Title Essays

There’s no work in literature that exist without a name. Writing academic papers such as essays is an essential part of students’ grading process. Likewise, professional writers develop various kinds of literature to make money and gain recognition. Whatever the reason for writing, there’s no denying that a catchy title line is one of the major determinants of success.

Right from time immemorial, people have always had the habit of drawing conclusions on a book by merely looking at its title and cover. Unfortunately, choosing the right words to create the kind of title that befits a masterpiece is not always that simple, especially when writing student essays. Your title must be able to grab attention so that people are left with no choice but to satisfy their guts. You need to be able to convince your teacher that your work is worth their time and attention, and you cannot do so with a poorly written title. Good essay titles take a lot of time and effort to craft. A lot of creativity must go into choosing the right keywords that describe your paper in a way that sounds convincing to readers. The purpose of this article is to teach you how to title your essays effectively so that your tutor is never in doubt as to what to expect from your work.

Why Your Essay Title is Important

One aspect of essay writing that is easily overlooked by most students when starting out a new assignment is the essay title. It is very common for students to pay little attention to their titles, and this is a very habit which can cost you a good grade. Whether you believe it or not, the title of an essay is just as important as the main content. You’ve probably heard the gist from your author that a book is easily judged by its cover – not the content. In other words, the cover of a book is the deciding factor which determines whether a reader will explore the book. And this is not surprising given the fact that the cover is the first thing people see about the book. When related to essay writing, one could easily see why a good title is not negotiable. Unfortunately, many students are found wanting in this area. Writing poor essay titles is commonplace among students, even in situations where the actual content of the essay may be good. Most students get too involved with writing the essay content that they forget to put up an appropriate title. Apart from grabbing the attention of readers, your essay title also stimulates them to want to read the essay. In other words, a poor title can discourage people from reading your essay even when the actual content is good. On the other hand, a good title will easily get the attention of readers and provoke their interest so that they are compelled to read your essay even when it’s not something they would normally like to read. In most cases, readers will quickly bypass an essay with a poorly written title. As a writer, this means you have just one opportunity to prove that your work will not be a waste of time. And you can only achieve this with the right caption. This is why it’s important to spend just as much time in planning your essay title as you would on the actual content. And this must be done at the beginning stages of your work. Before you even start writing the first chapter, you should brainstorm ideas until you figure out the perfect title for your work.

What Every Essay Title Must Have

There are basically three things you must incorporate into every essay title regardless of the type or nature. These three things constitute the major components or essential parts of the title. Without these three things, your essay title is more likely to lack quality or make much sense. Let’s quickly look at what these things are:

A Captivating Hook

Your essay title should be eye-catching otherwise it will fail to grab the attention of most readers at first sight. To compose such a title, you need to use a hook that is captivating. Academic papers are generally considered to be boring; a poorly named paper is even more boring. Use a title that compels people to want to read your essay on first sight. But even while doing that, make sure the title is not “off-point”. It should reflect the content of your work or you will end up making your readers feel deceived.

Main Keywords

You essay title should properly express the main idea of your work. To do this, you must use the right keywords. The keywords you choose must be able to give readers enough information of what to expect from reading your essay. It should answer questions relating to – what (or who), how, where, why and (or) when – based on the essay subject. As earlier indicated, don’t write titles that are misleading or else you could pay dearly for it with your grades. In the worst scenarios, your professor may not even want to read the rest of the essay. Your readers must understand the underlying concept of your work by just looking at your title. So make sure you use a title that truly summarises your work.


Your essay title must be accurate otherwise you would be lying to your professor. And you know what that implies. Don’t stray from the main subject and stick to short headlines in order not to create any form of confusion for your readers.

How to Write Effective Essay Titles

Below are some tips to help you write effective essay titles that get approval from professors.
  •  Focus on simplicity; be as clear and accurate as possible. Don’t get poised on telling the whole story in a few words or you will end up using writing more than you should. Instead, see how you can put down a summary of the entire work in one short line.
  •  Use words that are appropriate, not just those that grab readers’ attention. Ideally, these should include the main keywords of the essay. Avoid using decorative words that are irrelevant to your content idea.
  •  Some students ignorantly feature jargons and abbreviations in their title thinking they’re taking the creative approach. This is not acceptable especially when it doesn’t relate to your work. It’s better to use clear readable words that your professor can relate to and even if you must use any specialized terminology or language characteristics, it must not deviate from the subject being discussed.
  •  If you can find a good book that already covers the subject of your essay, then you can try to rewrite the title. But make sure, it doesn’t look obvious.
  •  It is always a good idea to write a draft before delving into the main paper. You can compose a title from the draft by choosing a good line.
  •  Don’t compromise grammar for anything, not even a catch title. And avoid words that may seem complicated or confusing to readers.

Still Need Help?

The guide above should be enough to help you write essay titles that grab readers’ attention. But in case you still need help coming up with a perfect title, you can reach out to us and we would be glad to help you.