Over 200 Catchy Opinion Essay Topics for Every Passionate Writer!

Are you looking for some captivating opinion essay topics to inspire your writing? Well, look no further! Here, we’ve put together a collective list of ideas in various fields to trigger the creativity of every writer. Are you about to write an opinion essay? Well if so, then the first thing that you’ll have to think about before writing the paper is the topic. Luckily, getting a perfect theme for such essays is quite simple and doesn’t require too much research. However, since this is an academic paper, you will have to support your arguments using resources from credible academic websites. Now, in this detailed guide, we would like to help you select a captivating opinion essay topic. We have included a couple of interesting topics to inspire your writing. Make sure you pick the topic which you’re most passionate about, and your work will be not only attractive to read but also convincing.

Some Captivating Opinion Essay Topics in Sports

This is one of the best places to get some fantastic opinion essay ideas. Why? Well, we all enjoy watching and attending different sporting events. For instance, in 2018, the football world cup in Russia will be remembered for its huge attendance. As a writer, you’re free to voice your views, and admirations concerning the sport and below are a couple of topics that will help!
  1. High School Athletes Should Not Fall Under The ‘Spell’ Of Harmful Stereotypes
  2. The Dangers Of Taking Red Bull And Other Similar Drinks
  3. Why Being A Great Sportsman Or Woman Does Not Necessarily Mean You’ll Grow Into A Professional Coach
  4. Reasons Why Female Trainers Need To Start Mentoring Women
  5. Is Chess A Sport Or Merely A Game?
  6. The Dangers Bodybuilding Has On Women
  7. Factors Which Show That Male Athletes Suffer From Injuries More Often Than Their Women Counterparts
  8. Should All Athletes Be Required To Take A Drug Test Before The Start Of A Tournament?
  9. Which Is The Method Of Relieving Stress Among Athletes?
  10. The NFL Rules Of Concussion And All Their Peculiarities

Good Opinion Essay Topics on Music

Music is one of the things that bring joy, emotion, and unity in society. However, over the last decade or so, advancements in technology and communication have ‘forced’ the music industry to grow and evolve. Educate your readers, using brilliant ideas for your opinion essay and here are a few suitable ideas:
  1. Modern Pop Music Is Not Composed Adequately Like The Old Music Of The 80s
  2. Reasons Why The Importance Of Essence Songs Has Changed Since The Early 20th Century
  3. Parents Should Put Warning Labels On Albums With Filthy Content And Language
  4. Importance Of Having The Right Musical Training And Education If You Intend To Be A Professional Artist
  5. Depressive Tracks Are The Reason Why Young People Are Committing Suicide Today!
  6. How The Current State Of Downloadable Songs Has Influenced The Manner In Which Musicians Produce Their Albums
  7. Is It Okay For Musical Producers Holding More Power Over Their Brand Members
  8. The Importance Of The World Wide Web In The Production Of Online Music
  9. Reasons Showing Why iPods Are The Best If You Want To Listen To Your Favorite Music
  10. Interesting Predictions Of The Next Revolution Of Music

Opinion Essay Ideas About Animals

The best thing you could give to your pet or any other animal within your possession is kindness. Remember that these are creatures which suffer from different challenges, some of them environmental while others are merely dangers from humans. That’s why it’s one of the best areas to get some fantastic opinion essay topics. For example:
  1. Reasons Why It’s Immoral To Go Hunting For Wild Dears
  2. Arguments In Support And Against The Microchipping Of Homeless Dogs And Home Pets
  3. It’s Unethical To Use Animals In Circuses And Zoos
  4. Factors Showing Why Human Beings Should Stop Texting Beauty Products On Animals
  5. Rewards And Punishments When Training Any Home Pet
  6. Human Beings Have No Right Of Keeping Exotic Creatures At Home
  7. All Dangerous Dogs Should Be Euthanized For Protective Purposes
  8. Is It Morally Appropriate When We Breed Animals To Get Improved Or Genetically Modified Hybrids?
  9. Effects Of Poaching On The Economy Of A Country
  10. Reasons Why You Should Never Keep A Dog Outside During The Night!

Simple Opinion Essay Topics for Elementary Students

Learners at this academic level may not have grasped all the concepts of writing, but when it comes to writing an opinion essay, they should have nothing to worry about. Do you fall under this category? If you do, then we’ve collected some simple topics to kick-start your writing.
  1. Effects Of Using Your Mobile Phone During An In-Class Lesson
  2. Wise Ways Of Spending Money Won In A Lottery Competition
  3. How Can You Come Up With A Suitable Argument To Convince Your Parents To Attend A Sleepover At A Friend’s House?
  4. Things That You Need Not To Miss When Burying A Time Capsule
  5. Should We Allow Small Kids To Own Pets?
  6. Moving To A Larger City Is The Best Thing That Any Ambitious Family Should Do!
  7. Items That An Average Child Needs To Take On Vacation
  8. Most Engaging And Fun Games To Play While In School
  9. Should Elementary Students Get A Large Chunk Of Homework?
  10. Reasons Why School Administrators Should Ban The Use Of Junk Food In Their Schools!

Attractive Opinion Essay Topics on Education

The education sector is one of the key pillars of any economy. It’s the most efficient method of maintaining a working society of literate men and women. Sadly though, it’s continually being faced by both internal and external threats. From increased drug abuse among students to sex and violence, maybe the best way to find a solution is by informing as many people as possible. We hope that these opinion essay topics will help!
  1. Teachers Should Also Pass A Professional Exam Just Like Students Have To Excess In Their College And Elementary School Exams
  2. Shortening The Time For University Or College Lectures Causes More Harm Than Good
  3. Schools Are Overburdening Their Students With Homework And Should Consider Reducing The Assignments They Allocate To Learners
  4. ACT And SAT Are Not As Effective Tools Of Examination
  5. Key Reasons Why Modern Students Need To Study Courses That Only Touch On Business
  6. The Role Of Technology In Class And How It’s Affecting The Average Learner
  7. Traditional Education Vs. Modern Schooling
  8. Is Physical Education Necessary?
  9. Reasons Why Parents Should Be More Engaged In The Child’s Educational Process
  10. Is The Daily College Learning Time A Bit Too Exaggerated? Why Should It Be Made Shorter?

Science Opinion Essay Topics

Are you a science enthusiast? This is one of the fields of study and research where you will get a lot of interesting ideas for your opinion essay. However, if you don’t know what exactly to look for, we have gathered a few awesome themes. They include:
  1. Computer Science Is One Of The Most Critical Academic Disciplines Of Today
  2. It’s Wrong To Put The Needs Of Humans Before The Freedoms And Needs Of Wild Animals
  3. Human Beings Should Treat Animal Habitats More Carefully!
  4. Certain Vaccines Are Causing Increased Cased Of Autism Among Growing Children
  5. Reasons Which Show That Animal Habitats Are Not 100% Safe
  6. Human Activities Are The Main Cause Of The Increase In Global Warming
  7. We Should Turn To Alternative Energy Sources Instead Of Using Fossil Fuels
  8. It’s Immoral To Conduct Animal Cloning On Animals And People
  9. Things Governments Should Do To Prevent The Extinction Of Rare Species
  10. Law Enforcement Does Not Have Any Right Of Using DNA Profiling In Their Activities

College Opinion Essay Topics

Here is another area where containing a lot of unusual ideas for your opinion essay. Remember that college is one of those stages in a student’s life that’s filled with tons of activities. It’s a place of both fun and memorable times as well as regrettable and dark days. Having said that, take a look at these incredible themes for your paper:
  1. Reasons Why Distant Learning Is Taking The Place Of Traditional In-Class Lessons
  2. Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Learning Or Online Education
  3. Reasons Why We Need To Reform Our College Education System
  4. Advertising That’s Only Aimed At Kids Need To Be Heavily Restricted
  5. It’s Crucial To Concentrate More On Local Terrorism Instead Of The International Criminal Gangs
  6. Factors Showing The Feminist Movement Devalued The Beautiful Nature Of Motherhood
  7. Producers Of Food Should Always Include The Number Of Calories In Packages Of Every Meal
  8. Reasons Why Most American Citizens Feel That The Current System Of Taxation Is Completely Unfair
  9. Mental Hospitals Are Not The Best Places To Take Patients Of Chronic Diseases
  10. The United States Should Stop Selling Guns And Other Forms Of Ammunition To Third World Countries!

High School Topics for Your Opinion Essay

Are you a high school student looking for some favorite topics for your opinion essay? Well, relax, because here we’ve got a couple of appealing and unique ideas that should fit what you’re looking for. They include:
  1. Only Young People Should Choose If They Want To Join The Military Or Not
  2. Listening To Music Will Help You To Complete Your Assignments Faster
  3. Reasons Why You Need To Be Honest No Matter The Situation
  4. People Who Survive Major Life-Threatening Catastrophes Tend To Have A Better View Of Their Life
  5. Embarrassing Moments In College Are Important As They Make You Tougher And Ready To Handle More Difficult Situations
  6. How Should You Dress If You Want To Be Successful?
  7. Time Management Is The Most Critical Factor If You Want To Complete Your College Assignments In Good Time!
  8. Will Having A Hobby Help You In Your Career?
  9. Reasons Why You Need To Live Spontaneously
  10. Factors Which Show Why The Important Personal Character Trait Among Students Should Be Love

Some Middle School Themes for Opinion Essay

You don’t have to struggle if you are a middle school student searching for a topic for your opinion essay. Below, you’ll find some intriguing and simple ideas that should help you come up with a top-notch paper. Have a look! 1. It’s Important To Allocate Chores To Children To Foster A Sense Of Responsibility 2. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Taking Summer Classes 3. The Best Places To Attend Summer Vacation 4. Reasons Why Students Should Continue Studying Even During Summer 5. Parents Should Limit The Time Children Spend On Their Mobile Phones Or Watching Television 6. School Administrators Should Make Sporting Activities Mandatory 7. Effective Method Of Changing School Meals 8. The Role Of The Radio And Newspaper In The Life Of Students 9. Parents Should Avoid Giving Their Kids A Large School Allowance 10. Drawbacks And Benefits Of Having An All Round School Year

Easy Opinion Essay Topics On The Serious Matters Affecting Our Society

We live in a point in time when we are faced by many environmental, political, and economic threats. As a professional writer, remember that it’s your duty to inform and educate your readers on such matters. Get the inspiration you need using these fantastic topics for your opinion essay: 1. It’s Safer To Cook At Home Instead Of Buying Meals In Stores 2. The 3-Day Weekend By Law 3. All Public Places Should Have Free Wireless Internet Access 4. All United States Citizens Should Take Up One Full-Year Of Community Service 5. Healthcare Representatives Need To Be Examined For HIV/AIDS Every Single Year 6. Birth Control Pills And The Threats Which They Possess 7. Can A Traditional Textbook Replace An E-Book? 8. Reasons Why The Death Penalty Should Still Exist 9. How To Solve The Growing Cases Of Sexual Intercourse Among College Students 10. Effects Of A Government Limiting The Use Of Internet On Its People!

Funny Themes for Your Opinion Essay

It’s always good to add some fun into your life as it helps you forget the sad memories and regrettable moments. An opinion essay will help you add some spice, joy, and enthusiasm into the lives of your audience. Just pick any of the following ideas for your opinion essay to produce an exciting final paper: 1. What Do Pets Really Think About Their Owner? 2. Some Interesting Things Which Your Driving Instructor Will Never Tell You! 3. Five Reasons On Why You’re Allowed To Hate Your Last Name 4. Why Is It That When It Comes To Legal Matters, “The Client Is Never Right?” 5. McDonald’s As The Least Favorite Restaurant 6. Reasons Why Clothes Are Slowly Defining The Type Of Men And Women We Have In Society Today 7. You Need To Thank The Traffic Officer When You Receive A Ticket 8. Legalizing Marijuana Will Only Make Everyone Happy 9. You Need To Drink Every Day As It Promotes Life 10. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Gaming Expert

Opinion Essay Ideas for Kids

If you are writing or talking to a group of children, you’ll need to come up with an accurate topic or else you risk losing their attention from the onset. Here are the reliable opinion essay ideas that you could use to create a powerful message: 1. Reasons Why It’s Wrong To Eat Birds And Animals 2. Advantages Of Families Spending More Time Together 3. Critical Things In Life Which Parents Need To Explain To Their Children 4. Why Is It Better To Be The Youngest Sibling? 5. The Most Crucial Thing To Do On Your Prom Date! 6. It’s Impossible To Maintain A ‘Multitude’ Of Friends In Your Life! 7. Important Factors Which Define The Concepts Of True Friendship 8. Reasons Why You Need To Learn One Extra Language 9. Ranking The Best Animated TV Shows 10. The Most Distinguished And Respected Historical Figure?

Argumentative Opinion Essay Topics

One of the best methods of grabbing the attention of your readers is by getting some debatable opinion essay topics. Make sure you get the most pressing issues happening in the world to engage the intuitive minds of your audience. Feel free to start with any of these incredible ideas: 1. Companies Need To Stop Using Kids In Their Brand Marketing Campaigns 2. The Wages Of CEOs Are Simply Exaggerated 3. All Members Of Congress Should Have Term Restrictions 4. Factors Which Show Why Access To Condoms Is Not The Solution To Early Pregnancies 5. Things Which Are Making Our Modern Society Immoral 6. Should The Government Enact Laws Limiting The Diet And Nutrition Of A Country? 7. Are Tech Companies Monitoring Users Through Their Gadgets? 8. The Government Should Ban Alcohol And Cigarettes Once And Forever! 9. The Growth And Development Of A Child’s Behavior In The Last Ten Years 10. It’s Important To Teach Creationism In All Public Schools

Controversial Opinion Essay Topics

Just like argumentative ideas for your opinion essay, topics which draw huge controversy from the public will also make your final paper quite attractive. Sadly though, getting a powerful theme is not always easy. Fortunately, using any of the following examples, you’ll have no problem in writing an informative paper ! 1. Polygamy Is Not Illegal And Should Be Accepted By Society 2. The Judge Should Be Given The Sole Power To Make Court Case Rulings 3. Lesbian Couple Should Never Be Allowed To Adopt Children 4. The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Biological Weapons 5. Torture Is The Most Efficient Method To Use In Serious Crime Interrogations 6. The Best Idea For The Entire World To Do Is Reject All Organized Religions 7. The Use Of The Stem Cells 8. Do Not Buy Any Movie From Any RIAA Label 9. Legalizing Euthanasia Will Make The Public Benefit 10. The Advantages Of Genetically Modified Food Substances

Environmental Opinion Essay Topics

It’s important that we all learn the essence of maintaining clean and sustainable surroundings. The first step to ensuring this happens is by educating the public on proper methods of waste disposal, fuel extraction, among many other things. Use these opinion essay example topics for additional inspiration: 1. The World Should Follow The United States Policy Of Decreasing The Rate Of Pollution 2. The Benefits Of Only Using Public Transport 3. Hybrid Cars Should Replace The Traditional Models As They Conserve Less Energy And Save The Environment 4. Avoid Dumping Plastic Wastes Anywhere You Like As It Destroys The Flora And Fauna Living In That Area 5. How Should The Government Fight The Problem Of Littering? 6. Penalties That Should Follow Anyone Caught Littering 7. Here’s What The Government Needs To Do About All Non-Renewable Sources Of Energy 8. The World Is Not Doing The Best It Can To Eliminate The Rate Of Carbon (IV) Oxide Emissions 9. All Nuclear Power Stations Should Be Shut Down For Environmental Safety Concerns 10. Humans Alone Are To Blame For The Adverse Climate Changes And Weather Conditions!

Opinion Essay Topics in Sports

The world of sports is quite engaging even for the casual onlooker. It’s filled with tons of activities from tournaments to thrilling shows. If you want to base your paper around a certain aspect or issue in this field, here are our recommended examples: 1. Steroids Need To Completely Banned From The Sporting Industry 2. Reasons Which Show Why Agents Are To Blame For The Increased Cases Of Doping Among Athletes 3. Why Is It Mandatory For Football Players To Undergo A Drug Test In The NFL? 4. European Football And Why It’s Now Considered The Best In The World! 5. Lessons Every Sportsman And Woman Should Learn From Pele 6. Are Schools Doing Enough To Prevent The Spread Of Drug Abuse Among College Athletes? 7. Some Simple Daily Fitness Routines For Everyone Who Wants To Maintain A Fit Body! 8. Foods Which Every NFL Player Needs To Eat! 9. The English Premier League And Why It’s The Most Exciting League To Watch! 10. Interesting Reasons On Why Golf Considered As A Sport For The Most Sophisticated Men And Women In The Society?

Exciting Opinion Essay Topics on Relationships

One of the things which characterize us human beings is the relationships we make throughout the course of our lives. That’s why when it comes to writing an essay; you’ll have a lot of ideas to talk about. Below are some easy examples: 1. Intimacy Is The Key To A Long And Fruitful Young Relationship 2. Reasons Why Men And Women Share A Different Perspective When It Comes To Love 3. A Long Distance Relationship Is Risky, But It Can Still Work 4. The Effects Divorce Has On Young Children 5. How Does Domestic Violence Impact The Lives Of Teenagers Today? 6. Counseling Is One Of The Best Methods To Handle Marriage Conflicts 7. Teens Should Not Be Allowed To Go For Sleepover Parties 8. Do Mothers Need To Work Or Stay At Home With Their Children? 9. Reasons Why No One Needs To Stay in an Abusive Relationship! 10. Amazing Places to Take Your Spouse on Valentine’s Day!

Opinion Essay Topics on Our Health and Lifestyle

Many people continue to suffer from diseases with the mortality rates decreasing by the day. The good thing is as a writer; you can use your skills to educate people on how to deal with such threats. Here are just some of the things that you could write about! 1. Girls Should Seek Birth Control Measures Even Without The Consent Of Their Parents 2. Organ Transplant Is An Effective Method Of Curing Chronic Diseases Today 3. Doctors Should Not Prescribe Contraceptives To Girls Of Below 18 Years 4. Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Universal Healthcare System 5. Condoms Should Be Distributed In Every Public Bathroom! 6. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Taking Your Body Through Regular Exercises 7. Restaurants Should Keep A List Of Their Most Powerful Spices And Ingredients To Prevent Allergic Reactions Among Customers 8. The Disadvantages Of Eating Fast Foods 9. Factors Which Show That Tall People Are Genetically Physically Active 10. Smoking Cigarettes Is A Disgusting Habit That Needs To Be Banned As Compared To Any Other Form Of Drug Abuse

Good Topics For Your Opinion Essay on Politics and Governance

Are you normally concerned by the activities of government? For instance, knowing how funds are being used to fund projects or how the government intends to solve the growing crime problem. Use any of these brilliant opinion essay ideas to inform your readers on the key issues in politics happening in and around them: 1. Reasons Why Every Citizen Needs To Vote 2. Why Should We Ban The Abusive Terms We Normally Hear During Elections? 3. Is It Morally Appropriate For Politicians To Accept Resources And Campaign Funds From Lobby Groups? 4. Lessons That We Should All Learn From The Life Of Former U.S President Barrack Obama 5. African Presidents And Why It’s Hard For Them To Accept The Constitutional Presidential Term Limits 6. Nelson Mandela And How He Won The Love Of Africans And The Entire World 7. Highlighting The Major Failures Of Our Electoral System 8. Reasons Why U.S Political Parties And Their Candidates Need To Maintain A Strict Campaign Spending Budget 9. The ‘Average’ Citizens Need To Own Licensed Guns For Protection! 10. The Impact Of Globalization On Third World Countries

Business and Economics Opinion Essay Topics

The world of business is filled with many different things. From things dealing with customer relations, to profit making schemes, this is one of the most challenging places to find a topic for your opinion essay. Luckily, after extensive research, we have discovered some simple themes for you to use: 1. Advertising And The ‘Mind Games’ Which Are Hidden Within Each Ad Campaign 2. Key Reasons Why You Need To Establish A Strong Brand Identity For Your Business 3. Disadvantages Of Free Trade Agreements On The Side Of State Workers 4. The Dangers Of The Trade Agreements Between China And Certain African States 5. Factors Showing Why Every Consumer Should Start Buying Local Goods 6. Increasing The Minimum Wage Bill Is The Best ‘Reward’ The Government Could Give To Its Citizens 7. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Daylight Saving In The USA 8. Robust Government Trade Policies With Oil Companies Are To Blame For The Increase In Oil Prices 9. Why Are Multinational Corporations Shaping The Economy Of A Country 10. Advantages Of Establishing A Fully Functioning Online Company

Opinion Essay Topics on the Automotive

It’s clear that there are more cars on the road today as compared to 20 years ago. Although they have made transport quicker and more efficient, they still come with their fair amount of challenges. For instance, increase in crime on the roads and well as car accidents. Therefore, when looking for a theme which can create a powerful essay, pick the one which has the better chance of educating your readers. Some amazing examples include: 1. Why Should You Get A License Before You Start Driving Your Own Car? 2. Drivers Need To Take At Least Three Intense Learning Course Before They’re Issued With A License 3. Young Children Should Learn How To Use Car Booster Seats For Their Protection 4. The Dangers Of Receiving A Call While Behind The Wheel 5. Parents Should Encourage But Train Their Teenagers To Drive A Car 6. How To Minimize The Rate Of Police Car Chases On The Roads 7. Are Cars From Japan The Best Models? 8. Latest Technologies In The Development Of Cars Coming Your Way In 2019! 9. Top Car Reviews Over The Last Five Years 10. How To Get A High Performing Car At The Most Affordable Price!

5 Paragraph Opinion Essay Topics

There are times when you will be required to write a short essay on any topic of your choosing. Despite how simple this may seem, it’s one of the toughest assignments. Why? Well, here, you have limited time and space to convince your readers, and the best thing to do is to get a topic which drives straight to the point. For example: 1. A Security Camera Is A Complete Invasion Of One’s Privacy 2. Vaccinations In School Are Obligatory 3. It’s Wrong To Sentence Teens Like Adults 4. The Dangers Of Taking Part In High Extreme Sports Like American Football And How To Solve Them 5. The Government Needs To Make College Education Free For All Students 6. The Importance Of Changing And Revising Our Welfare System 7. Corporal Punishment, Despite Its Effectiveness In The Past, Does Not Help The Young Adolescents Of Today 8. The Effects Of Racial Segregation And Discrimination In The United States 9. Laws Which Promote And Encourage The Growth Of Gender Discrimination 10. Students Should Be Allowed To Use Internet Resources To Study For Examinations

Immigration Opinion Essay Topics

Immigration has slowly become one of the hottest social and political topics over the last five years. As a writer, you need to ask yourself, ‘how can I address this problem?’ An opinion essay will help you to communicate your ideas and concerns on this pressing issue. The following are some of our remarkable ideas: 1. American Citizens Need To Start Treating Their Mexican Counterparts Better! 2. Reasons Why The Death Rate In America Is Slowly On The Rise 3. Illegal Immigration In Many Cases Leads To Cases Of Prostitution 4. Reasons Why A Good Number Of Immigrants Are Becoming Slaves 5. The Challenges Which Lay In Our Country’s Border Security Measures 6. Aged Illegal Immigrants Need To Settle In Valid Rehabilitation Facilities 7. Key Issues In Border Policies In Certain European Countries 8. Reasons Why The Government Should Give Citizenship To Young Immigrating Kids 9. Acts Of Terrorism Are The Main Course Of Illegal Immigration 10. Factors Which Show Why Sending Back Illegal Immigrants Will Not Help In Solving Crime!

Some Opinion Essay Topics on Your Favorite Celebrities or Personalities

Although many people don’t like to gossip, there’s no arguing that the world of ‘show business’ is filled with a lot of catchy news which many people love to see and read. So, if you want to inform your audience on what happening in the lives of their favorite movie actors or musicians, pick a topic from any of the following opinion essay ideas: 1. Shocking Things Which Many People Don’t Know Concerning The Life Of Leonardo DiCaprio 2. Rebel Wilson’s Amazing Career And Why It Ended Because Of A Terrible Disease 3. Taylor Swift’s First Musical Performance Was Not As Brilliant As She Had Previously Expected 4. Kesha’s Life Proves Why You Should Never Judge A Book By Its Cover! 5. Lessons Which Channing Tatum Got From Ricky Martin 6. The Expected Winners Of The 2019 BET Awards 7. Hale Berry And Why She Is The Best Actor Of Her Generation 8. Why Has Rock Music And Artists Like One Direction Decreased In Fame And Popularity? 9. Foods Which Liam Payne Should Never Eat In Public 10. Rihanna Is An Underrated Musician Mostly Because Of Her Controversial Day To Day Life!

Additional Tips on How To Write an Opinion Essay

After listing our powerful list of opinion essay topics, we would like to conclude this guide by mentioning a few things you need to follow for your final paper to be appealing. These include: • After picking the title, evaluate your target audience to know if the goal of your paper is within their interests • Do a thorough research on the subject to come up with a strong thesis statement • Develop a clear paper structure. We recommend that you start with a powerful introduction to convince your readers to continue reading the paper (use attention grabbing hooks where possible). Also, remember to include a well-written conclusion as you finish the essay. • Lastly, be creative in how you present your ideas. Keep in mind that readers love and appreciate a writer who is unique!


With all these fantastic opinion essay topics and tips, you will hardly encounter any challenges when it comes to writing such a paper. All you have to do is to pick the topic that’s within your field of research or knowledge. It could even be something which is of interest to you like music or sports. Good luck!