How to Cheat Turnitin

Those high school and college essays can really take a toll on a person and as if deadlines could not be nightmarish enough, there is this pesky plagiarism checker that can reduce all of your hard work into an F. Read on to know how to get on top of this struggle easily.

School work, Essays, and Deadlines

One of the things that mar anybody’s high school and college experience is the overwhelming number of essays that need to be written within a short possible time. High school and college is such that even if you do not fall prey to the god of procrastination and leave your fate in his hands, the work load is enough to have you running behind schedule more than a couple of times. It is not enough for the work to be plentiful and technical, it also requires a great amount of research. Academic papers are never anyone’s favourite piece of homework. This is because for each paper that you are required to write, you might need to do scores of research pouring over dozens of textbooks before you can come up with a single paragraph to buttress your point, that is if you even have points laid down. In fact, school is bad enough without having to write academic papers given by overbearing professors with impossible deadlines. The essay aspect of school transforms the entire learning process into a nightmarish experience that drives most college students nuts.

Thankfully a few are able to get the hang of it and succumb to living a permanently stressed life for all of the three or four years, however, not all people make it out safe. Most students, in their haste to finish up a truck load of essays and send them in on time have fallen prey to the biggest villain of writing: plagiarism. The temptation might be so great to simply copy off a text or two in the haste to quickly finish off a writing, or you might have read the texts so many times that you end up reproducing that same idea in the same words without even realizing it and then fall victim to plagiarism. This has happened to every student who had to write and send in an essay in record time. No matter how much pressure is on you, sending in a piece of work that is not original is always a bad idea, thus it is always necessary to have a great plagiarism checker handy for those moments where you do not know what you may have written and how closely related it is to any other piece of writing.

Surviving the Hustle of Essay Writing

Looking for another way to get this task done is the smarter thing to do when faced with several essays with many deadlines. Most people opt to consult with an expert and hope to come up with good enough ideas that take less time and less effort to produce a good enough piece for marking. The number one question on each of these student’s mind turns out to be ‘how do I beat Turnitin’?

What is Turnitin?

Unfortunately, professors can smell plagiarism a mile away using an app called Turnitin. This checker picks out plagiarism, and it has been tested and proven to be in fact the holy grail for many professors. Just so you are able to come up with a fool proof plan to beat the detector, you need to know how it operates. Most professors use Turnitin because not only is it accurate, but I when it comes to usage, it is among the simpler and more efficient ones to use. It operates the very same way as several other plagiarism checkers. Your professor uploads your homework onto the computer and sets in motion an analytical algorithm that searches all over the web for matched phrases and matches similarities with several other online articles. All the similar phrases are highlighted and then the overall content is graded for how unique it is in percentage. Know that several other forms of matching can be done based on the types of arrangement the professor inputs in checking your essay.

How to Outwit Turnitin

Regardless of the fact that Turnitin is one of the best and accurate checker for plagiarism when it comes to the world of essay writing, some people have managed to find ways in outwitting the detector. Here are a few of the more logical ways of beating the detector.

  • Get a finished paper from an internet service This method is voted the quickest method requiring the least stress in beating Turnitin. This is because you get to outsource writing to professionals who do not need to copy and paste from the internet or lift sentences from other places. Most writing services give a 0% plagiarism guarantee to its clients so you would not have to worry about cheating Turnitin. All you need to do is get the work and hand it in.
  • Paraphrase your work This also an effective method. It is also the safest method you can use. Turnitin works by identifying words and phrases than match others found on the internet. Paraphrasing either jumbles up the order of the words or replaces each of the words with others to relay the very same point. If you chance upon a well organized and finished paper elaborating your topic, paraphrasing the entire text using your own language, your examiner would not get a whiff of what you did, and you definitely would never be turned in by Turnitin.
  • Switch the original formatting of your written essay Switch the formatting of your work from a Microsoft word file to a pdf. Once you do this, and are able to tweak the structure a bit you might end up with a piece of literary work undetectable by your professors’ checker.
  • Change the language Most people opt for this method although they may easily get caught. You can change a few letters and replace them with those which carry accents. This way, the letters and words seem similar but in actual fact, they are different. If Turnitin does not recognize these words and record the correct words you are in the clear.
There are other ways by which people try to outwit the master checker for plagiarism, but not many have been successful. Most people find it always better to solicit professional help or outsource the writing to a firm if your deadlines are too close. That way you have one less paper to worry about and you can use your energy on other matters.