Review of 123HelpMe.Com is among the list of academic writing services websites that have recently cropped up. They don’t offer writing services per se but provide research, paper samples, and an online grader/proofreader.

Today, students don’t have to worry about accessing learning materials, since they are not as limited as before. They can go online and search for whatever content they desire. As a result, several online platforms are available to attend to student’s needs, whether it’s help to complete an assignment, online libraries, tutors and other learning resources. All of these services can be accessed online. There’s no denying that it’s had quite a significant positive impact on learning and student performance. Regardless, it’s not without its shortcomings. Not all platforms are legit, and students have to be keen when identifying which sites to access. Online reviews on such sites are a great resource to students. They can quickly determine which platforms align with their needs and that is legit. Here’s everything you need to know about It’s a review of the quality of their services, pricing and customer support among others.

About The Website is a company that collects and provides paper samples to students for academic purposes. They offer two primary services:

  • A database with over 400,000 examples of academic papers
  • Online grader/proofreader that helps students rate their own articles, almost similar to Grammarly. Check for grammar errors and offers recommendations.

According to the site, all the academic paper examples available are thanks to the donations of students. On their web page, there is a “Donate a paper” option at the end. On clicking the button students are presented a form where they get to paste their donated papers. It puts into question the quality of the available sample papers, although the format that is MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago and so on can be seen aspects such as spaces, separate pages, margins, etc. will not be visible. That’s because the copy-paste option doesn’t allow for such features to be seen.

Some favorite paper topics available include essays on:
  • Abortion
  • ADHD
  • American History
  • Argumentative
  • Classification
  • Death Penalty
  • Description
  • Ethics
  • Frankenstein
  • Gay Marriage
  • Global Warming
  • Gun Control
  • Marijuana
  • Hamlet
  • Health care
  • Humanities
  • Informative Essay
  • Nursing
  • Personal Narrative Essay
  • Persuasive Essay
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Social issues
  • Sociology
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Terrorism

How to Order for Services

The process for ordering for their services is pretty easy. Although they claim to have free essays, it’s almost never accessible. The only way to access an essay sample is to upgrade to one of their payments plans — see Pricing and Discounts section. Once you have a plan the next step is to locate the paper you want. There are two options:
  • Looking to have your paper graded, then click the “Get Started” button.
  • If you’re looking for a sample paper, then type your subject on the “search our database” field
Note that the sample papers are sorted using a color scheme representing free to the best quality papers available on the platform. Also, the site doesn’t produce 100% original papers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

The benefits of using include:
  • The sample papers are quite affordable as they charge almost nothing — the plans are price friendly
  • Students have access to a large pool of paper samples
  • It offers an online grader/proofreader for grammar check and gives recommendations
The disadvantages:
  • Although they claim to have free papers, the majority are prepaid
  • There’s no quality guarantee
  • It’s difficult to access customer support — there’s no contact available to use
  • Canceling your subscription and getting your refund is almost impossible

Service Delivery

Considering that none of their papers are 100% original, their services are questionable. There have been some complaints raised regarding the quality of the documents. It makes it impossible to have concerns regarding service quality addressed because none of the papers is their original work. As a student, ensure that there are enough quality papers on your chosen topic, like ten or more samples before you make payment.

Pricing and Discounts

Students can access the online proofreader for free. They charge absolutely nothing. Other platforms provide custom writing services, and doesn’t do so or give unique or new services they do research and therefore don’t charge per page. It makes there services quite affordable. They have a number of payment plans that students can choose from, which include:-
  • $2 for two days
  • $39.95 for the monthly plan
  • $29.95/month for the three months plan
  • $14.95/month for the annual plan

They don’t give any discounts. Note that should you cancel your subscription getting a refund will be hard. When you’re paying for your subscription, you’ll be required to check the “Accept Terms and Conditions” box. Among the terms is not getting your money back.

Customer Support doesn’t have a good or reliable customer support system. Unlike most of the other legit websites that have contacts on their page and chatting option, doesn’t. Your complaints will take forever to be resolved. Well, they have an email which takes days to respond to a simple query. There’s also a small contact window which isn’t useful. The site doesn’t have a customer support team.

Customer Reviews and Website Reputation

Complaining to the customer support regarding the paper quality or usability is futile since they didn’t write the papers themselves. Without researching other websites, it’s impossible to read consumer reviews. They aren’t available on their site. However, there are websites with consumer complaints regarding and which they haven’t made an effort to respond to like other legit platforms. The allegations are quite interesting and numerous, you can check them out online. Their online reputation is not as good as one would expect though some clients have enjoyed their services and gave them a thumbs up. However, it’s not enough as the legitimacy of the website has been into question time and time again by many. The long list of disgruntled customers doesn’t help either.


It’s safe to conclude that isn’t as they claim to be. The paper quality is questionable, and one can’t raise any complains since they are not originally theirs. Their customer support system is slow as they take days to address consumer queries and complains. The only pro is that they have an extensive database of paper samples that are quite affordable.