How to write a great responsibility essay: topic ideas and writing tips

If you are assigned to write an essay on responsibility, it’s not always clear how to get started. After all, we all know what responsibility is (or, at least, we imagine so). We know that some people are responsible and others are not. But all of this does not seem enough for a good essay. More than that, it does not sound exciting enough for any academic work.

Sounds familiar? Well, good news then! Responsibility can actually be a very engaging subject for an essay, and you can have tons of fun writing this kind of paper. Find our ideas for a responsibility essay, along with professional tips on writing one.

Creative ideas on a responsibility essay

The definition of responsibility

Even though this does not seem like the most engaging subject, you can still express your creativity here. Start with any given definition of responsibility from a dictionary and dwell on how it relates to real life. Think if it is a character trait or an acquired skill? Think of how being responsible for certain things pulls our focus from other aspects of life.

How important is responsibility?

Think of the areas — professional ones especially — where responsibility is a must-have trait. Anyone in between a bus driver and a nuclear plant operator will do. Think of all the construction workers and the architects who are responsible for the homes we live in; of journalists who present information and of teachers who hone young minds. This list of jobs can go on for pages, but you can choose areas you are familiar with — this will give your responsibility essay a compelling look.

Should one strive to be responsible?

The most obvious answer here would be yes, but with some creativity, you can prove exactly the opposite. In any case, remember that responsibility comes more naturally to some people, while others find it challenging to keep a cactus growing. Think of the reasons and personality traits that make certain people come off as responsible, and others — as irresponsible. Is there a definite line between the two or it is all relative, like pretty much everything else in this life? Are there any negative sides to responsibility? Can there be some kind of balance between responsibility and irresponsibility?

Social responsibility

This one is a more complex notion because social responsibility has many aspects. This can be sorting out the trash to help preserve the environment; or, helping out with social and charitable initiatives; or, simply doing one’s job right. All of these are good examples of social responsibility, and this list can go on further. Parents have a social responsibility, scientists have a social responsibility, politics have a social responsibility, even celebrities do. Think of the ways social responsibly can manifest and explain why it is important to be socially responsible. Or, on the contrary, you may try to prove that social responsibility does not have any practical sense — an essay like this will be more challenging to write, but it will, without any doubt, stand out from the rest of your class papers.

How to outline a responsibility essay

Even though a responsibility essay is usually a creative task, it still requires proper structure and logic. So, just like with more complex research assignments, it is advisable to write an outline (in other words, a quick draft) for your work before you proceed to writing. The first trick to outlining your essay is to come up with a subject and a thesis statement. Simply put, a thesis is the main argument you are going to prove in your paper. For example, when writing an essay on the importance of responsibility (your topic), a thesis would be that responsibility is either important or unimportant. Of course, you can’t dumb it down like this — you will have to present your ideas with more creativity, but essentially, this is what an academic essay thesis is. Next, you are to think of other arguments that would prove your thesis. These arguments should be explained in the main body paragraphs of your essay. Sometimes, it’s also possible to present arguments and a couple of counter-arguments to give your paper a more interesting and unbiased look. For example, if you have three body paragraphs, two of them can present your own arguments, and one — a counter-argument. You will, however, need to disprove it (or, in some cases, prove that it’s not that relevant for your thesis). emember to always back your arguments with substantial evidence. Stats, data from scientific journals, etc. — all of those are good examples of sources that can give you this kind of evidence. When moving to the next body paragraph, think of the logical transition between your current argument and the one yet to come. Ideally, you should think of these details when working on your outline. You do not necessarily have to write a detailed plan — any notes you understand will do — but it’s important to consider all of the above aspects when writing an academic paper, responsibility essay included.

Extra tips on writing and formatting a responsibility essay

Always remember to proofread your essay once you’re done. Sometimes, it’s easier to overlook some spelling and typo errors; however, those are not the only flaws you should focus on. Make sure to proofread (and, if necessary, edit) your paper for logic and style. If however, you spend enough time thinking over a solid outline, logical omissions should not be a problem. Make sure to double-check formatting requirements with your professor. Most of the time, responsibility essays will be written in MLA style, even though other options are also possible. Neglecting formatting details will lose you precious points, so make sure all fonts and spaces are in place. Also, pay attention to your references. In MLA style, this section is called “Works Cited,” and, as the name suggests, MLA-styled paper presupposes in-text quotations. Finally, do not postpone writing your essay. The sooner you begin, the more time you will have for coming up with an impressive outline, expressing your ideas, and polishing the paper up. It’s also a wise idea to have someone else go over your paper once you’re done. This way, you can stay certain that you did not miss anything important and that your paper reads naturally. Of course, we do understand that sometimes it’s not that easy to start working on the responsibility essay well in advance — especially if this class is not one of your majors. That’s why we’re here — to help overloaded students cope with any assignments that need a hand with. Hiring one of our pro writers will give you a chance to concentrate on more important subjects, while we handle the tedious paperwork for you.