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Writing a good thesis statement is no easy task. The chances are that when you come across such an assignment, it is the first time that you encounter it. This makes the task even more challenging. When a student is first tasked with putting together a thesis statement, they usually have a quite vague idea of what it is and what it should be like. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the definition of a thesis statement before you can move on to actually building one.

A thesis statement is the whole point of your academic paper, condensed into one sentence. You place it at the very beginning of your paper to prepare your reader for what they are going to read. It may appear later in the text for rhetorical purposes, to prove your point and to make it stronger.

Sometimes, I just don’t relate to the assigned topic of the paper that I am supposed to write. Sometimes, I feel like I am not such a good writer to come up with a strong thesis statement for my paper. Sometimes, I just have no time for such a tedious assignment, because I have other projects to pursue. In such cases, I need help writing a thesis, and I have no choice but to enlist the help of professional thesis writers. Still, even though I will not be the one writing your thesis statement, I am the one responsible for it. So, I should know how to tell a good thesis statement from an unacceptable one.

What signifies the best thesis writing service

A thesis statement serves two main purposes. So, you can tell that a thesis statement is good and your thesis writing help has done a good job when it serves these two purposes well. When it does not – then the thesis statement is clearly unacceptable, and your thesis writing service needs to rework it.

The purposes of a thesis statement are as follows:

  1. As we have briefly mentioned, a thesis statement is put at the beginning of your academic paper, so that it is the first thing that your reader sees in the body of your text. The purpose is to inform the reader of what the paper is going to be about and, thus, to set the tone of the read.
  2. A thesis statement is the axis of the paper, so to say. The rest of the information in the text is supposed to revolve around the thesis statement, having a strong connection with it. Writing thesis help the writer to focus on what is important in the paper and stay clear from possible distractions.

So, this is your small checklist to see whether your thesis statement is acceptable. However, when you want your thesis statement (and the paper that is built around it) to be outstanding, there are a few more things to keep in mind.

Your thesis writing help must come up with something debatable

When you are writing an argumentative or persuasive essay, your thesis statement is also your main claim. So, it serves an additional purpose of shaping the point that you are trying to prove with your writing.

The difference between an argumentative and persuasive essay lies in the rhetorical methods that you are to use. The common rhetorical methods are ethos (appealing to ethics and authority), logos (appealing to facts and logic), and pathos (appealing to emotion and the subconscious). A persuasive essay should perfectly employ all three methods of persuasion, while an argumentative essay uses only logos.

Nevertheless, they share the same goal of proving a certain point which is the main claim of the essay. Consequently, this main claim needs to be provable or disprovable. Your thesis writer must not state it as a solid fact or something that is known to everybody. Keep that in mind and check it, should you ever address third-party help with thesis.

Professional thesis writers should know how to keep it narrow

You should take care that your thesis assistance does not make your thesis statement too general. The more general your thesis statement is, the more evidence you need to bring to prove it, and the more diverse this evidence should be. Since you are limited by the volume of your paper, all the necessary evidence might just not fit in, and if you try to squeeze it, all it will do is make your writing extremely hard to read. Nobody likes a hard read, not even your teachers and professors so it will influence their overall impression upon reading your paper in a bad way. And you clearly don’t want that, because it will definitely have a negative effect on your grade in the end.

This is why it is up to you to inform your thesis helper thereof, and then to check if they have indeed kept your thesis statement narrow and not made it too general.

Types of claims when writing a thesis

The thesis statement of your paper aka its main claim can be of four types. These types represent the approach that you take to prove your point. Picking the right type of claim is extremely helpful to narrow down your thesis statement and avoid it being too general. Writing a thesis, it is necessary to be fully aware of these types to know which one suits your purposes the best. The claims can be as follows:

  • Fact / definition. Here, you argue whether a certain statement is an objective factor if a common definition is correct. For example: While some people refer to custom thesis writing as cheating, students often have no choice, but to address such service, due to the overwhelming amount of written assignments.
  • Cause and effect. With this type of claim, you aim at proving that a certain tendency has led to certain events. For example: The ever growing amount of writing assignment in the curriculum forces students to seek outside help with these assignments.
  • Value. When you claim value, it means that you are suggesting and proving whether a certain issue important or not. For example: Custom writing is by far not the most important challenge of today’s education.
  • Solutions and policies. Here, you speak against or in favor of an existing solution or policy. For example: Instead of persecuting the students addressing custom writing services, we should probably plan the curriculum more carefully to eliminate the necessity of such services.

Writing a thesis is not to be confused with a thesis statement

We have already discussed what a thesis statement is. It should be evident, but it is still worth mentioning – just avoid any possible confusion – that a thesis is a totally different thing. A thesis is an academic paper that a student is to write to obtain a master’s degree. Therefore, writing a thesis paper is a totally different thing that, however, the best thesis writing service that you can trust will also do for you.

It is true that it is best to write your master’s thesis yourself. However, we are all human, and force majeure of all sorts can happen. For many of us, getting a master’s degree is a primary goal that we work hard to achieve. We should not let outside circumstances or ethical implications get in our way. If there is a reason why you cannot complete your master’s paper yourself, you can always find a masters thesis writing service and address them. When you have objective reasons, then there’s nothing wrong with that, and it does not qualify you as a lazy or stupid person.