Unique Fiction and Non-Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

These fiction and non-fiction creative writing prompts will help writers expand their imagination. Here is a guide that will help them come up with fantastic plots that will keep their audience entertained and satisfied. Creative writing is a skill that takes time to master, and will, therefore, require regular practice. It is the only way we can become better authors. There are so many ways of getting the job done when it comes to creative writing. Imagine starting a fire, there are several ways to do; regardless the most efficient way will be to start it using a lighter or matchbox. Like the matchbox or lighter, you will employ the use of creative prompts to create the perfect composition. Why do we need such prompts? Finding something to write on can prove to be nerve-wracking, to say the least stressful. Concepts or suggestions that authors can explore to devise the perfect plot for their composition are what we call creative writing prompts. They are the fire that will spark your imagination to write amazing papers. Although for some writers it requires an immense amount of brainstorming to settle on a prompt, accomplished writers do not struggle with coming up with a prompt. It is essential to recognize one aspect; these prompts are simply a guide. They help you by expanding your thinking and creativity. The prompts improve the limits of your creativity and inspire new concepts. Note, however, that the outcome or composition will rely on your writing skills. What sort of article are you attempting to create? Is it a poem, short story, novel or book? Whichever it is the suggested creative writing topics will be useful. You can explore them, as they are an excellent source of inspiration, and will expand your imagination. Here are several creative writing prompts, divided into fictional and non-fictional literary classes. The topics covered by the prompts focus on the various issues that societies face. They range from personal to social, political and economic issues. Included under each category are tips that can assist with developing the plot for prompts under the different topics.

Creative Prompts for Writing Non-Fiction

The only way the composition can be valuable to an author is if the plot is good and worth following. Remember that these ideas are intended to act like a mind map. Therefore, it is crucial for the writer to identify which suggestions are essential to them and worth pursuing. To identify non-fiction writing clues that capture your attention, consider those that inspire you to think or even pause while you read them.

Personal Connections and Intimacy

Social relationships and intimacy are complicated aspects intricate to the survival of the human being. The challenge, however, is that every individual has a unique relationship, love and intimacy experience. Our needs are varied; therefore, what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Every relationship is unique with its own dynamics. When writing about issues pertaining to such issues the idea is to try to be open-minded to reach a bigger audience. Suggestions for writing these indications:
  1. Not having a general mentality. We do not love or we want to be loved in the same way.
  2. Be personal and use real-life experiences.
  3. Your advice should be open
Suggestions for creative writing on the subject include:
  • Distance relationship: talking about a couple making long distance work or who have split up or how to make it work.
  • Unreciprocated love: How do you handle rejection? Provide suggestions through a poem or book of how to cope with not being loved back in return.
  • Star crossed lovers, a story from a real life experience.
  • Love: what is your perception of the subject?
  • Sex: what is its value or role in a relationship? Getting to enjoy sex at every stage of life? Be open-minded, how to find out what gives you pleasure in bed.
  • Relationships: Your definition of a flourishing relationship, the recipe to succeeding, The role that friendships play in our relationships.
  • Doubt yourself: Your journey to finding love, how has it influenced you?
  • Love: we love differently, we want to be loved in a specific way

Wellness and Health Topics

Matters health and general body well-being are another area receiving lots of attention in recent years. It is because many people have become aware of how our lifestyle affects our health. Tips for writing such kinds of prompts include: –
  1. Health problems are sensitive, therefore, conduct a thorough investigation and use the data in your writing
  2. Use the knowledge provided by professionals in the field
  3. Focus on what works for you and the reasons behind the success
  4. Cite the action steps your readers can learn
Suggestions prompts on the subject include:
  • Discuss the issues and aspects that provide you with the inspiration and motivation to exercise
  • Feeling better or uplifting your moods or emotions after being wronged
  • An ode to a fruit.
  • Struggling with addiction, the journey to overcoming
  • Beating unhealthy habits.
  • Developing good healthy habits, an apple a day.
  • Being healthy on the inside, what does it entail?
  • Your journey to be healthy
  • Role and value of mental health in today’s society
  • Understanding personal care and its implications to you
  • Personal reflection on matters health and welfare
  • Find the ideal exercise routines to meet our needs
  • Talk about your addictions. What are the things that you simply cannot do without?
  • Your favorite foods and their impact on health.
  • Routine exercises.

Family and Childhood Prompts

We can all relate to issues of family and childhood because there are aspects that we have all encountered in society. It is a sensitive area and as such slightly challenging writing on the subject plus it’s broad. When writing articles on childhood and family the following tips will be invaluable:
  1. Families are different make sure that it comes out in your writing
  2. Avoid generalizations; values differ from one family to the next
  3. Topics relating to children and family are delicate so be careful
  4. Tell relatable stories especially at the start to draw readers
There are several prompts to consider which will include:
  • Parents – the values they have instilled in you on the topic of love, friendship, morality and life in general, The lessons you were never taught, its impact on your life, Not having parents and its impacted on your or someone else’s life
  • Family – The value family hold, Understanding the family concept, Finding one in the most unexpected of places, A family heirloom
  • Parenthood – The challenges, How it has transformed your life,
  • Childhood – Describe your childhood, your childhood and the person you’re today, Games you played as a child, Friends, School
  • Identity – Understanding who you are through family
  • Family visit or memorable meeting.

Confidence and Self-Esteem Prompts

It’s very normal that at one stage in our lives we get to struggle with anxiety, and self-doubt in our lives. It doesn’t matter what class you are in, whether you are rich or poor, young or old the objective we all work towards is how to overcome that phase. Topics the majority of us can read include lacking and how to regain self-confidence, improving our self-esteem and so on. Prompts on the topic are a guide to help authors establish which areas they can tackle and at the same time benefit the audience.
  1. Be frank, and maybe a bit raw with filters when narrating your experiences.
  2. Your solutions ought to be open-minded; the article isn’t about you per se but the audience. That implies offering solutions even the ones that didn’t work for you.
  3. Talk to an expert, a professional’s insight will provide legitimacy to your work
Writing prompts include:
  • Societal expectations – How they affect our lives especially when they conflict with our beliefs
  • Having a positive look towards life
  • Trust yourself, what does it take? What does it mean?
  • Conquering your demons
  • Learning to live in balance with your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Daily habits how they impact our confidence
  • How exercises and better health practices change the way we view ourselves
  • Our physical appearance and confidence

Morals and Values Prompts

We can all relate to the issues of morals and values. In fact books on the subject are among the top selling in the world today. That’s because compositions about personal convictions, morals and values origins and their influence on our lives is one that many people can relate to. The question of morality, on the other hand, is at the center of concern in many societies, the media also question this problem. Tips for writing such prompts:
  1. Do not try forcing your ideologies on your readers
  2. Try being honest
  3. Research is critical. You will need supporting evidence to back your sentiments
  4. Use accounts of your real-life experiences
  5. Don’t use a know-it-all” approach or voice
Here is a list of some non-fictional creative writing prompts that you can explore and consider writing further on the suggestion:-
  • You were wrong for so long, maybe even for years only to discover the truth later on
  • What is morality? How can one find out the things that truly matter to them?
  • What do you value the most in your existence?
  • The turning point in your life – When things changed for the worst or better
  • The time you had your morals compromised and the impact it had on your life
  • The time the views you held were put to a challenge and how you handled the situation
  • Societal views that are negatively impacting our lives
  • Problems facing the world and the impact they have on our daily lives
  • Morals that we hold that actually have inadvertently adverse effects
  • Values and morals – what are the similarities and differences
  • Challenges facing the world that no one is trying to solve or even paying attention to

Personal Journey

We all have a personal journey; the only difference is the experience we have. Every experience we have had has a lesson to teach us. When writing prompts on your own journeys have the following in mind:
  1. Have a thorough understanding of your journey before you can write about it. If possible, you can seek the guidance of a psychologist to help you interpret some of your experiences
  2. Be frank and open-minded, no need to censor yourself
  3. Include accounts of your real life experiences to drive the point home
The prompt suggestions below will go a long way in helping you come up with fantastic plots. At the same time help you get a better sense of yourself and better understand others. They include:
  • A life-changing moment that transformed your view of the world
  • What does life mean to you?
  • Life struggles can be yours or people in general
  • A journey to discovering who you are and the lessons learned
  • Life lessons invaluable to all people
  • Getting to where you are in life and where you intend to go next
  • Life tragedies and how they affect us
  • Personal struggles and how you eventually overcame them
  • Your pet(s) and the relationship you have. The value you have placed on them
  • Life accomplishments – It could be at a young or old age, describe how you succeeded
  • Personality – The different personalities, your personality

Faith Non-fictional Writing Prompts

Topics on faith are rather personal. The belief a journey is one we take at an individual level. It is a journey that others will be interested in reading regardless of whether it’s been lifelong or it’s something recent. When writing on such topics, consider the following aspects:
  1. When letting your beliefs known, be specific and frank about them
  2. Shaming others won’t make your point any more valid
  3. Use personal experiences that your audience can relate too
Creative writing topics on faith that you can write on include:
  • Faith – Where do you stand? Or how did you discover it? Or what does it mean to have faith?
  • How has having faith transformed your life?
  • Describe your experience of how having faith taught you to love yourself
  • Your journey of faith
  • Talk to the non-believer
  • The role of religion in shaping family or friendships
  • Reexamination of your faith, including how you overcome any doubts you had
  • Placing your faith in the wrong person or thing and the impact it had on your life
  • How faith directs every aspect of our lives
  • The realities of being strong willed
  • Being in an unfaithful relationship, the effect it had on your life
  • My belief, things, values or people I believe in


Happiness is relative or entirely subjective. The notion of what one considers to be true happiness varies from person to person. Regardless, we all have the goal and desire to be and stay in the happy state. Therefore, such compositions on this subject tend to attract a large audience. To create the best articles on the topic, the tips provided can help with expanding the selected prompt.
  1. Identify your unhappy times to make your point
  2. Happiness is relative
  3. Help others find happiness. Therefore, your writing must focus on them
Prompts on happiness can include:
  • Being open-minded in life, what are its rewards or advantages
  • Career contentment – Is there joy in your chosen profession, Conquering or realizing success in your profession
  • Distinguish between life needs and wants
  • Realizing and enjoying success in every part of your life
  • Building a happy life – Every piece counts whether it is family, love, spiritually or professionally
  • Having a balanced life
  • The value of being a kind person
  • Good Vibes – The things that make you happy or smile
  • Silver lining – Talk about the positive that came out of the bad
  • Company – The joys of being in the company of people you love and adore

Creative Prompts for Fictional Writing

Fictional writing relies on style, voice, the plot and characters for the article to captivate your readers. Such writing gives the freedom to authors to let their minds run wild with imagination. There is no limit to the topics one can explore under the genre. We have identified a list of fictional creative writing prompts, which are unique and would be perfect for you. Note that these are just a few of the ideas that one can explore and set their imagination writing in motion.

Fictional Writing Prompts – Fantasy

Fantasy writing gives authors the freedom to imagine and write on the impossible, to make up whatever stories they desire or conceive. The fun fact is that it can be on any genre which includes magic, never seen before creatures, or superhuman capabilities among others. There are no boundaries that will limit your imagination. There are endless possibilities, and therefore a favorite among writers. The goal is to stay on topic throughout the composition; writers get easily carried away. To create your best fantasy writing article consider using the tips below: To create the desired outcome, therefore;
  1. Make your story 100% original
  2. Avoid worldbuilding errors
  3. Develop lingo for your world. It should, however, develop from what’s currently trending, popular or match to the era. Also, go for unique names
  4. Be keen on the phrases you choose to use. Make them relevant to the fantasy world
  5. Be open-minded and diverse with your thoughts
  6. Be unpredictable with the plot (Don’t fall for the trap most fantasy writing get into, using a predictable formula)
  7. What’s the point in writing something that wouldn’t fascinate you? Create a composition that will blow your mind and that of your readers
  8. Planning and organization is critical to successful writing. have a writing plan and stick to it
Here is a list of fantasy creative writing prompt suggestions.
  • The cast is a changeling, with the ability and power to disguise themselves to whichever form they want. They mask themselves as attractive individuals, hiding their true identities. One day their power is all gone revealing their true self.
  • War breaks out between two civilizations that have been allied for centuries. The peaceful inhabitants of the water declare war on the land-dwelling people. Like the rest of the people, your character is vexed by this move. He gets involved in a battle he has never wanted to participate in.
  • In this world, magic is real and quite popular. Some people excel in it; others though not as perfect are okay with using it, while others oppose its use. They also have the ability to wield the magic but choose not to. Your character is against its use.
  • Your main cast discovers that he can manipulate time and there are people after his research and are willing to kill to put their hands on it.
  • Your character studies societies not previously discovered. In one mission deep in the jungle, they get spotted by the tribe which wasn’t supposed to happen. What follows is a series of unimaginable events that leave the character and his team of researchers in shock and bewilderment.
  • The character’s world is on the brink of extinction.
  • The war of the supernatural that even humans get involved in.
  • Write about gnomes, fairies, elves, or any mythical creatures of your choosing.
  • Write about mystical Creatures –angels, demons or any mystical creatures of your choosing

Mystery Prompts

Mystery writing is among the most loved genres. It is because of our curious nature. The need to know what happens eventually drives many to read such pieces. The idea is to satisfy our curiosity. However, coming up with captivating mystery plots from nothing is challenging. The captivating mystery prompts provided might come in handy. Before, the prompts there are aspects regarding mystery plots that you should know. Mystery compositions are a challenging genre, keeping readers hooked on will require some twists, and these tips will be of assistance:
  1. Always go forward – the plot should move forward
  2. Have a very likable antagonist
  3. Create some tension by mixing scenes, for example; you can have mellow sections juxtaposed with tense ones
  4. Use foreshadowing
Mystery prompt suggestions that will keep your audience on the edge:
  • At just 18 your character facing jail time for a murder they didn’t commit. It all started the night she finally gave in to her desires to be her with her forbidden love, a crush who had no idea of her true identity. That night was the last time he was seen alive, and the evidence being presented is that she is the murderer. She loved him even though they had never really talked and was going to do everything in her power to uncover the truth.
  • Things are starting to get eerie when several cars are abandoned across the city. No one has a clue to where they are coming from as no personal items, fingerprints or a single strand of DNA are recovered inside the vehicles. There were no clues as to what was happening until an old SUV is found containing a fresh surgically removed human scalp, around one to two hours old. It is a puzzle that has people freaking out, and only a matter of time before a state of emergency is declared. That’s precisely what they wanted to happen.
  • It started with a series of detailed drawings which are quite disturbing, to say the least. That was six months ago. Five months later your character starts to receive phone calls with no one talking on the other end. They get scared, but nothing compares to what happens next. The drawing comes alive in the most horrific and brutal ways. What are they going to do? They are the only one who knows about the pictures and what will happen next.
  • A couple of young adults decide to do DNA testing to trace their origins. Being in the scientific field, they become obsessed with the results of one of them after a disturbing detail emerges. It is a series of events that reveals a history that no one knew to be true.
  • Your character’s spouse disappears for days; the police get involved but no good news still. Two weeks later, they show up at the front door beaten half to death and requiring immediate medical attention. You are about to call for the ambulance when they stop you, no police or I die. While cleaning them, you discover a mark/branding on a section of their skin. You are determined to know who did this, what they want and why? It takes you on an unforgettable journey.
  • Not again, it is the 10th murder in the past month. And each time it’s a person from one of the noble families. Your character fears for their life, they can barely eat or sleep knowing they could be next. Your character decides to determine who is behind the killings and why. It takes them on a journey of mystery and intrigue.
  • The talisman in the character’s religion has been around since the religion began centuries back. It mysteriously goes missing, and all the blame is placed on the chief’s oldest daughter, she’s just 20 years old, engaged and soon to be married to the healer’s oldest child. You are aware she couldn’t have done it because they were with you when the theft took place. She was romantically involved with the main character.
  • Your character is struggling with sleep deprivation. For months, each morning they wake up it’s like they had no sleep at all. Medications, several trips to the doctor, sleep studies; everything sanely possible doesn’t seem to help. They decide to try something new, videotape themselves sleeping to determine if they could be sleepwalking. They are, but it isn’t what they were expecting. They are quite conscious; they look at the camera, even smirk before disappearing into the dead of the night with a wave only to return when it’s almost daybreak.
  • From the word go the detective had a bad feeling about the case in front of him. He could not shake the feeling that the recent death wasn’t going to be the last. 3 months later a string of deaths, for persons of different ages and genders leaving criminal profilers unsure of whom or what they were looking for. The evidence and clues in front of him revealed shocking details. It wasn’t what he was expecting.

Sci-Fi Prompts

Do you like advanced technologies, diseases or space travel? Therefore, the sci-fi genre could be your gig. Fictitious writing about advanced societies or technologies requires lots of brainstorming if you want to create beautiful stuff. Even with an excellent prompt, you can easily get carried away from the subject and bore the readers, or they may not even grasp the plot. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing science fiction.
  1. Make it clear in which world your story unfolds. It can be in our society or another one.
  2. Make the technology realistic and which your characters can actually use
  3. Develop your own slang, avoiding any modern words that might not be relatable in your make-believe world or future
Some of the creative sci-fi composition prompts which will assist writers think creatively, uniquely and differently include:
  • Your character wakes up without no memory of what happened. They live in a space capsule. The ship is huge, they kind that are capable of carrying whole worlds.
  • It’s a unique civilization; every individual’s DNA is designed to serve a specific purpose in society. Your character is not a fun of the role assigned to them. It’s a flaw, and the creators will do everything possible to stop the anomaly.
  • They have existed for centuries. They knew they were alone until an object from Earth crashed on their planet. They have to choose which ways to protect their survival.
  • Something happened to the world driving it to war and hunger. A research team has developed a system to control everything that leads to a peaceful and happy existence 10 years operating and your character is tasked with running it. Your character and a team of five other engineers working at the facility discover how the system works, and they consider deserting the whole program.
  • A virtual reality discovery experiences a glitch that causes massive destruction. The VR had a physical sense that allowed users to interact with characters over the phone while at their homes.
  • They have survived for over five centuries because of the secret entrusted to them. They let him live for that specific reason. However, reality becomes confusing for them when another soul learns their secret. With little time left to live, they must ensure the secret stays so. Sadly, it’s too late for that.
  • Your character is obsessed with time travel. After years of research, they finally make a discovery that nobody anticipated. The time travel machine works but not to the future or the past but an alternate universe. They will get trapped and getting back to their world will be a journey they never thought possible.
  • In ancient civilization, everything is calm and peaceful until the day an object from the skies touched down on earth. It was shiny, unnatural and nothing like they had ever seen. When the doors to the mysterious object opened creatures came out, and their lives changed forever.
  • We thought we were first on the moon. Your character was among them. They discover footsteps but nothing close to what they had ever seen. There is life, and the species is unknown.
  • Write about the journey of a rocket-ship through the universe to a galaxy far away.
  • How your character’s world was forced to near extinction by a disease that was both air and waterborne. If one got infected in the morning, they were dead by midday. How did your character survive and the journey to finding a cure?

Fictional Writing Prompts – Romance

Love is what holds our society together. We all desire to love someone and at the same time be loved back. Romance is among the most prevalent genres, and this has the case for quite some time now. Many individuals would like to follow a love story. That, however, isn’t a guarantee that any story will fly. Clichés are a no. You’ve have got to be original, realistic and captivating. People go for romance articles because they desire a feeling of something real. Here is a list of tips to facilitate smooth romance writing
  1. Have real chemistry between your main characters; give them qualities that can form a bond between them.
  2. Abuse is not love or romance in any way. Don’t give your character of abuse a win; it can negatively affect your audience.
  3. Love on first sight is a bit of a cliché though some will argue out that it’s possible. However, for whatever reasons don’t let your characters fall in love at first sight. Instead, let love grow by giving them time to connect.
  4. Avoid the usual love triangles, crazy exes, cliché plots, and phrases. Forbidden love is a grey area. Avoid it if you can, however, when done perfectly it makes the best scheme.
  5. Create twists to the plot immediately the reader begins to get cozy with the bond between your characters.
These writing prompts can easily adapt to construct some amazing plots to keep readers glued.
  • The persona beliefs love is a choice. They chose not to love because they believe it will bear misery and pain. Their perception of love is about to change for eternity because of a squabble with an unfamiliar person.
  • The persona has been with their spouse for a generous period. Their first meeting was way back in high school, and tying the knot in a few months’ time. An old friend walks back into their lives unannounced, and suddenly marriage is the last thing on their minds.
  • Your main character is an amazing lady. She’s every girl’s envy as she has it all except for one thing – love. They have sacrificed everything for their career only to be passed on for the most significant move of their career. They are left devastated and focused on exerting revenge on the person they feel responsible for their misfortune, only to end up falling for them.
  • The main characters are deep in love with one another when the unexpected happens; a war between their clans erupts. They will fight tooth and nail to see that calm is restored for them to have each other.
  • The main persona receives a package from an unknown source. Inside are several letters and poems addressed to an unfamiliar name. They will go through the love avowals with shared memories and end up being charmed by the author. They will embark on a journey to find the source of the package, its destination, and intention.
  • In an primeval civilization, arranged marriages were a thing. The persona didn’t know any other way. They start questioning the set system when they are drawn to each other than their selected for companion. To make it even more complicated, the companion is by now spoken for.
  • In a society where slavery is practiced, the main persona eventually gets sold off. At the auction, this is the third time and one of the most influential families in the valley buys her. For a while, things were normal until they fell in love. A forbidden love that could see her punished by death, him, on the other hand, is betrothed to the daughter of one of the top most dangerous families.
  • In this society, cheating is forbidden. In fact, anyone disloyal is put behind bars. The community believes in upholding honesty and loyalty in any relationship. Hence, after your character gets attracted to a new person, they are thrown into a dilemma. They either give in to their desires and hope that no one ever finds out or fight their feelings. Jail is their biggest worry at the moment.
  • The star-crossed – modern day Romeo and Juliet story that the current generation can relate to.
  • The unfaithful wife or husband

Fictional Writing Prompts – Dystopian

Dystopian creative writing is a category that receives a greater following as years go by. It has gained so much popularity in recent years. The question on everyone’s mind is how – world would look like after an apocalypse, and is probably why the fan base has tremendously increased. You can opt to follow this path. However, consider the following first to create amazing pieces successfully.
  • Don’t be predictable, the bounds of your imagination are wide
  • To create the present world use features from the past
  • Ensure that readers can get a vivid image of the persona’s daily activities from the start.
  • You have the freedom to make your own laws, customs and culture so be creative
  • Create a unique and unexpected dystopian setting
Today literal pieces, movies and television series included have started adopting dystopian themed stories making it a favorite genre. Handmaid’s Tale is a good example. The following dystopian creative prompts can easily to help writers construct exciting plots.
  • The main persona comes across a unique egg in the deepest part of the woods. They carry it away only for it to hatch at home in the night and the unpredictable happens.
  • Due to adverse climatic transformations, conventional farming is not a possibility anymore. The world resorts to manufacturing foods which are then supplied in bulk. Same foods get delivered on a daily basis, and no flavors. Your character who resides in this world and doesn’t know any other way goes hiking where they encounter the unexpected, plants with real fruits.
  • The war on the man-made harm done towards the planet takes a twist when nature extremists stage a coup against the government. Their goal is to eradicate all prejudice. Your character is an unfortunate stander-by who ends up doing the bidding of the extremists.
  • Your character resides in a world where raging infernos have consumed nearly all of the habitable areas on land. The fires are a result of climate change. When they travel to a colony that resides in the ocean, they are disappointed to discover it is just but a fairy tale.
  • About a decade ago, a strange disease wiped out most of the population in the wild. A group of scientists start researching on the virus that would boost the animals’ immune system, and they succeed. Wildlife population is stabilized, and the balance in nature is back. Sadly it doesn’t take long before trouble starts. The wildlife is overrunning the world, while the human population is put at risk.
  • Raging weather is witnessed across the globe with catastrophic natural phenomena. Tsunami’s, earthquakes, storms/flooding, droughts, and volcanic eruptions are seen in different spots across the world. Your character is among the few survivors, with no family left him, and a team of other survivors will go against the ruling class to protect themselves.
  • It was in the middle of the third world war when the war came to a sudden halt. A bomb, unlike no other, wiped out most of the planet include the living creatures and plants. And no the weapon wasn’t of earth origin. Your character and others are the few survivors. Just when they thought it was over, the people who sent the bomb arrive on earth taking control of every individual. Your character gets forced to fight for their freedom and the humanity.
  • They have been around your characters for almost two centuries now, disguised as humans. They were finally ready to proceed to the next phase of their plan. Release a virus that would wipe out over half of the human race. Your character and handful others survived because they were resistant to the virus.

Fictional Writing Prompts – Contemporary

Contemporary writing focuses on creating relations with readers. Such writing isn’t about escaping the world we live in but instead our lives. Such pieces are realistic, and readers can relate to them. It’s a bit complex writing contemporary articles since authors are given very little room with regards to imagination and creativity. The writing must be realistic and as per today’s standards. These tips can aid you to achieve commendable success in contemporary writing:
  1. Considering contemporary writing is determined by character, thereby placing its focus on character arc development.
  2. Take time selecting and imagining your characters. It’s critical that the author has a thorough understanding of the cast and what led to their actions. That should reveal itself in the work. You can study real people to have the kind of effect you desire.
  3. To relate smoothly with your audience, you can have a battle they can empathize or connect to.
  4. Details included in writing are critical in your descriptions. Try using words to illustrate a clear and specific image to the audience, such that they thoroughly immerse themselves in the read.
  5. Ensure all aspect in the writing are as realistic as possible. Your descriptions and dialogues should be sensible as well as be relatable. The character’s dialect should be clear in dialogues.
Suggestion – you can practice contemporary writing by studying people on the streets, at the park, or mall and coming up with a story. Contemporary writing creative writing prompts:
  • The main persona is the poster child, obedient and does everything as required. They have graduated to college and scored good points to join one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. Their goal is concentration on getting a degree in a steady course. However, the moment they come to college, they realize numerous opportunities exist and they opt to follow another career line. It is their third year pretending that they are in college. No one knew about the changes they had made until a letter was delivered to their home.
  • The main persona is among the few “white knights.” They are a collective of hackers who help the innocent. One morning there is a knock on the door, and an envelope awaits them. It’s an invitation to a secret meeting. Backing out isn’t an option now that their true identity is known. Together with the FBI, they are mobilizing to bring down the largest corruption scandal and syndicate of the century.
  • The main persona and some of their friends love to go hiking over the weekends. They choose to go on a path they’ve thought of using when they come across a mammoth of an abandoned structure in the woods. But it’s not the house that will take them back; it’s the tunnels. They make a discovery that will transform their perspective of life in manners unimaginable.
  • Your character was raised in a protective home. Every feature of their life was under their father’s watchful eyes. Now that he is gone they forced to confront a reality they have no clue how to deal with. The people around them are living in modernity; they are forced to make huge adjustments that will see their family gets torn from the inside.
  • The main persona is in school when suddenly called to the principal’s office. An individual they have under no circumstances met before was about to ask some serious questions regarding an item they have little information about. He is convinced your character knows something, however, not willing to say anything.
  • The main persona is among the few artists that have managed to climb the ladder of success. A month ago they opened their gallery and all seem s to go well when a fire destroys it all. Rebuilding from scratch is the only option left having lost everything. Sadly, the one considered the best friend is the one doing everything possible for your character not to take off.
  • The main persona was in the foster system, and for years they endured a lot of abuse. After years of therapy they have finally managed to move on, and even about to start a family when their birth parents’ reach out. They reveal the reasons behind the separation and your character gets forced to decide whether to have them in their life or cut ties for good.
  • When death takes away the character’s family, they are scared but have to face it eventually. For years they manage to bury the memory of that fateful night. But when the nightmares start to occur they sink into a depression and decide time had come to face the truth of what really happened. Even though death is natural, still your character possesses a strong urge uncover the truth.

Fictional Writing Prompts – Horror/Thriller

Horror/thriller books are fairly widespread as some individuals will find being terrified entertaining. Creating pieces in this genre can be quite exciting especially for an individual with lots of creativity and one who can go dark. Being able to give your readers a scare that gets them sweating while reading your piece is not going to be a walk in the park as it is not easy. An author has to develop the skill of writing, and structuring their work in a manner that will elicit the kind of reaction the audience wants from the horror/thriller plot. Here a couple of tips to help with your writing:
  • Arouse curiosity, which means your number one emphasis will be on creating anticipation.
  • Simultaneously surprise and scare the audience. Therefore, explore your creativity, broaden your imagination and get so dark and twisted, but nothing that will alarm readers to your state of mind.
  • Don’t be predictable. Have plot twists such that your audience won’t know what’s coming next.
  • Keep on upping the stakes as the plot progresses.
  • Ever read Stephen King’s IT? There’s a thing you can learn about such writing. Develop sympathy from the start of your story for your main character in the mind of the reader. It raises the thrills and tension making the composition even more entertaining. The piece can help with this.
Horror/thriller prompts that will keep your imagination dark and twisted;
  • Your character is alone at home, as it is the norm every night when suddenly there’s a knock on the door. It’s the recent family that just moved in. Surprised, they keep their reaction to themselves. However, that wasn’t going to be their last time either.
  • There have been a string of murders in the town. Everybody is clueless about who or why these murders are taking place and it’s putting everyone on edge. The deaths occur on the exact day and time but in a different location. It’s been 12 weeks now and 12 murders. The police aren’t close to arresting a suspect and town is put on a curfew. Your character delays to get home and is outside past curfew time when they abducted.
  • There is some celebration in your hometown. A time capsule put over two centuries ago is about to be opened. Because of work, you wouldn’t make it back home, but as fate dictates, you were meant to be there. It’s 2.30 you’re about to leave the office when you get a scary phone call. Your handwriting and signature are written on a piece of paper inside a time shell and fixed stuck on a skull. As the caller signs off, they tell you it has begun leaving you confused.
  • Your main character has a thing for the mysterious. After getting word of a town at the seaside with unexplained happenings, they are drawn to it. Determined to understand what is happening they will visit the place and what they discover is far from what they have ever conceived, and it scares the hell out of them. When they try escaping the nightmare they are in the town simply won’t let them leave. Just like everyone else there, they are stuck.
  • Everything was meant to be perfect. He took you to a private island and proposed in the most magnificent scenery you’d ever laid your eyes on. He knew just how much you loved the beauty in nature and he picked the perfect spot or at least he thought he did. You decided to have a party overnight when things took a turn for the worst. There was a good reason why it was a private island, and we found out most horrifically.
  • For years your character has lived with a big secret, every time they shut their eyes vivid images some tragic deaths appear. Heavily weighing on them they seek help through therapy sessions. Others will not understand predicament and what they must endure, even putting blame of this predicament on them. The therapists will take them on a dangerous journey that will uncover the most sinister of events and people.
  • Your character was in a fatal road accident, luckily they survived. They have made a full recuperation but get rid of the feeling that something is wrong. It wasn’t after they started waking up in unknown locations with bloody clothes that their fears were confirmed.


Creative writing is a field that will require lots of practice. To retain readers glued to your composition requires an enormous amount of creativity. To aid you construct the perfect plot, we have identified some writing prompts that will expand your imagination. Included are tips that can also facilitate with each type of writing. Note that the prompts will only guide you expand your thinking, and inspire you to be more creative with your imagination; however, without the appropriate writing skills and technique it will be all in vain. The prompts and tips are essential but so are your authoring techniques. Therefore, ensure that you perfect them. Search for writing help and do as much practice as necessary.