Essay Topics for High School Students

Are you having difficulties with writing a good paper? The following collection of captivating essay subjects will assist you to produce an ideal essay that will captivate your readers. When trying to compose an essay, the topic is the initial thing to decipher. In high school, you’re supposed to select a topic that you can examine in detail. It implies that you need to ensure you can get adequate info on that subject. It may seem easy to get any type of info nowadays. However, remember that aside from availability, the information you discuss ought to be engaging.

Easy Subjects for High Schoolers

Persuasive plus argumentative papers are mostly given to high schoolers. Therefore, there are various articles which are composed in one of the above types plus you can examine this if you require motivation. For instance, when writing an argumentative essay, a learner is expected to give 2 divergent polar viewpoints on the topic and give adequate proof to back every viewpoint. However, just conversing two aspects of the contention isn’t adequate; the writer ought to produce an understandable ending. The same applies to persuasive essays. In fact, persuasive essays are basically persuasive papers. Therefore, if you have ever composed one of them, you’ll be aware of how to compose the other. In case you have not, then try to select a topic that you are interested in. Doing this will ensure you possess adequate notions for a captivating essay, plus given that you are very much interested in that topic, it’ll be simpler to validate your viewpoint to your reader. The following are awesome essay subject ideas for high schoolers:
  1. Great Scores In School: Should There Be Added Enticements For Them?
  2. Do Homogenous Exams Divulge Learner Knowhow?
  3. Homogenous Quizzes Need To Be Taken Seriously?
  4. Surmounting Fear
  5. Should Instructors Be Appraised By The Learners?
  6. Impacts Of Class Size On Learners’ Performances?
  7. Should Educational Institutions Penalize Unbecoming Conduct In Students?
  8. Define A Piece Of Art Which Altered Your Life
  9. The Duration Of Our School Calendar Ought To Be Increased
  10. Gym Classes: Should They Be Mandatory?
  11. Does A Link Exist Between Actual Aggression Plus Video Games?
  12. Should Children Of Migrants Be Educated?
  13. Aggressive Video Games: Should They Be Sold To Youngsters?
  14. Discuss The Manner In Which Reality TV Is Imposing Perilous Stereotypes
  15. How Bullies Can Be Dealt With In School
  16. Is Technology A Good Thing Or Simply A Disruption?
  17. Significance Of Educational Applications?
  18. Merits Plus Demerits Of Mobile Phones For Educational Purposes
  19. We Ought To Hide Our Actual Identities Online
  20. Should Every Person Get A University Schooling?
  21. Affirmative Action’s Role Today.
  22. University Admittance Standards: Apart From SAT, Are There Any Additional Things?
  23. Cash Enticements: Should They Be Offered For Good Scores?
  24. Privileges Of Homosexual Individuals In Sports
  25. Why Are There Fewer Females Pursuing Careers In Sciences?
  26. Should Sports Betting Be Legalized?
  27. Are There Equal Privileges For Males Plus Females?
  28. The Meaning Of Patriotism To You?
  29. Can Cheerleading Be Categorized As A Game?
  30. A Book Which Has Altered Your Life Entirely
  31. Discussions On Naming Privileges
  32. Advantages Of Local Sports Franchises
  33. Functions Of Games In Modern Times
  34. Leadership Plus Ethical Onuses Which Accompany It.
  35. Merit Plus Demerits Of Capital Punishment
  36. The Manner In Which Young Lawbreakers Ought Tobe Treated?
  37. Commercialization Of Games In The US.
  38. Advantages Of Local Sports Franchises
  39. Our Gun Strategy Should Be Altered To Reduce Mass Shootings
  40. Gun Regulation Laws Need To Be Changed

Convincing Subjects for High Schoolers

  1. Aggressive Criminals: Should They Be Given Capital Punishment?
  2. Merits Plus Demerits Of Permitting Mobile Phones In School
  3. Safety In Our Airports: Is All That Screening Necessary?
  4. Advantages Plus Disadvantages Of E-Learning
  5. Merits Plus Demerits Of Unrestricted Wireless Internet In Towns
  6. Natal Control For Youngsters: Should It Be Permitted?
  7. Should Illegal Immigrants Be Accorded The Same Rights As Citizens?
  8. Unrestricted Condoms In School: Should Kids Have Access To Them?
  9. Should Learners’ Gym Scores Impact Their Grade Point Averages?
  10. The Government Ought To Acknowledge Civil Unions
  11. There Ought To Be Restriction On Advertising Aimed At Kids
  12. Choice Of Whether Youngsters Need To Join The Armed Forces Or Not Ought To Remain Theirs Alone
  13. Initiating Mandatory Community Service In Educational Institutions
  14. Schools Ought To Devote Further Attention To Religions
  15. The Time For University Lectures Should Be Reduced: Is It A Good Idea?
  16. Should Learners Be Permitted To Carry Music Players To School?
  17. Plus-Size Individuals: Should They Pay Double Ticket Fare?
  18. Euthanasia: Should It Be Legalized?
  19. For Any Ambitions Family, Moving To A Town From The Village Is Crucial
  20. Is It Safe To Have Unusual Pets?
  21. Should Minors Who Perpetrate Offences Be Regarded As As Adults By The Government?
  22. Should The Federal Government Regulate Some Of The Content Over The Internet?
  23. Should Instructors Possess Mobile Phones In The Classroom?
  24. Business Marketing: Should It Be Permitted In Educational Institutions?
  25. Is Physical Education Necessary?
  26. Learning About Sex Should Be Made A Mandatory Subject Matter In High Schools
  27. Should Computers Replace The Traditional Schoolbooks?
  28. Drug Testing On Athletes: Is It A Sensible Thing?
  29. The Minimum Working Age Ought To Be Reduced To Fourteen Years
  30. Merits Plus Demerits Of Wearing School Uniforms
  31. Booster Seats For Kids Ought To Be Mandatory
  32. Parents Should Elucidate To Their Kids The Most Critical Issues
  33. America Ought To Spend More Time On Domestic Matters Rather Than On External Matters
  34. Educational Institutions Which Produce Results That Are Weak Should Have Their Budgets Cut By The Government
  35. Should Driving A Vehicle Without Fastening A Seatbelt Be Regarded As An Offence?
  36. Goods From Overseas Ought To Be Taxed More Than Goods Made Internally?
  37. Should Educational Institutions Boost Their Money Reserves Through Vending Soft Drinks, Chocolates, Plus Foodstuffs To Learners?
  38. Censorship By The Government: Should It Be Introduced On Particular Online Content?
  39. Female Trainers Ought To Train Other Women
  40. Hunting Wild Deer Is Wrong

Personal Essay Writing Ideas for High Schoolers

High school students will be accustomed to composing essays (if they have not started writing yet). Since high school students will eventually write various personal essays like standardized tests among others, it’s important to ensure that they get adequate practice. Covering subjects such as rite of passage, ethical consumption, communication, etc., students will get the opportunity to delve into challenges that they encounter every day. Most importantly, they’ll have the opportunity to reflect, grow, plus prepare for the future. Below are various essay writing ideas which high schoolers can utilize to improve their personal essay writing skills:
  1. Do You Identify As A Feminist? Why Or Why Not?
  2. Do You Consider Yourself Religious Or Spiritual? Why?
  3. What Non-Living Object Best Symbolizes You?
  4. What Makes You Proud?
  5. What Is Your Inspiration?
  6. What Do Your Parents Or Guardians Not Know About You?
  7. Write About A Lesson You Learned Recently, And How It Changed Your Opinion On Things.
  8. What Is The Best Decision You Ever Made?
  9. How Has The Place Where You’ve Grown Up Influenced Who You Are?
  10. Your Earliest Recollections Of Holiday Celebrations In Your Home
  11. The First Time You Felt Alone Or Different
  12. Compose An Essay About The Time When Somebody Told You Something About Yourself That Altered Your Viewpoint
  13. What Kind Of Impact Does Peer Pressure Have On Your Life?
  14. What Is Something You Could Alter About Yourself That Would Make A Huge Difference In Your Life?
  15. Write An Essay About A Piece Of Media That Has Greatly Impacted You
  16. What Role Does Social Media Play In Your Life? Compose About Its Impact Or Lack Thereof
  17. Write About The First Time You Felt Compelled To Follow A Certain Gender Role
  18. Are You Comfortable In Your Body? How Do Media And Culture Influence Your Opinion On How You Look?
  19. Write About A Challenge You’re Facing And What You Plan To Do About It
  20. Why Do You Think Culture Concentrates So Much On Celebrity Gossip?


The above persuasive and personal essay ideas will assist you to write excellent essays that your readers will enjoy reading. You might not get the opportunity to write about all of them, but they’ll give you the chance to improve your essay writing skills. What are you waiting for? Start writing now!