Jobs for College Graduates

If you have just finished college and you are wondering what next to do with your life, this article is for you. Get to know about some jobs that you can do right after college.

Graduation, and Facing Life Ahead

You have graduated, finally put the world of many assignments, sleep deprivation and deadlines behind you. Hopeful for a fresh start at life. What is also true is, you have graduated from being a student to being unemployed, and joined the thousands of people, with possibly more qualifications than you have in the pool competing with possibly the same jobs. This thought is stressful but it is every but true in every way. Most people think that their most stressful days were their college days. For some, this may be reality, however, for others, the working world would come at them with such velocity that it might take a while for them to fully adjust. Such is life. This higher you go, the hotter it gets, especially with so many responsibilities knocking at your door. The good news is, once you finish college, you are at a fresh point that is a springboard to launching your career. Whatever you have sought in your bid to become independent is laid before you immediately you graduate and the world becomes your canvas. With your fresh mind and unsullied dreams, you could actually be off to a great start if you work at it. Before you know it, you are soaring with the stars and having a great time doing it. A lot of whether you improve or not depends on your mindset, your work ethic and how you handle life’s hurdles. Having great support and a few heads to bounce ideas off is a good enough starter pack to beginning life anew. Those, and your curriculum vitae.

The Job Search After School

Because of internships and volunteering while in school, some students graduate with job offers saving them the stress of trying to figure out what is next in this new phase of life. Some students however really want to start over, building their interest in things from the ground up. A few may try different things for a while in a bid to find what works and what they love. All this is not bad, so far as you are moving forward rather than giving up. It can be touch but with a little encouragement, you would find that life outside school is not that bad. In case you were wondering what you could do, here are some options of entry level jobs that you can consider:
  • Account Managing- Any youngster with good enough communicating skills can handle such a job without much stress. Basically, your job would be to manage the social media account of the company. The description may differ based on the company you are working with and what they stand for. This is a perfect opportunity to learn about digital marketing, interpersonal communication, content creating and so much more. Because the roles may not be clearly defined when you take up the job, try to be as versatile as possible, learning whatever you can on the job and becoming better at it. This would give you the experience you need to take on bigger fish in the future.
  • Customer Support Representative- This job is a great way to improve your communication skills. What you might end up doing half the time is seeing to customers and helping them with their grievances. How you handle customers in these times will go a long way to either help or harm the success of the company. This is why your communication skills need to be top notch. Little or no experience is need to land such a job. Most of the time, you will be given on the job training that tailors your responses and your knowledge to the company and what they offer. If you are able to manage this position well enough, you can proudly put ‘conflict resolution, management and communicating skills’ in your resume when moving on to higher heights.
  • A job as an assistant This can vary from being a personal assistant to an office assistant. The requirements of your job will be dependent on the job and what is needed at the time. This job can be hectic in the sense that you could do anything from scheduling to attending meetings. You might even have to do a few things that are outside your job description, but wait, you might not even have a job description. This goes to show how diverse your requirements could be. The good news is, if you enjoy doing anything around management, you are probably going to have a swell time doing this job.
  • Business analyst This sounds fancy but in truth, anybody with a business degree can try it out but there are several areas you need to tackle first. You have to be a good analyst, in other words, you should have a good critical or analytical mind which enables you to notice issues fast. You should also be able to think on your feet and come up with solutions to the issues you noted. This position is such that there is room for growth and promotion. Every company needs a business analyst and how well you do your job the first time will determine how far you go. Make sure you spend time reading and bettering yourself so that when the problems present themselves you are not always in over your head.
These are just a few of the entry level jobs you could do with little to no experience straight out if college. Some of them may de difficult and spread you thin, but the experience is necessary for you to be able to move up the ladder. These jobs are great ways to put your actual degree to good use, especially if you learnt anything around those fields. Just open yourself up to the different possibilities and you would be glad you did.