Book Review

Students in colleges especially those in the United States are expected to compose book reviews. This is a very common assignment which gives the explanation about a publication, its evaluation, and evaluative judgment. Students may analyze a biography, the autobiography, news, a company, school publication, fiction/non-fiction materials and many other types of publications under any discipline. The main goal of every book review is to present the current productions to individuals who are interested. The review will also enable the interested individuals to decide whether the latest publications can be useful to them or not.

Book reviews are important because the success of writing is many at times determined by appealing feedback in journals, magazines, and newspapers. Readers often purchase books that have good reviews.

Creating a great book review needs an excellent understanding of the writing rules. Most learners in the United States find it difficult to compose book reviews but if they understand ways writing of them properly, they will find them fun to compose.

The book review types

There are several kinds of book reviews. Normally, whenever a person thinks about a review, the first thing which comes to the mind is the idea reviews seen in publications. For instance, there are so many of them in US magazines. Those reviews present the opinions of writers about books. Normally, they have a plot synopsis and they give the readers some details about the writing format of the writer and his/her specialization.

Educational reviews are another kind of writing. They are produced by experts in the field which is getting analyzed. The writers of such reviews go deeper and explain what the material talks about and its methodology. Such reviews are mostly seen in educational publications. Actually, they can also be found as book sections.

The 3rd kind of reviews is those found in magazines. These reviews give the audience a summary of what is contained in a book. Many at times they are printed close to the publication date of the composition or at the outside of the hard copy of the publication.

Getting information about ways of writing the book reviews

If you are not sure about how to go about creating a book review, there are many resources online that can help you out. It is highly recommended to check several university sites which show guidelines and examples of the best book reviews. Some universities even share tips which students can use when composing a book review. It is possible to even get templates of reviews and the criteria which may be applied to the format. Getting enough information about how book reviews are written will make your writing simpler and fun.

And if you are a reader who is looking for a book to read, consider checking the NY Times magazine site. This is where you will get plenty of book reviews, be it about history, fantasy or even the top ones in the US. The NY Times also offers recommended reviews alongside book review podcast. Besides that, there exist several articles on kids’ books. So, besides reading news on that website, you can also pick books by taste and use several reviews as examples.

And besides the site, there exist a webpage that deals with reviews only. Also at the book review website, there are feedbacks of nearly all books. As if that is not enough, there is a problem catalog that starts from 1960 and there is an analysis merchandise segment whereby anyone who loves books can get nice things such as toys and several accessories. So, the NY books review site is a wonderful place to get good information. Besides the news site described above, the popularly known services include the New Yorker, Esquire, the Guardian, and several others. They all offer recent news which includes news about new books and their evaluations. Proposals from the US and global commentators are also contained here.

The organization of the book review

Like every other assignment, all book reviews begin with an introduction. After that section, the section that follows is one where the students write an overview of the contents of the material. The last part is the assessment and the ending.

  • The 1st section comprises of the bibliographical details like the writer’s name, the topic of the book, the date it was published and so forth. In this section, students are supposed to include an overview of the subject, the aim of their writing and their assessment.
  • At the 2nd section, students are required to present a synopsis of the main event of every chapter or various sections. It is also recommended to include quotes.
  • At the last section of creating a review, students are supposed to express their views about the material. If you found the content to be nice or bad, write exactly that. You are however required to be imaginative. Utilize your great writing capability to make the last section of your review very effective. Excellent reviews are expected to be powerful.
When analyzing a book, readers must use a worksheet to write queries and points. Create a checklist which can enable you center on the crucial aspects and adhere to the plan:
  1. Describing a book: Mention whether it is a brochure, story book, manual, textbook or a kids’ fantasy story book.
  2. The objective of the writer: Is the author explaining a certain occurrence or is he/she raising a serious issue. You can answer this question correctly only after reading the beginning, the preface and even the points of a writer. Those are the places where most writers talk about the aim of their writing.
  3. The author’s major ideas: How does he/she prove his or her opinions and beliefs? Is the author convincing?
  4. Mention if you like the words and the format that the author used.
  5. Who is the author targeting? It can be kids, university learners or individuals working in a certain sector. Such details may be gotten at the preface. This is where authors reveal what a reader should expect from their book.
Those are the main strategies that students require to produce the best book review. A student who is very insightful is likely to get high marks in the book review assignment. Students are required to cover a lot of relevant information as much as they can. You should try and answer questions such as:
  • Is the book a nice graphic for children?
  • Will the readers love the book?
  • Is the book worth the price readers will pay for it?
  • Is the book available in hard copy or as an eBook?
If you are composing a fiction book review, consider the following:
  • What is contained in it
  • The book’s characters.
  • Things that the characters did.
  • Which character you liked most and why you like him/her.
  • Adventures.
  • What you liked about the book.
  • Whether you can recommend the book to others.
All that has been mentioned in this article is so crucial when composing reviews for books. Whenever you encounter a challenge, ensure to find some help from your tutor. Also, there exist a variety of samples online which students may use to produce the most outstanding reviews. It is recommended to also go through professional works to see what is done to make the book review effective. If up to this point you still feel that you are not able to handle a book review assignment effectively, all hope is not lost. There are several writing companies that can help you. These companies have experienced writers who can tackle all types of essays in any discipline. So, you still have a chance to produce the best book review that will earn you high marks.