Tools for Editing Essays Online For Free

Editing is one of the final steps when writing an essay. Thankfully, the internet has gotten you covered by offering a wide range of free editors that enable you to check your spelling, grammar and even detect plagiarism all within the shortest possible time.

Essay Editors and Their Importance

Sometimes after finishing your essay assignment, you might feel too tired to properly recheck your piece of writing. Reading over the essay you wrote is important because even the people who are most fluent when writing in English find out that they have made mistakes with their spelling and even in grammar after writing. There are sometimes when do not even recheck your writing the moment you are done. You wait a bit before you recheck the work, only to find out that your work is saddled with so many mistakes which are impossible to make necessary corrections all at once. Sometimes, even after you have submitted your work, you begin to realize certain mistakes that you might have missed as you did a quick check of the writing you did. This is why the internet has provided you with several options of good online editors that help you to correct these mistakes very quickly and efficiently. Many of these editing tools can be used for free, allowing people to easily correct their essays with no additional charge. Many people are not aware that such editors exist, and so they do their best at proofreading the work they have done and cross their fingers hoping that no grievous grammatical errors are found. The good news about these checkers is that you hardly have to do much. Most of them edit the work and give suggestions of the correct phrases, sentences and words that you should use. They even change certain sentence structures and give you options on how to correctly phrase the same point. You no longer need to struggle before coming up with a good error-free essay anymore. You simply need to seek out a few essay writing editors and use one for free.

Examples of Some Highly Recommended Essay Editors

In case you happen to be saying that you are aware such editors exist, but are not quite sure which ones are good for you to use, this essay is for you. Three popular essay editors have been outlined here. They are free, so you do not have to worry about a monthly subscription to begin using them.
  1. Paper Rater This is an editing website that can edit essays that consist of up to five pages. The website contains grammar and spell check features using intricate algorithms that reveal mistakes in your writing. These errors are tagged with respect to the context of the essay and other methods. The site does not only draw your attention to errors, but it also offers solutions that you can easily use and outlines ways that you could use to easily make those changes in your writing. Paper Rater’s function is not only as a grammar and spell check. It also has a plagiarism checker feature that helps you to avoid plagiarizing by checking all your cited works and highlights any wrongfully copied work. In the end, your work is scored for originality, and with each increase in percentage, your text is seen as more unique or contains less plagiarized material. For better features and quicker processing, there is the option to upgrade and be able to process close to twenty pages for a single essay. How cool is that? Now there is absolutely no need to stress over how to edit your writing once it is done. For a few minutes at a time, Paper Rater can quickly make those corrections for you.
  2. Hemmingway Editor This option is slightly different from Paper Rater in the sense that it focuses on rearranging your essay and reorganizing it. This is done so that at the end of the day, your essay is easily scanned and read by all who desire to read it. The site uses an algorithm to assess the readability of your text and informs the writer of all points that weaken the quality of the text written. The checker analyses adverbs, verbs and other words, giving you suggestions on how to make your essay look better. It breaks down or changes complicated words to more simple variants so that the essay you put together comes off as simple and not cluttered. The good news is, all this goodness is accessed for free. You do not need to pay to use initially. Once you decide to use it you can easily download the desktop app and have the checker with you all day long.
  3. Grammarly Grammarly works as a spell checker which doubles as a plagiarism detector and grammar corrector as well. It is one of the most famous checkers and it is able correct even the most complex of writing errors. The checker uses about 250 rules to enable you to come up with better ideas for your phrasing and writing. You really do not need to do much. All need in order to start using it is to upload your writing on the Grammarly website and watch the checker give you options of better ways to put your work. Grammarly is sometimes recommended by several schools because of its features and the fact that yo can easily have access to several other add-ons which can maximize your experience. You could get an extension for your browser, a Microsoft Office add-in and even a handbook. Upgrading to the premium version allows you to check for plagiarism and do a thorough proofreading of your writing. Grammarly gives you ideas of better ways to phrase certain sentences and better expressions to use based on context.
When editing your essay, in order not to miss any mistakes you made while writing, it would be a good idea to try out an online spell check website. If you are lucky, the editor will double as a good plagiarism detector to make all of your editing woes go away as quickly as possible. Best part of it is, you can get all this for free. Try one today and share your experience.