit?
  18.  Can Video Gaming Be Classified As A Sport?
  19.  Does Television Require More Actors And Actresses?
  20.  What Are The Five Best Movies Of The Year?
  21.  Is Football Too Violent To Be Considered Part Of School Athletics?
  22.  Which Children’s Book Characters Could Constitute The Next Television Hit?
  23.  People Should Think About Their Sleep More To Control Health Issues
  24.  Must Learners Possess A Grander Opinion On What They’re Taught?
  25.  Should Minority Groups Be Treated In A Special Manner?
  26.  Who Between Young Women And Men Face Extra Pressure From Society?
  27.  Nature Or Nurture: Which One Plays A Crucial Function In The Persons We Become?
  28.  What Is The Biggest Challenged Faced By Students Today?
  29.  To Preserve Energy, What’s The One Thing That All Homes Ought To Do?
  30.  Is Learning Arts Equally Significant Like Other Subjects?
  31.  Reality TV: Does It Exactly Portray Actual Life?
  32.  Do Aggressive Video Games Cause Individuals To Be Aggressive In Reality?
  33.  Does A Normal American Eat Healthy?
  34.  Do Educational Institutions Put Adequate Measures In Place To Stop Hounding?
  35.  Pop Culture: Does It Have Any Value?
  36.  Is Climate Change An Actual Phenomenon?
  37.  Is It A Must For Learners To Study Another Lingo In An Educational Institution?
  38.  Pledge Of Allegiance: Should It Be Narrated In School?
  39.  Is Common Core Ideal For Learners?
  40.  What’s The Ideal Age To Get A Mobile Phone?


The above are great subjects to select from to compose a fascinating argumentative essay which can earn you an excellent grade. The crucial components of excellent papers are the arguments. Carry out adequate investigation to come up with decent arguments.

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