Essay on Respect

In this article, we’ll learn what a respect essay is all about and the various ways of showing respect. We will also learn how the self is linked to others and see instances of respect essays.


‘Respect’ is a word whose meaning is broad and prone to be understood from various perspectives and experiences. It is something we share with other people and ourselves. Or rather, it’s a way of relating with yourself and others with a standard of care. Therefore, behavior is a major factor in how we respect others or earn respect. Respectful behavior is ethical, and ethics is a matter of practice and deliberate action. Such action would imply religious devotion. But with less religious devotion, people have become evil and selfish. You respect yourself, and you respect the other person whether the person respects you or not.

Apart from love for self and others, there is a third thing that exacts respect; property. A society can only exist if there’s respect, therefore it must exact laws, customs, and cultures. Therefore, religious leaders will teach the entire society and the parents will teach their children. Culture is about striving to respect. How can we understand respect in a multi-cultural world?

Respect is Necessary for Several Reasons

  • It allows people to build trust
  • It regulates how people build and repair relationships
  • People build peace and conducive environments for excellence
  • Conflict resolution is aided when the parties involved understand respect
  • Respect allows people to be creative and to build civilizations

We can have a sample of essays on this subject to allow us to get a clearer understanding of why respect is important.

On Respect for the Self

Respect for the self, as well getting to know one’s self, entails an ability to think and articulate thought. Because the self is something to be asserted, one shouldn’t fear expressing it. Letting others know that we merit esteem allows us time for creating a connection that is healthy even in situations where some people are offended by your assertiveness. Groupthink and peer pressure become less important, and one generates the possibility of positive leadership. When you learn what respecting yourself is, then others also learn to respect you and at times, how to respect themselves.

When children learn to respect themselves, then they learn how to respect others and live well in society. It gets easy to make friends, build a successful career, but most important, self-respect leads to self-knowledge and inner peace and fulfillment. One needs to read respect essays to get more understanding and ideas on how to live well with others.

On Respecting Others

Once one has an understanding and respect for the self, they are ready to understand that it is necessary to respect others. ‘Others’ have selves like you have a self. Because each self must learn to respect itself, then there must be some space to do so. Therefore, by respecting others we allow them to respect themselves. And others allow us to respect to respect ourselves. Teachers, parents, leaders, the poor and the sick are an example of others who need space to respect themselves, and who help us to understand and respect ourselves. Humanity has always depended on respect. Since pre-history, people had rulers and other authorities were respected. Warriors, doctors, hunters, priests, and chiefs are some examples respected people. We show respect to others in various ways, and one of them is by listening to others. This is challenging, especially when others hold different views and perspectives from our own. But, if we can realize that the self still exacts respect despite differences, then we inspire hope and faith into humanity. It is difficult to respect all people equally. Some people are habitual liars or thieves, for example. The more you try to respect them, the less space you have for self-respect.

It could be reasonable to measure how respect is distributed to others. Parents could get more respect than accorded to teachers, for example. This could be because a teacher could have less influence on basic rights and comforts the child compared to the parents. This means that we should always strive to be candid, courteous, and considerate to our best capacity. Such behavior will help us to earn the respect of others.

Conflict arises when we fail to respect people from other religions. This is a matter we should all consider keenly. Some think that other religions are inferior or wrong, therefore, people of other religions are not worthy of respect. In such circumstances, people try to force their religion on others and propagate hate crimes. Yet, if one looks keenly, he/she will find that most religions share a common core that establishes respect as a fundamental practice. Therefore, religions can be viewed as a unifier of cultures and should lessen discrimination among people.

Leaders and figures in authority also exact respect from us. These are normally people who hold positions of responsibility above us like our employers, supervisors, teachers, and administrators. Organizations and companies expect productivity and profit in a context with many different people participating. Respect allows each person to give their best and allows people to find space for growth and development. When one has junior workers below them, tasks can’t be done if there’s no respect. In the classroom context, the teacher expects her students to complete assignments because each student respects himself and the teacher. Students need to be encouraged to respect each other too. Crime related incidents in our learning institutions have been driven by indiscipline acts. Bullying plus social stigmatization often led to some students becoming resentful and angry. The anger consequently leads to violence.

Our enemies can also be respected. Just like in sports and tournaments, there are rules of engaging with the opponent that is standard. At all times, it is expected that the contestants will have mutual respect for each other.

Showing Regards for a Possession

What you own might as well be an extension mirroring yourself; therefore, if the self deserves to be respected, then the property associated with it deserves due regard too. But it’s difficult for you to avoid being jealous or envious of others possessions, especially if those associated or akin to them appear to be better than them. We would want to interfere with a property like dressing, furniture, or cars. Because the property has value and we wish to increase value to ourselves at most times it follows that items of value in the possession of others attract us. But it is against the law to behave in such a manner, and one can easily lose their freedoms by going to jail. Therefore, one should always ask for permission and consent when dealing with the other’s possession. There is no any other way to show regards to other’s possession than this. Our surrounding also commands our respect because it supports our existence and therefore keeping it clean, tree planting plus caring for animals is also an ethical behavior.

Practices like labeling and marking items in school is an excellent way for fostering respect for property in the school setting. When others see the marks and labels then they realize that the items are the property of others and that they should be aware and respectful. Not spoiling, dirtying, or writing on other people’s walls and vehicles is a respectful act. Handling items in ways that will not anger their owners is a thoughtful act that we should all learn.

When a friend or neighbor helps you with an item, you should remember to return it in good condition. This is a secret to living well with your neighbors and friends and can help you find essential resources for doing something. In a shop context, one should avoid theft and trying to make away without payment.

Summary of the Essay on Respect

A good life is only possible if the people involved have respect for each other. However, learning to respect others needs training and education. Students should be encouraged to read essays on respect and to practice being respectful to others for a good life.