Informative Essay

Most people believe that the academic essay is the best example of an informative essay. This is somehow true but the informative essay presents certain details about the subject being written about. In this guideline, students will be taught how an informative essay is written. The informative essay is a school assignment for students in any level of learning. No matter the course one is studying, he/she will be assigned this kind of essay at some point. The aim of this assignment is to present basic details and extensive knowledge about the chosen subject.

Composing an informative essay

  1. Topic Students are supposed to carry out research that will enable them to determine the topics that have useful and current resources. Find a topic that can benefit your audience a lot. Some of the best topics to consider include Diseases related to lifestyle and How to prevent cancer.Also, be keen on the phrases you choose to write. Make sure the words you use are related to the subject and avoid using words whose meaning you don’t know. The essay that you will present to your teacher must be coherent. If your information is difficult to understand, your essay will be considered a fail and you will score very low marks.Below are additional tips on how to choose a topic:
  • Do not pick a wide topic such as love. Choosing a narrow topic is also not recommended. A narrow topic, for instance, the best section to sit when working might not interest the readers. Try your best to attain a comfortable medium through choosing topics about things like best dishes or the most amazing places to visit.
  • Do not choose a topic you don’t like or are not good at. The information you provide in your paper must make you sound learned and professional. You can never achieve this if you choose to write about something that you know nothing about or you are not interested in.
  • Ensure to engage your readers by finding out whether the topic you pick can benefit the society.
  • Check various informative essay examples and read the writing guidelines before you start writing your own paper. Also, learn how to use different citation formats and ensure you use the format specified by your teacher.
  1. Thesis statement Consider what you want your audience to know and why it is crucial for them to know. It may be something like “The rising of eating disorders led to most deaths in America.” If you choose to present something similar to this, ensure to mention the source of that information.
  2. Draft In your first draft, write any questions that are related to the topic that you are writing about. Also, include facts which you know from your previous learning or experience. It is necessary to also find real-life examples which will show that you have encountered the problem you are talking about. For instance, if you are writing about eating disorders, mention the disorders and what they lead to. You can also compare the number of men and women or children and elderly people who have suffered from eating disorders. Having all that will help you produce a very informative paper.
  3. Research about the topic It is necessary to determine the best resources to use to write your essay. The resources must be relevant, updated and reliable. You can use textbooks, education articles, journals and several other sources. Another good way of getting information is through interviewing people.
  4. Body The body can comprise of several paragraphs.
  5. Revise Go through your essay and ensure that it does not contain any errors. It is also recommended to ask someone else to go through it to ensure that it is perfect. You can ask a friend or hire an expert editor online. An expert is actually the best person to determine whether your essay meets all the requirements.


The outline for an essay is a plan of action. Actually, it is the same as a table of contents that is included in most publications. The outline will help the students to stick to the subject when writing an essay. It is not a must to create an outline but most experienced writers recommend creating one in order to avoid bringing in irrelevant information during writing.

Writing the three parts of an informative essay

  1. Writing the introduction of an informative essay
This is the first stage of every essay. Students must begin it using a meaningful hook sentence. This will grab their audience’s attention and will make them want to read the entire paper.
  1. Writing the body of an informative essay
The body section of the essay should tell the readers about the features of the subject. The students should write great facts and they must write in detail. The main elements of each paragraph in this section are: suggest, provide proof and explain.
  1. Writing the conclusion
A student must conclude his/her essay by summarizing the gotten skills and the major points that were covered in the body section. You must never add anything that is not contained in the essay in this section. Conclude your essay while maintaining your readers’ interest in the subject.

An example of an informative essay outline

This example will make students know how to compose their own informative essays. The topic in this example is “How smoking affects people’s organs.” Introduction
  1. Describe the subject (explain what smoking means).
  2. Write some brief background information about smoking. You can talk about how people develop the smoking habit, what makes them get addicted to it, and what will happen if a person stops the habit.
  3. Come up with a thesis statement. Here you may write about how smoking leads to lung diseases.
  1. Talk about smoking and the diseases it leads to.
  2. Explain how smoking can affect the heart, brain, and other body organs.
  3. How to stop smoking.
  1. Rewrite the thesis statement. Also, summarize the kinds of diseases that smoking causes.
  2. State the benefits of your essay on the effects of smoking.
  3. Mention what might happen if people don’t quit smoking.
Students must also ensure to cite their work. There are several citation formats for example MLA, Harvard, and APA. Ensure to use the one specified by your instructor.

Examples of informative essays

There are plenty of examples which students can use to learn how to write their own essays. These examples can be found online. There are plenty of free examples on all kinds of subjects. Besides that, there also so many writing professionals who can help students write outstanding essays. So, if after going through written examples you still find it difficult to compose your own essay, hire an expert writer. And even if you are capable of tackling the essay but you do not have enough time and your deadline is near, get an expert writer. It is possible to find an excellent writer who will complete your assignment on time at a very affordable cost.

The best topics for informative essays

Controlling guns: Write what this means and explain why most countries and doing that and how effective it is. Also, include the consequences of controlling guns. Legalizing marijuana: Describe what marijuana is, its effects on human beings and reveal future medical forecasts. Bad language: Mention where it comes from, why individuals use it, examples and meaning of some bad words. How the universe came about: Here writers can write down any theory about how the universe and the planet were given birth to. Addiction: Explain various kinds of addictions and describe what it means. Also, give a few reasons why individuals get addicted to things and suggest how addition can be handled. Prostitution: Describe how it started and explain its advantages and disadvantages. E-commerce: Describe how it differs from traditional commerce and mention its characteristics. Also, write a few forecasts for development in the future. More topics:

College-level topics:

  1. Describe a natural disaster.
  2. What are the problems that most nations are facing these days?
  3. What are the dangers of plastic surgery?
  4. How can nature be protected?
  5. Describe a balanced diet.
  6. Explain the dangers of smoking.
  7. How can young people deal with stress?
  8. Describe how to live healthily.
  9. What are the side effects of taking alcohol?
  10. How can violence at homes be prevented?
  11. What are the benefits of social media platforms?
  12. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of laws.
  13. How does one win a lottery?
  14. Describe the benefits of immigration.
  15. Describe the latest technological inventions.
  16. What are the benefits of marijuana?
  17. What causes chaos in higher learning institutions?

Middle school-level topics

  1. How do people who do not own houses survive?
  2. What caused obesity in kids?
  3. Which book do you enjoy reading most?
  4. How does gravity function?
  5. What can make a blogger famous?
  6. Which are the best laws for learning institutions?
  7. What are the advantages of having a phone?
  8. How does fever differ from normal flu?
  9. Is it necessary to wear a hijab in school?
  10. How are movies shot?
  11. What are the benefits of AI?
  12. The best cybersecurity measures.
  13. Can women make good leaders?
  14. How can bullying be stopped in schools?
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